Before you say it… there’s a lot here! (Beat you to it!) There are some overlapping dates here. I’m involved in two of these events, so there’s no shortage of my belief they’re full of valuable content. That said, I know you’re busy. I’ll do my best here to give you a filter for choosing how to spend your precious time, depending on where you are. These are also potentially great to share with daughters or other younger women in your life. 

Busting Myths & Balancing Hormones w/ Dr Trevor Cates

It airs for free on Tuesday, September 13, so there’s no time to waste. 

First of all, it will give you the most cutting-edge research from the world’s foremost experts in women’s health…

And tips and practices you can actually use to restore sleep, gain energy, clear up hormonal acne, get your mojo back and finally end debilitating mood swings and pain. 

It will also provide little-known strategies you can use to make a shift in your health by creating a realistic, restorative path to healing.

If you want to feel…

Confident and in control of your health

  • Vibrant, energetic, and youthful

  • Strong, radiant, and sexy

And then…

  • Lose weight and strengthen your body

  • Stop insomnia and night sweats

  • Finally have the energy to get through the day

“I am loving this series so very much. It’s helping me to fall back in love with myself, all of my femininity, and finally looking forward to the future. Thanks from the depths of my heart.” – Sandy

This is a docuseries hosted by Trevor Cates, The Spa Dr. She’s releasing this docuseries in conjunction with her new book release on Sept. 13 (stay tuned for the Flipping 50 podcast I release that day). REGISTER HERE


Hormone Relief Summit with Dr. Mariza Snyder

“I have no energy or motivation to get through the day.”

“I can’t lose weight. Nothing I do makes a difference.”

“When I lie down at night my anxiety goes through the roof.”

“My libido is gone. I feel guilty for saying no to my partner again.”

“My periods are heavy, and sometimes the cramps are so bad I have to stay home from work. 

“I’ve tried SO MANY different things but nothing has really worked and I’m frustrated and don’t know where to begin.” 

If you’ve ever felt like any of these women, then you’d probably love a step-by-step guide to tackling your hormone imbalances, right? Or at least the chance to talk to a real hormone doctor that does more than just give you a prescription and send you on your way.

But most of us don’t exactly have access to hormone experts…let alone world-renowned hormone healers.

Which is why I’m so thrilled to announce that my good friend and personal women’s health guru, Dr. Mariza Snyder, is hosting an online summit to bring you an opportunity like no other.

In the Hormone Relief Summit, Dr. Mariza and dozens of world leaders in hormone health are going to teach you the *exact* steps to take to start feeling better and living the full life you were meant to.


You may recognize Dr. Mariza from podcasts at Flipping50 discussing benefits of essential oils, or images of me with her at conferences. Whether for you or for your daughters (Mariza has a toddler and she previously experienced several hormonal issues herself, and she’s helped her mom and others through menopause as well).  

Master the Menopause Transition with Dr. Sharon Stills

If you’re IN MENOPAUSE, just transitioned, or POST menopause feeling like you could have done it so much better…  THIS is hands-down for you. 

Sharon Stills is a killer example (Podcast with her and an image of her in a red dress in Greece will seal the deal if you have doubts. I’ll definitely have what she’s having). 

Let me share a couple of the presentations happening during this event to illustrate the insider-info. 

In her presentation, Intermittent Fasting Transformation,” Cynthia Thurlow will teach you:

  • How intermittent fasting affects leptin, ghrelin, DHEA, Cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, and more
  • Signs that intermittent fasting is not working for you (and when to quit)
  • The different types of fasting and the best version to start with if you’re new to IF
  • How to fast for your cycle vs. non-cycling and perimenopause/menopause

In her presentation, Mastering Testosterone For A Better Menopause Transition, Dr. Kyrin Dunston (Founder of The Hormone Club) will teach you:

  • Why testosterone is considered “the forgotten hormone” 
  • How to balance testosterone for a low-stress menopause
  • Strategies for balancing testosterone without hormone replacement therapy

Dr. Kyrin is a pioneer of female hormonal justice. She hosts the Hormone Prescription podcast, is the founder of The Hormone Club, and has been featured on CBS, NBC, Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post, First for Woman, Best Self & more. 

When you register… 

You’ll also get more than $500 in bonuses from some truly phenomenal experts. I can’t wait for you to be a part of it! 

This summit will absolutely change the trajectory of your menopausal journey in ALL the best ways! Start the countdown now!

Save your spot!

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