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How to Exercise Best for More Hormone Balance

What Exactly is Hormone Balance? Before you get more hormone balance you obviously need a clear definition of hormone balance! If you’re not actually sure what hormone balance is or if some of your recent frustration with a lack of your “you-ness” seems to describe hormone imbalance, read on. This post is for you. It’s not just

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How to Solve Your Biggest Midlife Fitness Questions

I’m tacking your biggest fitness questions in this post! Fitness questions you’re asking or should ask! Midlife fitness is like a mystery novel. You think you’ve got it figured out and then a new twist in the plot changes things. In the most recent selection process for Flipping 50 TV season III I had the

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10 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Weight Loss After 50

Easy Ways to Weight Loss After 50 or After Menopause? Yes. Weight loss after 50 is not as hard as it’s portrayed to be. The hardest part may not be in the physical changes that need to happen, but in the mental weight we need to lose. Our thoughts can get in our way when

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8 Hormone Balancing Exercise Tips

Hormone Balancing Exercise Tips Use these hormone balancing exercise reminders for naturally supporting your best energy and wellness. Exercise matters most when it’s supported by the type, timing, and the lifestyle habits that result in fitness. Exercise provides the opportunity for fitness. The rest of your life determines how effective it will be. 1. Intense

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5 Part Exercise Planning Guide for Energy Boosting & Fat Burning After 50

This 5-part exercise planning guide is a re-posted update of a most popular post. There’s a companion 5-part video series on Facebook that you can watch if you learn best by listening. Just click on videos once you’re logged into Facebook on the Flipping50tv page. You’ll see the 5-Part Program Design Video series on the top

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5 Ways to Burn More Fat Today

Can you burn more fat today without scheduling another workout before the end of the day? Yes. Burn more fat today flips These things are easy and you can start right now. Yes, weight training and yes intervals, and even yoga can help you burn more fat. It all depends on your needs right now.

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Menopause Weight Loss| What You Need to Know

Menopause Weight Loss Menopause weight loss is possible. Let’s set that straight. Conventional wisdom (is there such a thing?) says it’s typical for a woman to gain weight during menopause. If this title and topic got you here, then you’ve likely read (and I hope, rejected) the metabolism slows with age. That’s another point that

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The Best Time to Exercise for a Good Night’s Sleep

What’s the best time to exercise for a good night’s sleep? The answer is, it depends. It’s not just a question of timing. It’s also a question of type. While I would discourage you from doing your interval training right before bed, and then sprinting into your pajamas, it can be okay to do weight

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What’s the Best Exercise for Weight Loss After 50?

I’ve been asked about the best exercise for weight loss in fitness consultations, following fitness classes, and most recently by email, blog comments and Flipping 50 TV applications for 36 years. (updated post July, 2020) It saddens me that we’re still here. It frustrates me that some of the fault for this lies with fitness

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What Endurance Exercise Did to My Hormone Health

If you talk to a woman in her 50’s for very long the topic of hormone health is bound to come up. In the second half of 2017 I put myself under the microscope with endurance exercise and lab testing to see what would happen. This post is about the results of those labs and

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Better Sleep Anywhere: Home, Hotels, even the In-Laws

I’ve filled books, blogs, and videos full of information on why sleep is the woman-over-50’s secret sauce. If you’re in total agreement and can’t get the sleep you desperately want and know you need, this blog about how to get better sleep is for you.. I’ve rounded up some of my best tips for stacking

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Flipping 50’s Most Popular Podcasts and Blogs of 2017

This is the collection of most popular podcasts and blogs of 2017 for women flipping 50! The “top 10 collection” is based on popularity, measured by listener downloads and reader shares. If you see something you like, I’d love your share. It tells me what you want to hear more about. I’ve added my comments

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