How Fit Is Your Face? At Home Facial Step-by-Step


Follow this at home facial step-by-step to shape up your skin and enjoy a little well-deserved R & R for all your workouts this year.

It’s a legit question! Do you have tone? Good circulation? Feeling flat and dry and weathered? Skin is your outermost organ. Skin care is pretty important in your overall health. If you don’t invest a few minutes in regular skin care habits daily, you’ll pay for it later. Sure, no one wants signs of age to show up in crow’s feet and a sagging neck, but it’s beyond that.

The skin is a window into your overall health. It’s one way your health habits show up.

Exercise supports skin through circulation and toxin removal as you sweat. At the same time, a lot of exposure to sun, wind, and heat or cold can damage your dermis.

Good nutrition also boosts your skin’s resilience through antioxidants and collagen and healthy fats. But you don’t want to stop there. Let’s talk topical support that goes more than skin deep.

Time, Yes, Cost, Optional

It doesn’t have to be expensive. And it can be fun to do with a girlfriend – or dozens – say at a virtual retreat when you can’t be together without giving pause to restrictions these days. The Flipping 50 retreats often include an optional spa day, because mental and physical health both benefit with you take some time to rejuvenate (and suffer when you don’t).

So, whether you’re a spa aficionado, or a newbie, you can follow the steps to use something like my favorites from Annmarie Skincare (Charcoal Cacao, Coconut Honey, or the Pearl Illuminating Mask if you want to impress everyone at the … er, next Zoom party) OR  follow an at home facial step-by-step option best for your skin.

At Home Facial Step-by-Step:


Remove make up first. Use warm water. Use a mild cleanser and circular motions with your fingertips. (I use a quiver from Primal Organics). Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry.


Apply a dime-size amount and use upward, circular motions with light pressure.


Do this over a boiling pot of water with a towel. It should feel warm not hot. You can add a few drops of essential oil or herbs like rosemary, or thyme. Steam for about 10-15 minutes. If you have sensitive skin or rosacea steaming may not be ideal for you.

This? Is a great little test. If you’re so used to multitasking that you have phone withdrawal while you’re steaming… hello need to unplug in 2021.


First, any Estetician reading this will cringe and suggest you only have this done by a pro. It can be too easy to do more damage than good. So, know yourself. Everyone suggests this should just be done for blackheads and not pimples. The steam makes it easier to extract so you shouldn’t have to apply a lot of pressure. In fact, use your weakest fingers to do it- your 4th fingers or your pinkies, not your index fingers.

Treatment Mask

Now you’re ready to use a mask to give your skin nutrients it needs. Depending on your skin type and goals, choose a mask. I like Annmarie Skincare products and I flirt between two masks. I’ll do a Charcoal Cacao mask if I’ve been wearing more make up than usual or I’ve been in the city or traveling more. (Since I’ve been in Scottsdale as opposed to the mountains, I’ve notice an increased need). The Coconut Honey Mask is usually awesome in dryer climates and during crazy high heat and harsher conditions. Leave it on for 15 minutes (I like to soak in Epsom Salt with lavender essential oil while I do this) and then remove with a warm washcloth. (For the charcoal mask I highly recommend using a black washcloth).

Then, optionally, before a big night out, or of course another exciting one IN, if you try the Pearl Illuminating mask, even you, your worst critique, will think, I look good! That glow lasts a couple days.

Tone & Treat

Use a toner to mist and let dry before you apply a favorite serum. I use Annmarie’s anti-aging serum and Stem Cell serums (just trying this and love it) alternately. Last you moisturize with your favorite oil or cream. (Serums go in to treat but you need to add the moisture your face and eye area craves to seal it all in). Finish with a spritz of toning mist.

At home easy option: coconut oil (I have a tub just for the bathroom as well as the kitchen) is so many things, including antibacterial and moisturizing. It is greasy however so if you’re using on your face before bed use an old pillow case. Use it on your feet and wear a pair of socks to bed for the softest feet ever (if you’re someone who can keep the socks on overnight)!

Psst… I’ve skipped that toner step for too many years. It really helps lock in moisture and prep the skin. Game changer. 

Recipes for At Home Facials Step-by-Step:

Acne during menopause? You might try this… but do it in the evening or on a day you’re not going to spend time in the sun after, as it will make you more sensitive temporarily and could darken dark spots.

Papaya Mask

Papaya is rich in vitamins A, C, and E and, has antioxidant properties that help rejuvenate skin. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and papain help exfoliate. This mask is naturally beneficial in treating acne and dark spots.


  • 1 tbsp ripe papaya flesh
  • 1 tbsp organic plain yogurt (cow’s milk or coconut milk)
  • 1 tsp oatmeal


  • In a blender or food processor, process the papaya, yogurt, and oatmeal until smooth. Apply to your clean, dry face. Leave it on for 10 minutes, and rinse with warm water. Rinse your face again with cool water, and pat dry.

Simple Avocado Hydrating Mask

You’ve got one anyway right? Puree half an avocado and mix with either 1 tsp castor or olive oil OR for more moisture try 1 T honey. Spread on face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. 

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