I help women in peri-menopause, menopause and beyond

get into the best shape of their lives (mentally and physically).

You can have the energy and vitality you want for your

second and better half.

the problem isn’t lack of information.

There’s an overabundance of information.

It’s conflicting and incongruent.

You’re told to eat low fat, eat low carb, eat high fat, eat high protein.

You’re told to exercise low intensity, do high intensity intervals, lift light weights, lift heavy weights…or to just walk.

You have so many options it makes your head spin and brings on a hot flash! There’s bio-identical hormones, herbs, acupuncture, diet modifications, essential oils, and… oh yes, there’s exercise.

What’s right for you? How much? When?

can’t find your motivation?

You’re in the right place.

Most likely you just can’t find confidence the thing you’re doing will take you from where you are to where you want to be. You don’t lack discipline or willpower. You lack the right steps for you right now.

It’s time for an


You can feel and look better than you did in your 30’s (if they were GOOD!) as long as you don’t do the same thing you did in your 30s.

From the Midlife Crisis to the Retired-Want Rewired, the Daring-to-Date to the Done with Divorce, from the Always Active to the Reluctant Athlete, I help You-Still-Got-It-Girls get clear on what they want and how to get it… Hot, Not Bothered.

Real Support. Real life. Real Solutions.

Flipping 50 programs and Debra’s private coaching exclusively use research based on women in peri-menopause and beyond.


As your coach, I’ll support you on multiple levels.

Hormone-Balancing Exercise Programming

This is the hallmark of Flipping 50, the first and only exclusively women’s 50+ program. Physical programs combine your hormones, with your unique joint and muscular status, your energy and purpose for your fitness: do you want to run a company or the world … or do you want to run a family or a race?

Did you know…

A mere 39% of all exercise and sports medicine research features female subjects. A fraction of that is on women in peri-menopause, menopause and beyond. The majority of exercise programs were not built for you. I am the only fitness and health coach who has designed programs using ONLY research that applies to YOU.

Medical fitness expertise

blended with Strength & Conditioning coaching so that I can collectively take care of your desire to build strong bones or fit in your jeans, without stressing your knees (or other joints), or your post-surgery concerns.

Hormones and gut health

Nutrition is also key for optimal gut health that is crucial to your hormone balance. Flipping the switch on foods you’re attached to emotionally and habitually is not always easy. You’ve been taught certain foods are “healthy” your whole life. We work on making changes step-by-step so you see and feel a difference fast.

Nutrition for muscle and longevity

…and for energy, and the strength, endurance, and stamina that every race – including the human race you do every day – requires. You are unique. One diet (nor one exercise plan) does not fit all. The reality is “one size fits one” even among women flipping 50, we’re diverse, and you’re unique. I teach you a blueprint for finding your best high-energy, high-vibration foods.

Science-backed, research-proven expertise

I can communicate with your medical team and I can work in a university strength & conditioning department. Whether you want to get out of bed in the morning or you want to get to the finish line of an endurance event I can integrate ALL of your needs. I have been a master trainer, university lecturer, and endurance coach for over 20 years. I use 34 years of science-backed, research-proven programming and 36 years of personal experience to support you. I get you. I am you.

Changing limiting beliefs

I’ll help you shift beliefs about exercise and nutrition science (and aging) you once learned. I promote positive body image and a better relationship with movement and food. Exercise isn’t something to do when you need to lose weight or you dislike a part of your body. It’s a daily part of living your best life. When you find your “joy factor” health habits are so much easier.

Embracing your age

This isn’t your “anti-aging” source: I’m pro-aging. I’m for doing it better! It’s not just about living longer. It’s about living stronger longer. I don’t care if you color your hair or you’re letting it gray beautifully. I don’t care if you do Botox or your lines are deep from laughter and tears. I do care that you want to live fully, not only look good, but to play hard, get dirty and have life experiences that make you love getting out of bed in the morning. That’s Flipping 50.

Here’s how it works…

I assess your right now though signs and symptoms, develop an exercise program that’s safe, sane, and simple you can do at home or at the gym, utilize DNA testing, create habits that support your best health, and if needed suggest lab testing or questions for any other health practitioners on your team. We measure what matters and then implement actions.

  • Weekly workout schedules unique to your life
  • Videos and “cheat sheets” as needed for the way you like to exercise
  • Workouts that can include anything from pool workouts, outdoor activity, gym-based or at-home exercise
  • Food you love for your nutrition goals
  • Daily habits that are sane and simple
  • Overcoming obstaclesHealth concerns
  • My network of functional medicine experts
  • Suggestions for testing
  • Questions for allied health practitioners
  • Interpreting lab work and DNA testing
  • Changing your schedule to sanely fit your real life
  • Weekly calls via Skype or Facetime
  • Access in between calls to my private clients (text, email or phone)
No matter what you want to change in life…

Exercise and physical health
is at the center of it all.

I’m here to educate you on the best science for YOU, and help you make changes (the hard part) when your habit gravity pulls you back.

I believe in breaking barriers about the second half of life + aging.

Whether you’ve been in the weight room for decades or you need to start, getting STRONGER will change your life, not just your muscles or bones. What you think matters. Flipping 50 refuses to settle for anything. I believe rocking chairs were made for kindling. I believe you should take an iron supplement (by lifting weights twice a week).

I believe that what you think, expect, and what you say influences your health, fitness, and the way you do everything, including aging. If you expect better, you do better–AND you get better results. I believe hot flashes, night sweats, aches, fatigue, and being tired are signs, not a sentence, and exercise is indeed medicine. Taken in the right dose at the right time for the you right now exercise can change more than your body…


If you’re ready to flip the myths of “aging”…

If you’re ready to flip what you thought you were capable of…

If you’re ready to feel as great as you ever have in your body…

…Let’s start working together.

Contact me about coaching today.

Let’s FLIP this together!

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers.


A: Chances are you may not know what to do if it’s taking a ton of willpower and discipline to do. Using a blueprint with me to find your best exercise, nutrition, and habits is pretty rewarding pretty fast. When you feel good you want to keep feeling good. You’re not “on” something with an “off ramp.”Spending years “program hopping” or settling for fatigue and brain fog or belly fat is costing you something, too.

That said, I don’t talk anyone into coaching – that ends badly for us both. You have to 1) want change 2) be willing to change 3) invest your time, energy, and your money or it isn’t something you want to do enough.


A: When your life is good but you know it can be so much better. When you’re not willing to settle for aging and weight gain or for menopause and belly fat. When you’re exercising but not getting results or you’re working with someone who doesn’t get the hormone connection, I’m here.

I work with women around the block and around the world. I work with women who juggle careers and travel or are recently retired with personal best goals, and women who have 100 lbs. to lose who want to lose it but live life while they’re doing it, and women who have done many “programs” and “diets” but haven’t stuck with them. I work with women who want off the scale and onto a starting line or a mountain or stand up paddleboard more often. Weight loss is not a bad goal. It’s just not enough. We dig deeper to discover WHY you want it and how it changes your life if you get it. We start creating THAT life even before the weight comes off. All of my clients see the possibilities, are looking for answers not excuses, are ready to make changes to see changes. And they want to get there faster than they would on their own or in a group program.

FLIP: I don’t work with women who want to lose ounces, or go from a size 4 to a 2, or who want to body build or compete in figure. I respect your goals but they’re not what make me get up in the morning ready to work with clients. If you have an eating disorder or exercise compulsively I encourage you to get help, but I’m also not your coach.


A: Apply now. If you apply and we’re not a good match and we both know it during our first session, I’ll refund your money in full and that first 20 minutes will be complimentary. If you’ve read this far, you’ve looked around at Flipping 50, you’ve watched YouTube videos for months … and this all just fits, like YES, you’re talking to me! Go ahead and reserve your spot. (I have a limited number of clients I give personal attention to, I will let you know if I can’t accept your application).


A: If you want a guarantee for a number of pounds or a percent of body fat loss, I’m not your coach. The science you’ll find anywhere is the same… safe permanent weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week and body fat can change 3-4 percent in 6-8 weeks. That said, when it involves hormone imbalance and gut health you are not a math problem, to quote a good friend. You may lose 10 pounds in two weeks and you may lose 1 or 2. I WILL guarantee you’ll be on the right path.

You and I always want to be the ones that make that rapid progress, but sometimes your situation requires more patience. We WILL get there. It may require more testing or a medical practitioner to support your path. I’ll help you know faster what to ask and what’s not a normal response so we can accelerate progress. I can share with you this – actual results from a client who just finished a short course followed by 12 weeks of Private Coaching:

Start Now Diff
Weight: 150.8 Weight : 134.6 -16.2 pds
Percent body fat: 30.2% Percent body fat: 21.9% -8.3%
Upper Arm: 12 in Upper arm: 11 in -1 in
Chest: 32 in Chest: 29 in -3 in
Belly button: 32 in Belly button: 28 in -4 in
Hip: 40 in Hip: 35 in -5 in
Thigh right leg: 20.5 in Thigh right leg: 19 in -1.5 in
Calf right leg: 14.5 in Calf right leg: 14 in -0.5 in
Total: 151 in Total: 136 -15 in

A: Private coaching removes me from working with others or in my business and it is time I can’t recover whether we’ve used your sessions or not. There are no refunds for private coaching once you begin. When you click the button make sure you’re committed. We’re not “trying” it. We’re doing it. I don’t want to coach anyone that I can’t help, or who isn’t “in” all the way, and we’ll know in our first session together if that’s the case.


A: It’s true! And you should find the right one for you right now. If you pulled together a personal trainer, a medical exercise specialist, a strength & conditioning coach, a nutrition coach, and a life coach … it would cost you hundreds of dollars a week. If she also was a woman who has gone through hormone changes, major life changes (8 in 14 months at age 49), started over, built a business from zero to a life she loves at 54, has worked with adults over 50 for 34 years, and understands STRESS… from both sides… who is a behavior change specialist not just a gym rat or an exercise instructor… It would actually be impossible.

There ARE other coaches. There aren’t any with this unique combination. If my message resonates with you, let’s do this. If it doesn’t, ask me! I may know a coach who can help.


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