4 Ultimate Health & Fitness Guides for Simple Solutions

Your New Reading List! Kickstart your summer with a few of my best health & fitness guides. Looking for health & fitness recommendations that are made for you, and only you? Are you done with the one-size-fits all ages, sizes, and both genders approach? You’re in the right place. I’ve designed several health & fitness …

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Why Protein Recommendations After 50 Are So Confusing

Protein Recommendations After 50 Confusing You? One of the most commonly overlooked parts of fitness after 50 is protein. Strength training is crucial, yet misunderstanding protein recommendations after 50 can sabotage strength training results. Why is it so very confusing to find and follow protein recommendations after 50? I crack open this question in this …

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Your fitness after 50 has the ability to decrease your risk of disease, increase your longevity and the number of years you live healthfully (your healthspan). It’s dependent on so much more than whether you go for a walk or lift weights today. This is the big picture. Your fitness after 50 will be influenced not just by exercise but by so many more things. I’m including a comprehensive list here.

3 Big Ways My DNA Test Improved My Fitness

Before I dive in, I want to remind you who I am. I do love exercise. I wish I had more time to not have to “bookend” workouts with appointments and obligations. I do though. That’s just the moment I’m in and I choose it, so it’s OK! That said, if you don’t have the time to exercise, maybe don’t love it, this makes me a little more like you. I don’t love a lot of things about exercise right now: the shoving it in when I’ve got too many other things to do; the fact that it seems like a chore instead of a pleasure some times. I know and have for 36 years that I never regret it and always feel better/work better/am me better after. Even then I suppose I’m tied to doing rather than being, which… is an entire other post for another day.

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