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SEPTEMBER EVENTS Before you say it… there’s a lot here! (Beat you to it!) There are some overlapping dates here. I’m involved in two of these events, so there’s no shortage of my belief they’re full of valuable content. That said, I know you’re busy. I’ll do my best here to give you a filter

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My 30 Day Glucose Monitor Experiment | What Happened

  I did a continuous glucose monitor (CMG) experiment for a month. I’d assumed things based on decades of education and like most humans, established habits based on repetition of what I felt was working for me. In other words, I suppose even before I began there were hypotheses that I had been living for

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Which and Why Sauna for the Most Benefits? Sauna Tech Talk

Why sauna? Why are health and wellness pros such fans of sauna? I’m going to explain this in a short post here. At first, absorbing all the content about why you should consider sauna can be overwhelming. Trust me, I know. About 5 years ago I began to do my comparison shopping. So if you

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Hype or Hip? | Sauna Benefits During Menopause

I’ve written about sauna benefits before. I’ve been a fan for years, decades really. But what about specific benefits during menopause? The first times I really enjoyed the sauna may have been with my college roommate after swimming in the locker room at Iowa State University. I was injured and she was preparing for a

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Hidden Causes of Fatigue & Autoimmunity | More Than Menopause

Want to know more about the hidden causes of fatigue and autoimmunity? If you’ve been thinking, it’s just hormones, or it’s menopause, it may be more than that. Actually, fatigue is the number one common complaint among women in midlife so I want to share this information with you and the opportunity to join two

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Why Your Fat Loss Slows No Matter What You Do

Fat loss slows… 1. When you eat meals and snacks  grazing through the day. 2. When you over exercise – even if it doesn’t feel like a lot – and you’re already exhausted, or “under fueled.” It’s a concept called energy availability. If you don’t have any, you’re creating a status not conducive to your

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HRT to Avoid Muscle Loss After Menopause? Is It the Answer?

How can you avoid muscle loss after menopause? A 2020 study proved Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) could prevent or slow sarcopenia (muscle loss) for women in post-menopause. This post addresses when and what to consider regarding HRT as a supplement to exercise, nutrition, & lifestyle changes for menopause. Here’s the spoiler alert if you want

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Muscle and Bone Losses | The Effects of Pandemic + Menopause

Muscle and bone losses during menopause… are compounded by the pandemic. Or, is it that muscle and bone losses during the pandemic are compounded during menopause? Regardless, this is a topic that could affect the long term health of aging women more than anyone else. It’s more than just the “quarantine 15” and too much

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How Fit Is Your Face? At Home Facial Step-by-Step

Follow this at home facial step-by-step to shape up your skin and enjoy a little well-deserved R & R for all your workouts this year. It’s a legit question! Do you have tone? Good circulation? Feeling flat and dry and weathered? Skin is your outermost organ. Skin care is pretty important in your overall health.

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Exercise Lies for Women in Menopause | My Almost Banned TEDx

Let’s talk exercise lies for women in menopause! Did you know my TEDx talk was not only a victim of COVID19 for 7 months (yes, crazy wait from Nov 10 to June to have it released), but it was almost banned. It’s not easy to swim upstream. Meaning when you have a strong message that

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Stretching Exercise

Truths About Women’s Weight Loss After 50

The truth about weight loss after 50 is we’ve got to kick some of those lingering old ideas to the curb. Whether you are trying exercise, diet, or wisely, both, some of your strategies may need a 21st century change. 1) “More” Exercise is Worse Especially when you take the old school eat less, exercise

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