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5 Lifestyle Tweaks That Support a Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

5 Lifestyle Tweaks That Support a Journey Towards Better Wellbeing It’s January as I record this but wait wait wait if you’re listening later, you just found Flipping50 and your binge-listening (I know you!) because there is never a time of year when we aren’t all conscious of the desire for better wellbeing, health and fitness

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Triathlon Training for fun, Fitness, and Fundraising | #511

Episode #511 Triathlon Training for fun, fitness, and fundraising ****THIS EPISODE is FOR MATURE AUDIENCES! Some of the language may offend you. Please be advised that you may not wish to listen. I understand and I apologize. We don’t swear like sailors but the title of my guests program provided me with a choice to share

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5 Health Benefits of Meditation, Gratitude and Visualization | #510

Episode #510 Want to reap the benefits of meditation? Not sure where to start? I know what you mean! I’ve recently started meditation and I’m loving it. I’ve taught progressive relaxation and guided imagery for years. I’ve shared with you the placebo effect and value of it in literally changing your life. Here in this episode,

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10 Ways Flipping50 Protein Supports Your Protein Intake | #509

Episode #509 Increase your protein intake easily with little boost throughout your day. Whether you’re busy, have a smaller appetite, tend to skip meals or are trying to lose weight, protein is a girl’s best friend.Nothing compares to whole foods, but when you need some variety, some easy to bring along, or to boost a meal,

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How to Be Confident Now with Betty Rocker | #508

Episode #508 Wondering how to be confident now in the middle of life, middle of menopause? My guest is the exact woman to share it. Bree Argetsinger, aka The Betty Rocker is an internationally known health and fitness coach, innovative entrepreneur and motivator of self growth. Over 3 million people have taken her free 30-day #makefatcry

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Ditch Midlife Woes for Red, Hot, Sexy Menopause

Episode #507 If midlife has accelerated aging and you’re feeling anything but red, hot, sexy menopause, this is your episode. My guest has made it her mission to support women on their mission of a stronger, healthier second act. My guest: Dr. Sharon Stills is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor who helps perimenopausal and menopausal women to

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Alternative & Natural Remedies for Health without Giving Up Luxury

Episode #506 In these times natural remedies for immune boosting, hormone balancing, and gut repair are growing in number. This interview episode features a guest whose own health scare led her away from a corporate life My guest: Kristy Garnet (Cl.H., M.Sc.) is a Holistic Living Empowerment Mentor & Clinical Herbalist serving high achieving professionals in healing

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How an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle and Eating Clean Work #505

Episode #505 Is the intermittent fasting lifestyle attractive to you? If you’re curious about it, new to it, or a raving fan of it, you’ll want to listen to this episode with author Gin Stephens. In the last few years the intermittent fasting lifestyle has caught the attention of all ages, both genders, health practitioners as

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Top 10 Podcasts for Menopause Health & Fitness in 2021 #504

Episode #504 It’s that time of year! Time to countdown the top 10 Flipping50 Podcasts for Menopause Health & Fitness in 2021! It’s all based on your votes by downloads. In case you didn’t know, Flipping50 has been around now since at least 2014. To be honest some of the early years are sketchy! I had

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