Flipping 50’s Most Popular Podcasts and Blogs of 2017

This is the collection of most popular podcasts and blogs of 2017 for women flipping 50! The “top 10 collection” is based on popularity, measured by listener downloads and reader shares. If you [...]

My Ironman Cozumel Experience | Thoughts the Day After

I wrote this post the day after Ironman Cozumel. Enjoy! Next post will include hormone summary from pre-training and post race. Hungry. That’s how I feel. Several people have asked how I feel or [...]

Getting Fit After 50 | The Real Fitness Test

Getting fit after 50 is something I research, talk about, write about and share every day for the last 4 years. Before that I did so probably 50% of the time every day for 30 years. I was working [...]

The Emotion of Ironman Triathlon at 53

The emotion of Ironman triathlon has caught me. I keep telling myself that I can write this in a week or two. But I can’t. In two weeks it will be over. As my fingers type this post out it’s [...]

4 Menopause Myths that Persist

Are menopause myths holding you back? Menopause myths are plentiful. It’s time to bust a few right here. It’s hard to separate the aging myths from the menopause myths so you’ll [...]

Fitness & Diet Failures: The Why Behind Them

Fitness & diet failures lurk like skeletons in the closet. The failure can often be blamed on the program itself. It may have nothing to do with the step-by-step instructions of the program [...]

Fitness After 50 at a Starting Line

Fitness After 50 and Big Hairy Goals Fitness after 50 gets an unique reaction. Some women resent that we’re talking about it as if they’re broken or can’t do anything younger [...]

Fitness Has a Body Image Problem

Today’s fitness post strays a little from my recent Thursday updates about my training status. That should be a hint. To borrow a phrase from a client, I’ve fallen off the wagon and got run over [...]

The Best Health Book I’ve Read

  This is a rare post but I have shared book lists before. I couldn’t wait to share this single title. If we look for something here at Flipping 50, it’s sane, safe, and simple [...]

6 Rockstars of Women’s Health with a Message

When rockstars are around we all get distracted. I was distracted by rockstars of women’s health this week! This Thursday space is where I typically post my weekly update for triathlon [...]