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Midlife weight loss is a moving target and you know you want answers.

Weight Loss

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Bone Density

Why You Can’t Lose Fat in Menopause

Trying to lose fat in menopause? This is for you. You enter menopause without having bought a ticket. You just find yourself suddenly inside. Things around you start changing. For you it may be sleep changes, a change in your body composition so there’s a little more padding in the cushions. Weight seems to have

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What 150+ Interviews with Wellness Experts Revealed

If you’ve got an expert who’s done more than 150 interviews with wellness experts, what would you ask?This is a male voice, you’ll love if like me you love an accent, and may also love this voice of reason.. Got males in the household? My guest may resonate. Give me sane, give me realistic, give

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Joy of Movement: Finding the Lost Art of Exercise After 50

Kelly McGonigal has taken a message I learned in 1984 and looked at complex science of it, and simplified it again down to Joy of Movement… and she’s done it by storytelling. As an exercise and sports psychology expert, I am trained in not only the exercise physiology and kinesiology but in the mindset of

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How Not to Die From Your Nutrition Mistakes

Worried you might be making nutrition mistakes? We’ve got a no-judgment zone in this episode. No one chooses to die sicker, fatter, or suffer but what if your daily choices were making that happen? Unknowingly, many adults make a wrong turn on the way to “healthy eating.” Foods learned at one point to be healthy are

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Walking Off Weight in Menopause | Controlling Blood Sugar

Walking off weight – in far less time than you might think – not only sounds easier and more accessible than most exercise options, but also been proven. Move over intermittent fasting, here comes intermittent walking.  Seriously, I don’t mean to dish fasting. And plenty of prior episodes have reviewed the plausibility of fasting based

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How to Make (Sex and) Exercise More Effective: Pelvic Floor

Want more effective exercise ? Let’s talk pelvic floor. The area between your anus and your pubic bone is some of the most important real estate a woman has. Do you know how to take care of it, stage it, and manage it? My guest today shares that more women do now. She’s a young

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Easy Healthy Habits Start Here: Effortless Kitchen Hacks

Easy healthy habits coming up! Yes, exercise! However, what if it was easier than that to get more energy and boost your overall well being? We do certain things regularly. Your daily routine and mine are probably very similar day to day. That is what you do this morning in the first 10-30 minutes of

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Healing Trauma to Lose Weight: What if it’s Not Stress?

You don’t wake up thinking about healing trauma. Maybe you don’t even search for it on your computer at night. You may however, want to lose weight… and be stuck. Perhaps you find that you continually get injured or get repeated bouts of colds or virus. But it’s just stress, right? That’s what we say.

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Midlife Weight Loss: Burn Body Fat, Balance Your Hormones

Midlife weight loss can be a challenge. It’s definitely different! If you want to burn off body fat there are a few things you have to know. Very possibly there are a few things you need to unlearn. In this episode you’ll hear me ask my guest these questions: Are Keto and Fasting good for Midlife

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