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Midlife weight loss is a moving target and you know you want answers.

Weight Loss

You know it’s about muscle and you want the tips: how, what, and why


Between energy and fatigue, you’re the latter, and you want answers.


Science-based muscle and protein facts. How much, when, and how often?


Avoid osteoperosis, or deal with it once you know you have it.

Bone Density

Dr. Meg Mill

Defining Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

What do you know about histamine intolerance? Defining histamine intolerance in this podcast, along with lesser known mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) could help you stop struggling with answers to an undetermined source of problems. If not you, someone you know or work with if you’re one of our health pros who’s drifted over from

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Debra Atkinson - Resistance Training is Essential in Menopause

Muscle Makeover: Why Resistance Training is Essential in Menopause

Resistance training is essential in menopause. It is supportive of your hormones. It’s an endocrine organ. It supports blood sugar levels, moods and more! All inside! Are you navigating menopause noticing unfavorable changes in your body composition? This episode of Flipping 50 is your ticket to understanding why muscle matters now more than ever. Discover

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Debra Atkinson - Science that Makes Exercise Essential for Menopause Health

Science that Makes Exercise Essential for Menopause Health

If you don’t already know dozens of reasons that make exercise essential for menopause health, you may after this episode. I want to share with you 5 powerful quotes directly from the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. Then I’ll tie this to the physiology of menopause. 1 If any pill or surgical procedure had the

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Jessie Inchauspé - Glucose Goddess

Your Glucose Levels in Menopause with the Glucose Goddess

Your glucose levels in menopause could be responsible for your mood swings, brain fog, hot flashes, and if you’re lucky enough not to have those, but haven’t escaped the weight or belly fat gain, then stay tuned. Your Glucose Levels in Menopause with the Glucose Goddess On this episode I talk with the Glucose Goddess

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Debra Atkinson - The Key to Fat Loss After 45

Mastering Midlife Metabolism: The Key to Fat Loss After 45

If I had the key to fat loss after 45… and I could get every woman to use it, we could change history. Struggling with weight gain during menopause? You’re not alone. Tune in to learn about the unique challenges and effective strategies for fat loss specifically tailored for women over 45. We’re unpacking how

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Brad Schoenfeld - Key to Fat Loss Podcast

Muscle and Body Composition in Menopause

How can you focus on muscle and body composition in menopause, specifically gaining muscle and losing fat? How many sets,  repetitions, and how much rest should you take? How much can you follow research featuring young athletic men and how should you advocate for yourself when trainers aren’t using science based on women? We cover

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menopause fitness changes Mary Weare

20 Menopause Fitness Changes You’ll Be Glad You Made

This is all about menopause fitness changes that you want to make, 20 of them in fact. Before any of these are truly beneficial, I’ll share this: if you’re not measuring you have no idea what is really happening. Measure and track your percent body fat and your skeletal muscle (in lbs or kgs). Other

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Ageless Aging: Podcast Episode with Maddy Dychtwald

Ageless Aging: Believe it or Not?

Out this week, Ageless Aging is a new title on the shelves and book author and women’s aging advocate, Maddy Dychtwald is here with us on this episode. You’re going to love this episode.We dive into why women have to advocate for themselves, the power of your mindset and why you and all your high

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