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Ashwaganda Latte

  Ashwaganda Latte   Author: Debra Atkinson Save Print Ingredients 1 cup of milk (almond or hazelnut works well, if using coconut milk, I would suggest ½ cup coconut milk and ½ cup [...]

5 Ways to Burn More Fat Today

Can you burn more fat today without scheduling another workout before the end of the day? Yes. Burn more fat today flips These things are easy and you can start right now. Yes, weight training [...]

5 Steps to Better Exercise After 50

Right away I want to make it clear that these steps for better exercise after 50 could apply to anyone, any age. It’s so very true though that women who are right now in their 50’s [...]

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

Healthy Super Bowl Recipes Whether or not you like football, the Super Bowl is a great reason for a party, even if a party environment at home. Skip the little weenies in the crockpot and create [...]

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