Which and Why Sauna for the Most Benefits? Sauna Tech Talk

Why sauna? Why are health and wellness pros such fans of sauna? I’m going to explain this in a short post here. At first, absorbing all the content about why you should consider sauna can be overwhelming. Trust me, I know. About 5 years ago I began to do my comparison shopping. 

So if you wonder why sauna and or which ones now that you’ve read a couple articles on the benefits of sauna… let me explain simply. 

Infrared saunas use three different types of “waves”

  • Near Infrared (surface penetration)
  • Mid infrared (medium penetration)
  • Far infrared (deep penetration) 

You can think of it like this: Near for your skin, mid for your muscle, and far for your organs. And we’re not talking about just sweating in the same way you would sitting in the sun or going for a run. It’s slightly different as the rise in temperature resulting from sauna (with all the waves) heats the body from the core to the outside vs the outside in. 

The detox occurs both ways, but at the cellular level is more pronounced with sauna sessions. 

I bought mine after comparison shopping. You’ll find a link in bio (Mine is called a “solo”- great for small spaces and while I was renting it was the best option, though I’d love a built-in.) 

Whether your need to release cellular toxins is weight loss support, mold or heavy metal exposure, hormone disruption, or wanting the overall health benefits for pro-aging, you do benefit in so many ways. 

Maybe like me you begin to sauna for the relaxation, unaware of all the other goodness happening! Hopefully you won’t ever need it for the mold exposure I experienced and simply enjoy the boost from this health habit. 

More Than Relaxation

But if you have weight loss goals, there’s one more sauna benefit to consider. 

Forty years ago, I never dreamed I’d be talking about “liver detox” or supporting your liver. I began to get curious about 20 years ago though. First for myself and then for those midlife clients I was working with who were stuck with a weight loss plateau. 

Nowadays, liver support for metabolism is a part of all the changes in Flipping 50 programs and coaching. We do so through all of the habits, including the Food Flip where we give you both a dietary change to test things that might be sensitive to, and by reducing the work your liver does. The liver has a lot to do with metabolism. Though we talk more about exercise, muscle, and thyroid first, the liver can just be on overload. 

When we give it a break (like, hey a vacay to Hawaii for you and I) it can function a little better. We can also change the habits that we had that overloaded it in the first place. 

Your personal reason why sauna could be liver detoxification. 

Is Weight Loss Your Why for Sauna? Then this program (seeing in Feb 2022? 50% off PLUS bonus Metabolism Makeover!) That’s a value of over $1100 for less than a quarter of that!  CLICK HERE for details. 

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