Registered Dietitian Nutrition Advice After 50 Right On or Way Off?

Pardon the rant in this post. I received this message in an email from a client who’d recently had a consult with a Registered Dietitian at a fitness club: “I recently had a session [...]

Healthy Holiday Recipes From My Table to Yours

This healthy holiday recipes collection is from a popular subscriber-only email last year. [My subscribers always get all the hot news first and I share things with them I share no where else!] [...]

Ingredients Making Your Protein Shake Toxic

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Power Protein Breakfast Bowls, Bars, and More

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How I Eat for Energy, Mood, and Optimal Body Fat

I eat for energy, mood, and optimal body fat, just as the title implies. In addition to that, I eat for pleasure. I hope you do too! We should love our food and what it does for us. I also eat [...]

Collagen or Protein Shakes for Lean Muscles After 50?

Should you use collagen or protein shakes? Do you need both or just one? In these next two months I have two totally bipolar reasons for paying extra attention to my protein intake. If you’ve [...]

Over 50 and Eat Healthy, But Need Help with Exercise?

“I eat healthy. I just need help with exercise.” “I’m not consistent. It’s mostly because I’m not sure what I’m doing.” Does this sound familiar? This post is for you if you’ve felt exercise – or [...]

One Woman’s Healthy Food is Another Woman’s Poison

Healthy Exercise Without Healthy Food Won’t Work A combination of healthy food and healthy exercise help you feel good. The missing overlooked link is the daily habits (I call flips in Hot, [...]

Truths About Traveling, Triathlon Training, Hormones and Energy

Warning: Truths about hormones and energy inside. If you’re not ready for real news, don’t read it! It’s been a busy week. For me those stack up to exciting, exhilarating, and [...]