Flipping 50’s Most Popular Podcasts and Blogs of 2017

This is the collection of most popular podcasts and blogs of 2017 for women flipping 50! The “top 10 collection” is based on popularity, measured by listener downloads and reader shares. If you [...]

20-Minute Fitness Anywhere Routine | The Interval Quickie

20-Minute Fitness, Really? Reality is that it isn’t just the holidays that we need this. Life is going at mock speed sometimes. The good news is, done right, 20-minute fitness routines can [...]

My Ironman Cozumel Experience | Thoughts the Day After

I wrote this post the day after Ironman Cozumel. Enjoy! Next post will include hormone summary from pre-training and post race. Hungry. That’s how I feel. Several people have asked how I feel or [...]

Is Your Exercise Making You Older and Fatter, Faster?

Is your exercise making you older and fatter faster? This title could have been is exercise making you older, fatter, OR faster? I’m tackling a tough subject here and I haven’t taken it lightly. [...]

Getting Rid of Belly Pouch | Flipping 50 Reader Question

Getting rid of belly pouch is the million dollar solve I wish I had. It’s one of the most frequently asked questions I’m asked and I wanted to share this reader question and my [...]

Home Workouts vs. Gym | Home Sweat Home?

What’s better, home workouts or gym workouts. Yes. I could argue for both. Ultimately you have to weigh in on the weight training location that makes the most sense for you. How a Gym [...]

Over 50 and Eat Healthy, But Need Help with Exercise?

“I eat healthy. I just need help with exercise.” “I’m not consistent. It’s mostly because I’m not sure what I’m doing.” Does this sound familiar? This post is for you if you’ve felt exercise – or [...]

One Woman’s Healthy Food is Another Woman’s Poison

Healthy Exercise Without Healthy Food Won’t Work A combination of healthy food and healthy exercise help you feel good. The missing overlooked link is the daily habits (I call flips in Hot, [...]

Training Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, and Hormones After 50

One of the hardest things about training for this Ironman has been listening. Listening to my body for signs of training fatigue, over training, and breakdown has always been important. It [...]

Fitness After 50 at a Starting Line

Fitness After 50 and Big Hairy Goals Fitness after 50 gets an unique reaction. Some women resent that we’re talking about it as if they’re broken or can’t do anything younger [...]