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Fitness for Women in Midlife | Easier Than You Think

For the women in midlife who listen to this podcast and I’ve worked with for more than three and a half decades fitness is sometimes illusive. But success leaves signs. Four times in my life when I’ve made significant changes in my fitness level it was by doing LESS, not more. In My Late Teens

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7 Hormones That Must Be Balanced for Weight Loss & Energy

Your hormones must be balanced for weight loss to occur. If you’re trying to trick it, starve it, drill it to the ground, this episode is exactly what you want to hear. Love this topic? Don’t miss the May Flipping 50 Masterclass with me LIVE Wednesday May 13, 2020!! Missed it? Limited replay access may

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Best Exercise for Your Daughter’s Fitness and Health?

Ever wonder if your Flipping 50 fitness program would work for your daughter’s fitness and health? Wonder how you can support her exercise and healthy habits? Well, in honor of Mother’s day I’m adding this BONUS episode of Flipping 50. Episode Sponsor: This episode is brought to you by the Hot, Not Bothered 10-Day Challenge.

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Not Sleeping Well? It Could Be Your Late Day Exercise

If you’re not sleeping well… late day exercise may be to blame. What can you do and how can you optimize your sleep with the right exercise? Remember: “Intense early, Light late” One of the reasons late day exercise may cause sleep interruption is this hormone’s role in producing energy for cortisol during exercise. It’s

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How to Rock Midlife Mid COVID19 and Beyond

Dr. Ellen is a Psychologist, Registered Dietitian, National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Reiki Master and Mindful Self-compassion Teacher. The Midlife Whisperer™, she empowers women to get unstuck and find the confidence, energy and clarity to make their next chapter their best chapter. An inspirational speaker and expert on women’s wellbeing, Dr. Ellen has

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Navigating Relationship Challenges in the Crisis and Beyond

Relationship challenges are inevitable. Yet you may have had more bestowed on you recently than you planned on. The logistics of home and work have changed. The logistics of immediate and extended family have changed. Whether you’re communicating with family members in the same room or relationship challenges come from across states or continents, they’ll

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She Wrote the Book on Aging | The Positive Aging Movement

Hello, another week of COVID19. Congratulations you’re doing this. How are you? In these times I’ve heard from many of you that the information about boosting your immune system and exercising smarter right now is valuable – and necessary – I’ve also heard you want to focus on the bigger picture too. And the things

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Getting Better Sleep Now and Beat Insomnia | Live Coaching

Muscles, mood, and metabolism depend on sleep.If you’re skimping on sleep, or finding it impossible to sleep when you want to… I’ve got you covered!Grab Sleep Yourself Skinny! for FREE now…Are you craving better sleep now?Have you had some sleepless nights recently? Are you waking up with a headache or fog?My Guest and “Coaching Client”My

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Should I Mix Intervals and Weight Training in the Same Workout?

Should I mix intervals and weight training together in the same workout? I go to classes that alternate them. This question really piggybacks on a question I answered recently (I’ll link to it) about full body and split routine or body part strength training. The best “after-burn” for exercise occurs after strength training. It’s even

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