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Shaved Brussel Sprouts Salad | High Fiber Recipes

  Shaved Brussel Sprouts Salad | High Fiber Recipes You know those recipes you don’t even need to see to make anymore? Shaved Brussel Sprouts Salad is one of those for me. It is packed with an explosion of flavor, crunch and yumminess. While I lived in Boulder I found the version at Whole Foods,

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Quinoa Breakfast Bowl | A High Protein High Fiber Start

  Quinoa Breakfast Bowl | High Fiber Meals Yearn for the stick-to-your-ribs (but not your hips?) warmth of breakfast and find a cold smoothie just doesn’t do it, you want a change, or you’re combining the two for more variety in your meal… introducing the quinoa breakfast bowl. A seed, not a grain, quinoa does do

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What Kind of Fiber is Best?

If you’re constipated, hungry all the time, or weight loss resistant, fiber can support you. There is more than one type of fiber however. So this comprehensive post is in answer to all the questions Flipping50 students and community ask about fiber! In this all about fiber post: What is fiber? What Kind of Fiber is

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What are Heart Rate Zones and How are They Helpful Over 50?

Is that heart rate suggestion kicked out by your tracking tool really helpful? If you’re using heart rate training zones, there are some facts you should know. In this post I answer: What are Heart Rate Zones When are Heart Rate Zones Helpful Over 50 How accurate are predicted Heart Rate Zones When HR zones

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Exercise-Induced Stress in Midlife Women | How to Avoid It

Exercise-induced stress can interfere with your goals! Whether you want weight loss, to be stronger, faster or boost bone density. So let’s unpack why it happens and what you can do about it. Your cortisol levels follow a circadian rhythm, peaking in the morning and declining at the end of the day. But they can

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SEPTEMBER EVENTS Before you say it… there’s a lot here! (Beat you to it!) There are some overlapping dates here. I’m involved in two of these events, so there’s no shortage of my belief they’re full of valuable content. That said, I know you’re busy. I’ll do my best here to give you a filter

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9 Hints You Don’t RECOVER from Exercise

Are you missing results you think you deserve? If you don’t recover from exercise with a collective of lifestyle habits in addition to adequate time between workouts, it’s a dance of either overtraining, or under recovery or both. If you’re under-recovering from exercise, you will not increase lean muscle, decrease fat, or reach a higher

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women's fitness retreat

Flipping 50 Fall 2022 Women’s Fitness Retreat Colorado

Thanks for your interest- CLOSED: Flipping 50’s 2022 Women’s Fitness Retreat in Colorado “Women in midlife are the most powerful health influencers in the world.”For women, one of the hardest things is often making time for self. For women who thrive on collaboration and connection, the last couple years has been bumpy. It’s time to

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My 30 Day Glucose Monitor Experiment | What Happened

  I did a continuous glucose monitor (CMG) experiment for a month. I’d assumed things based on decades of education and like most humans, established habits based on repetition of what I felt was working for me. In other words, I suppose even before I began there were hypotheses that I had been living for

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When Workouts Cause Midlife Weight Gain | Women Over 50

Experiencing midlife weight gain? It could be your workouts aren’t helping you, in fact, are hurting your goals. I’m not addressing the minor gain of a couple pounds that’s possible for any new exerciser. That’s true due to micro tears in muscle that occurs during exercise that causes some inflammation. It’s generally minor and happens

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Flipping 50 Spring 2022 Women’s Retreat Arizona

You’re Invited: Flipping 50’s 2022 Women’s Retreat in Arizona “Women in midlife are the most powerful health influencers in the world.”For women, one of the hardest things is often making time for self. Then when it’s time, you may not know what to do. Or what you’re doing may no longer work.I’ll help find what does.

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Which and Why Sauna for the Most Benefits? Sauna Tech Talk

Why sauna? Why are health and wellness pros such fans of sauna? I’m going to explain this in a short post here. At first, absorbing all the content about why you should consider sauna can be overwhelming. Trust me, I know. About 5 years ago I began to do my comparison shopping. So if you

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