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Has Life Coaching Got Answers to Questions You’re Not Asking?

Has life coaching crossed your mind? What’s next? I’m not where I want to be, but I don’t know where that is. Deborah Voll is a certified professional life coach for women in midlife who are seeking their life purpose and passion! From her own experience, Deborah believes that once women calm the chaos in their

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Why a Calorie Deficit is Not the Answer | Women Over 50

A calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight.  Well, actually no. Hormones not calories determine whether your body stores or burns fat. It’s what the calories … you eat… and you burn (exercise) … do to your hormones. Visionaries Do Not Apologize. Create more lean muscle tissue. Eat more quality food. Research tells

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I NEVER CHEAT and I Can’t Lose Weight | Q and A

Do you “never cheat” and still can’t make progress? Then stay tuned. This Q and A episode is for you. Please help!!!! I am so frustrated! I am 59 years old, several years post-menopausal. I had been sedentary for several years and ended up gaining weight. I had always been average weight…not real thin, and

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Overcoming Confusing Muscle Loss During Menopause

My question is “why am I still having muscle loss while doing it all right?” I have one of those smart scales and yes I am losing weight, my STRONGER program is tightening and toning for sure. Every day the skeletal muscle declines a little. I follow Dr. Anna Cabeca’s keto green 16 program, strength

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Beyond Calcium: Nutrition and Supplements for Osteoporosis

What questions do you have about nutrition and supplements for osteoporosis? In recent Flipping 50 content I’ve been visiting the importance of muscle and bone health for women over 50. Especially as we’re at home altering schedules – some for the better (88% more exercise) and some for worse (a shortage of dumbbells for home

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Easy Ways to Boost Metabolism, Skin, & Recover from Exercise

What if I told you, you might be ignoring easy ways to boost metabolism? Improve your skin? Improve your recovery from exercise? My Healthy Addiction It’s true. I’m sharing a little strategy I’ve loved using for over two years now and that was a lifesaver for me after mold exposure. In addition, my brother who

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Creating an Amazing Life After 40? Your GPS is Here

Ready for a better life after 40? It’s never too late. Believe it? Or just hear or say it? My guest today will challenge your thinking or your accidental life happening because you haven’t planned it. If living your life has gotten in the way of planning your best life this episode is for you.

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Tell Your Story and Find Your Purpose | Women Over 50

If you have ever been told you have to tell your story to succeed and then wondered how to do it, wonder no more. Devorah Spilman will take you within to find and tell your story and to access your soul’s calling. Tell Your Story Through her signature InStory process Devorah takes women writers, creatives

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