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Are you done with the one-size-fits all ages, sizes, …

Strawberry Overnight  Oats Forever


Simple Chocolate Almond Pre-Exercise Smoothie

A pre-exercise smoothie is a great way to make sure you build those muscles up and give them the opportunity to repair! A metabolism boost requires that repair and rebuild. Not all tummies


½ …

I compiled this list of 8 strength training mistakes using two sources. I’ve had decades of observation and from a recent study. The study reviewed 25 prior studies pertaining to resistance training in older adults. Researchers deduced the most effective

During mental health month I want to touch on the mental health benefits of exercise. Women experience depression – and anxiety – 50% more than men at least up until the age of 65. Hormones play a part, so it’s

How to Reduce Injury Risks While You Get Fit

Women in menopause are looking for answers. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has a reputation for being an amazing way to burn fat in less time than steady state or continuous …


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