Why Your Fat Loss Slows No Matter What You Do

Fat loss slows…

1. When you eat meals and snacks  grazing through the day.

2. When you over exercise – even if it doesn’t feel like a lot – and you’re already exhausted, or “under fueled.” It’s a concept called energy availability. If you don’t have any, you’re creating a status not conducive to your best workout. This is caused by exercising in a fasted state. But it may be working against you, not for you. In female athletes, especially those in midlife, who are exercising hard in a status of low fuel or low energy availability, they’re depleting themselves.

And it usually occurs in females trying to lose weight. But you’ll never gain lean muscle in that status. 

Here’s a little science break: 

What’s your Fat Free Mass(FFM)?

Take your weight minus your fat weight(calculated by percent body fat x total weight). About 45 kcal per kilogram FFM per day is associated with energy balance. Lower than 30 kcal per kilogram per day is associated with impairments of bodily functions.

(To convert weight in pounds to kgs, divide by 2.2)

fat loss slows

3. When you’re trying to create a caloric deficit to lose weight, you have to consider the other ultimately more important part of the equation. If you cause a hormone imbalance (more cortisol = more muscle breakdown) because of a low fuel availability for working muscles and repair you self-sabotage.

4. When you sit for long periods of time.

5. When your thoughts are all around weight loss, losing weight, controlling food instead of being that person you think you will suddenly when you lose weight

6. When you lose muscle mass:

  • Lack of adequate protein
  • Lack of sleep
  • High levels of stress (compounded by caffeine, consumption of processed foods, late night eating, excess fake sugars, dehydration)
  • No strength training (or inadequate strength training)
  • Acidic environment

How Much High Intensity Exercise is Too Much?

It depends on your current status. Though injury rates go up dramatically with more than 45 minutes a week of interval training. In addition, because there is a high correlation between injury rates and women in midlife, my advice is to do interval training, but not to overdo it.

However, if you’re in a state of adrenal fatigue, for instance never rested no matter how much time in bed, you’re not sleeping, you’re under tremendous stress, you’ve got to reduce this kind of exercise. Life at the moment is your interval.

How Does Low Intensity Exercise Support Fat Loss?

Sometimes for those who are “exercising all the time” or “exercising at high intensity” who write in and ask, why can’t I lose weight? It’s likely their cortisol levels are throwing off other functions of hormones and organs. The best way to remove the fat loss block, is to reduce stress. “Low and slow” walks outdoors, or other activity that you love is the key. It’s often 10 minutes a few times a day is more beneficial than long or hard sessions.

Your body stressed, is storing fat. You can’t both burn and store fat at the same time. So, trying to exercise hard and navigate around that high stress level? Not happening.

You have nothing to lose if this is true and what you’re doing is not working.

When you’re ready, you do want to use high intensity workouts – and strength training – for workouts. Leave the “more is better” mantra in the 80’s and or in your 30s and 40s where it belongs.

You will respond best when you reduce overall cortisol levels, positively influencing insulin and blood sugar levels.

Last, But Not Least: Slows Fat Loss…

… if you aren’t living for a different future. You could be spending so much time focused on an old recording in your head that you’re creating exactly what you’re thinking about. You need to be able to start being WHO you think you’ll be when you get where you want to go. You need to create a vision so emotionally compelling that your mind doesn’t know if its real or imagined.

The entire process is called the placebo effect. You may or may not be aware of it or believe in it. Yet, you do have evidence that the way you’re thinking is already putting your placebo effect to work.

If you’re living in the past, thinking over and over about events and past habits and relationships, or trying to “get back” to something, you’ll be repeating the same patterns and unable to break ties to create a different outcome in the future.

Of all the things I’d added to this post, this is possibly the most important. Especially if you’ve not reached the point you want yet, in spite of doing all the right things.

Past trauma, or emotions stored in your body or your mind, will unconsciously be repeated until they are consciously changed.

Are you ready for a next step?

If you are in a physically good place and ready for a program that addresses both your mind and your physical needs? I created Fit U for those women over 50 who have 20 or more lbs to lose. I provide the exercise (low impact boxing, and strength workouts weekly), the recipes and support to plan, and the mindset piece missing from most “exercise programs.”

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You Are the Placebo, Dr. Joe Dispenza

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