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Getting Fit After 50 | The Real Fitness Test

Getting fit after 50 is something I research, talk about, write about and share every day for the last 4 years. Before that I did so probably 50% of the time every day for 30 years. I was working [...]

4 Menopause Myths that Persist

Are menopause myths holding you back? Menopause myths are plentiful. It’s time to bust a few right here. It’s hard to separate the aging myths from the menopause myths so you’ll [...]

Home Workouts vs. Gym | Home Sweat Home?

What’s better, home workouts or gym workouts. Yes. I could argue for both. Ultimately you have to weigh in on the weight training location that makes the most sense for you. How a Gym [...]

Fitness & Diet Failures: The Why Behind Them

Fitness & diet failures lurk like skeletons in the closet. The failure can often be blamed on the program itself. It may have nothing to do with the step-by-step instructions of the program [...]

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