What if your biggest obstacle was something you can’t see?

Do you have a hard time getting or staying motivated around fitness and health habits?

You would defend that yes, you want to be fit, you want to be active and eat well and know you would feel better … but you seem to start and stop. 

You want to be someone who gets up in the morning or goes for a walk every afternoon, who orders healthfully at restaurants even when others don’t. But you can’t quite get there.

What if something you never suspected could be your biggest obstacle to weight loss, optimal energy, or ultimately your best life?

Today’s episode visits a recurring theme of emotions that could be tied to your self-sabotage and be a form of self-protection. 

Dr. Debi Silber, founder of The PBTInstitute, is a Transformational Psychologist and a health, mindset, and personal development expert. She’s an award-winning speaker, coach and author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling book: The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind and Life After a Life CrisisThe Unshakable Woman-The Workbook (the companion guide to the book) as well as 2 books recommended by Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith and Jack Canfield. 

Based on her findings, along with 27 years of health, mindset and lifestyle coaching, she’s created a proven approach to help women heal (physically, mentally and emotionally) from a life crisis, specializing in betrayal.

I share some of Debi’s words: 

When we trust someone, we believe we can be vulnerable, we’re loved, protected, valued and safe. We believe that the other person has the same values, beliefs and level of integrity that we have. We believe that they’re honoring the same agreement, sharing the same priorities, and living by the same rules. We believe those we’ve given our trust to would never do anything to violate that sacred contract… until they do. This is the powerful and painful process of betrayal.

Questions I asked Debi in this episode:

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InspireEmpowerTransform

Twitter: @debisilber

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DebiSilber

How to Get the Fit Girl’s Deep Restful Sleep

Do you struggle to fall asleep or find yourself staring at the ceiling at 2am and 3 and 4…

Do you think you’re sleeping but find your Fit Bit says the times you’re restless times are in double digits?

You are not alone. Since you know that sleep is the key to making your exercise and nutrition efforts pay off or in making you feel like exercising and eating right in the first place you know restful sleep is key to hormone balance.

My guest is going to share some natural restful sleep solutions because she too is spea2king the hormone balancing language I know and love. So pull up a pillow, put on your favorite jammies and let’s get comfy.

Dr. Mariza Snyder is a functional practitioner, the author of six books: the bestselling The Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential Oils and The DASH Diet Cookbook. Dr. Mariza’s newest book focuses on balancing hormones with the power of essential oils, it’s called: The Essential Oils Hormone Solution.

deep restful sleep
For the past ten years, she has lectured at wellness centers, conferences, and corporations on hormone health, essential oils, nutrition, and detoxification. She has been featured on Dr. Oz, Fox News Health, MindBodyGreen and many publications. Dr. Mariza is also the host of theEssentially You Podcast, designed to empower women to become the CEO of their health. Check out her website, drmariza.com, for women’s hormone tips, including recipes and remedies.

Deep restful sleep is so important to hormone balance. Essentially, it’s at the foundation of hormone balance. Even a small sleep deprivation can throw hormones off enough to effect food choices, exercise results, fat storage and fat burning. So if you’re robbed of the restful sleep you should be getting on a regular basis, that really should be your first priority. 

Questions we cover in this podcast: 

  1. Can you tell us a bit about your journey and how it led you to your passion in women’s hormone health?
  2. You must see patterns in the women you work with related to stress.  What are some of those patterns and why are essential oils one strategy that helps?
  3. Talk a little about the essential oil “revolution” over the past 5 years or so.  Why do you think essential oils have caught fire for many women’s go-to strategy?
  4. Although essential oils are very popular, many women don’t really know anything about them.  What approach would you suggest for someone who is brand new to essential oils to learn about them from which one to use to safety tips, etc.
  5. What would you say is the number one thing we need to get deep restful sleep?
  6. What are your top 5 essential oils and recipes to ensure we get the restful sleep that we need each night?

Dr Mariza’s bonus gift for listeners:

Top 5 Hormone EO Recipes: https://join.drmariza.com/hormone-balancing-eo-recipes/

Connect with Dr Mariza:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/drmarizasnyder/
Twitter: drmariza
Insta: drmariza

Is a functional doctor the answer to more integrated and natural care?

If you haven’t got a functional doctor, chances are you’re wondering where to find a good one. If you’re living somewhere more rural with fewer options, never fear.

As my guest today illustrates, even living in the middle of the midwest, you too can find a functional doctor locally. Here’s a nod to my Iowa roots and subscribers/listeners.

My guest, Stephanie Gray, DNP, MS, ARNP, ANP-C, GNP-C, ABAAHP, FAARFM, has been working as a nurse practitioner since 2009. She completed her doctorate focusing on estrogen metabolism from the University of Iowa in 2011. Additionally, she has a Masters in Metabolic Nutritional Medicine from the University of South Florida’s Medical School. Her expertise lies within integrative, anti-aging, and functional medicine. She is arguably one of the midwest’s’ most credentialed female healthcare providers combining many certifications and trainings.

She completed an Advanced fellowship in Anti-Aging Regenerative and Functional medicine in 2013. She became the first BioTech certified provider in Iowa to administer hormone pellets also in 2013.

She is the author of the FNP Mastery App and an Amazon best selling author of Your Longevity Blueprint. She is co-founder of Your Longevity Blueprint nutraceuticals with her husband, Eric. They own the Integrative Health and Hormone Clinic in Hiawatha, Iowa.

  1. What is functional medicine and or a functional doctor and how does it differ from conventional medicine? How can it help you?
  2. Why did you personally need functional medicine?
  3. Chapter 1 of your book is all about Gut Healthas the Foundation of your health. Can you expand on this? Share with the audience – and this will be a refresher for our regular listeners – Why is gut health so important and what symptoms can be linked to poor gut health?
  4. My clients and group participants test micronutrientswhen they work with me. This is oh, so important and we need to hear it regularly. What nutrients do listeners need to focus on as they age? In addition to micronutrient testing, what signs and symptoms suggest that a woman might need to supplement (or to test to confirm)?
  5. Fatigueis a big complaint for many women in midlife. Will you review the many common causes of a common symptom like fatigue?
  6. How would a listener know if she would benefit from hormone replacement therapyto fightosteoporosis, hot flashesand other aging symptoms?
  7. And if she didn’t want to do hormone therapy what alternatives are your favorites for trying natural hormone balance – in addition to modifying to a hormone balancing exercise program (of course!) ?

Ready for support? 

functional doctor recommendations

You Will Learn Symptoms of:

  • Low estrogen
  • Low Progesterone
  • Low Testosterone
  • Low Thyroid
  • Identify the Thyroid tests you want to ask for specifically
  • How to use natural therapies a functional doctor would use in addition to or instead of hormone replacement

Connect with functional doctor Dr. Stephanie Gray:

Visit www.yourlongevityblueprint.com for her book, supplements, blog and videos. For 10% off the book and products! Get her free PDF on 3 Tips to Boost Hormones Naturally.

Her clinic site is www.ihhclinic.com for consultations.






Take charge of your health. From hormones to micronutrient testing (and a complimentary consultation with me after), you’ll find the descriptions you need to choose.

Get Tested:Use code Flipping50 to save $20 now!

Low energy? B vitamins, magnesium, Vitamin D, or Iron could be a part of it. In order for your body (and hormones to function well) and exercise to work, you’ve got to know these as well as Omega 3 levels. It’s easy and it’s your every day energy.



“Non-athletic.” That’s how 61-year-old Catherine Thomas described herself to me. As we began her interview so I could share her story of starting to train for a triathlon after 60, she told me she’d been a smoker for 45 years.

Three years ago she quit. She had, that pivotal moment when she wasn’t “trying to quit,” she did. It was then that she began riding her bike.

Questions we answer in this episode: 

How did she change her habit?

How did she overcome the triggers to smoke?

What else had to go?

What it was like beginning to train for triathlon as a new-comer after 60?

Catherine’s picture appears above, on the right her image today of an after 60 athlete.

At any age a body composition of 20% is impressive. After 60, it’s rare. The important thing to remember is Catherine didn’t start to lose weight, wasn’t focused on weight loss, she was focused on quitting smoking, then on getting to a starting line.

She bypassed the scale and yet made much progress.

If you let yourself believe there is significance to your age there is and if you don’t let it dictate what you can do you’ll be right either way. There is biology in your beliefs. There is regeneration that is possible in the body. It can heal itself given the opportunity. From smoking, excess weight, emotional eating, sedentary lifestyle … there’s no such thing as “too late” unless you want there to be.

Before 60 or after 60, you’ve got the ability to choose.

Additional Resources: 

Flipping 50 TV episode 27

(answered Catherine’s question about nutrition needs during endurance training)

28-Day Kickstart 

(bump your nutrition know-how and find your personal blueprint)

Losing 75 Pounds after 60

8 Ironmans in 4 Years After 60

Please respond to this podcast. Tell us if you too would like to connect with a virtual coaching community to get you to your first triathlon starting line.

How do you recognize a need for adrenal reset? Do you struggle with fatigue? Do you want to take a nap in the afternoon but then have a hard time sleeping at night? Have you had to endure stress or put yourself on the back burner for long periods of time?

If you’re exercising and eating “right” and its not working. Instead of more energetic and thriving you feel like you’re just getting from one day to the next. If that sounds familiar one of the reasons could be that you need an adrenal reset.

Then you’re in the right place right now. My guest today Dr. Alan Christianson is a Naturopathic Endocrinologist who focuses on Thyroid function, adrenal health, and metabolism.

He has been actively practicing in Scottsdale since 1996 and is the founding physician behind Integrative Health. He is a NY Times bestselling author whose books include The Metabolism Reset Diet, The Adrenal Reset Diet, and the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease.

Dr. Christianson regularly appears on national media like Dr. Oz, The Doctors, and The Today Show.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  1. There are lots of contradictions between conventional and alternative doctors on this topic – can you address the myth of adrenal fatigue?
  2. How do the adrenal glands relate to menopause and peri-menopause?
  3. Why would someone suspect that they might have adrenal stress?
  4. How does food affect the rhythm of adrenal hormones?
  5. Why are women so much more likely to need adrenal reset?
  6. Can women experience the same kind of health they once did or better after adrenal reset?

Connect with Dr. Christianson:


Dr. C Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrAlanChristianson/
Dr. C Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dralanchristianson/Dr. CPinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/alannmd/
Dr. C YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Alannmd

Get the book! The Adrenal Reset Diet

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Do you sauna? Why would you want to?

How would you like a passive way to boost your energy?

Not to mention detox, improve skin, sleep, heal wounds…

And a convenient way to do it at home? In minutes?

[Image: me next to a Sunlighten full model last August! Do you recognize fellow fitness pro Betty Rocker sitting inside?]

I’ve discovered a passion for my personal sauna in the last six months and I wanted an expert to share the details and unpack the difference between infrared wave lengths and the benefits with you.

My guest Brooke Basaldua started her career with Sunlighten over 11 years ago.  Brooke has a personal passion for wellness and loves working directly with wellness thought-leaders and elevating Sunlighten’s vision to make the world a healthier, happier place.  During her time at Sunlighten, she has served on the product development team and played a role in developing the most advanced 3-in-1 infrared technology that allows users to customize infrared treatments for their individual wellness goals.

Questions we answer on this episode:

  • What is infrared?  Give brief overview of IR and how it affects the body
  • How Sunlighten Infrared saunas are different?
  • Are far or near infr­­­ared saunas better?
  • What is the difference between Near, Mid, and Far and what benefits each provides?
  • What are the benefits of sauna use?
  • What’s unique about Sunlighten product design?
  • How is detox supported with a sauna- particularly from heavy metals and daily toxins?

[Image: me getting in a sauna session at home in my personal sauna. I shoot for 40 minutes a few times a week now. It’s not the no-sweat way to weight loss, but it’s a inside out sweat sessions and I LOVE it!]

Confession: sometimes I return from a trip and turn it on before I even walk upstairs so it can heat up while I unpack! Before I do anything else! It helps me shed the toxins from travel and get a good night sleep after sleeping in strange beds for days!

I scored Flipping 50 listeners $200 off + free shippingthrough 11/21 thanks to Sunlighten!

You’ll learn: 

  • How you can benefit from a sauna
  • The difference between a traditional sauna and an infrared sauna
  • The difference between far, mid, and near infrared light
  • How to plan a sauna routine
  • Sauna options for in-home convenience

You can enjoy benefits of improved blood pressure, skin enhancement, detox, weight loss, sleep enhancement, would healing, and more from the regular use of a sauna. I love mine!

It doesn’t feel like something I’m doing for health markers. It feels indulgent, like me time, right at home.

Save $200 right now!


You’re going to love it!

Connect and follow Sunlighten for more health benefit info: 





The holidays are kicked off with Halloween. Will yours be a healthier Halloween or start a cascade of sugary treats that last through the New Year?

Whether you acknowledge it, deny it, or you’re somewhere in the middle things aren’t the same as when you were a kid no matter how old you are reading this!

If you’re over 50 you may as I did get pounds and pounds of candy going door to door. We made it our mission some years to canvas the entire town (small town but still)! We literally had car pools so parents could drop us at different neighborhoods.

We didn’t dump it after, we ate it. Teachers dreaded those days and weeks after Halloween, I’m sure.

That was back in the day when people still made homemade popcorn balls or cookies, too. No one was scanning their haul at the police station back then.

We know now that sugar causes cancer. We may or may not give as much thought to dyes and chemicals added to treats that change behavior. But someone does.

In this podcast, my friend and expert on children’s health, Elisa Song, shares her recommendations. She not only has the degrees and credentials but she has the street credentials as she’ll be dressing up her own two-under-10 kids for a healthier Halloween. She is the holistic pediatrician.

This is one to share. Please do. You as parent, grandparent, aunt, great aunt, neighbor, friend… can make a difference.

We’re really not showering them with love when we shower them with sugar, dyes and chemicals. Make this a healthier Halloween and a step on the path to healthier holidays this year!

For more information about kids health:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healthykids_happykids/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrElisaSongMD/

If this is helpful, please let me know! I’ll bring Elisa back for a full length podcast about kids movement and nutrition.

Make all your holidays healthier this year!

healthier Halloween and holiday seasonRegister Now! 50% ends soon.

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What if you could be years younger in days? I lived it.

When I was driving to the airport last week I had the strangest feeling.

I can’t remember a time – perhaps because its NEVER happened – when I just got on a plane and went somewhere without a schedule.

I wasn’t going to deliver a presentation.

I wasn’t going to deliver a hug.

I wasn’t going to attend a lecture.

No one would ever know if I showed up or not.

I was going into this total black hole of nothing to expect, nothing to measure success, and it was uncomfortable.

Zero Travel Itinerary

I was heading to the Huntsman World Senior Gamesin St. George, Utah. Yet, once there, I had no agenda. I was going just to witness it. Having done a podcast with CEO Kyle Case and been a guest on his) I was intrigued for sure and excited about capturing some inspiring moments (they’re coming up) to share with Flipping 50. We share a common mission and I wanted to see the games and help spread the word.

That was all well and good.

I had no appointments, no schedule, no mandatory time restrictions.

But I was uncomfortable.


How many times a day do I have check my watch? Making sure I’m on schedule for my next client or interview? That I’ll hit my deadline for the next article? That I’ll have to my team what they need from me next?

And I was missing it?

How often do I wish for a day clear of appointments to focus on a project for a big block of time? Or how often do I (or you) crave a weekend free of to-do lists and errands to catch up or get ahead (someone is laughing their ____ off at that)?

I had created it. I was staring at a few days just like that.


I was uncomfortable with the lack of schedule ahead of me for the next three days.


I do honor boundaries. I have self-care practices. I avoid overscheduling and draw sharp boundaries on time off. I don’t do evening appointments or weekend coaching unless it’s rearranging that can’t be avoided.

And yet… I was at a total loss.

I kept feeling like I needed to be doing something.

At the end of my first day I realized that it was worse than that.

I was looking for reasons not to do things. Fun things.

I was looking for boundaries.

At one point on a hike to explore St. George’s beauty, a low fence – 12 or 14 inches from the ground to full height – threatened me. It was to keep tortoisesinand safe in a reserve, for crying out loud! It was not to keep humans out.

It took an adventurous 10-year old ahead of me to show me the way.

Minutes later as I looked at vast red rocks just begging to be climbed I didn’t see anyone else on them so I thought that must be off limits.

There were no signs saying so.

I just assumed.

I finally started out on the hike. I was off the grid literally and figuratively. It was just an area waiting to be explored.

So I went. No steps, no path, no people ahead of me, just me blazing a trail. I scrambled up five or six of them to stand at the top with nothing to see or do or feel.

Just to be there and be.

Yet, I was still a little uncomfortable.

Like a kid years younger playing hooky who keeps looking over her shoulder, I felt like I was going to get caught so I wasn’t completely enjoying the freedom.

I looked down and realized I didn’t have my watch on. That never happens! I had no idea how it did, but was so glad it had. After all I had no place to be. No one was expecting me. There were half a dozen venues I could visit at the Senior Games, but I didn’t haveto.

I didn’t need a watch to tell me I was hungry. I wasn’t concerned with minutes, or distance, or a heart rate. So I just gave in. There was no measure of the way breathtaking scenery was filling me up.

But I wondered.

Is It Just Safe?

Am I hiding behind a schedule?

I frequently tell my clients, both women in midlife and fitness professionals, that structure provides freedom.

I may have taken it a bit too far.

Was there so much structure in my life that I’ve forgotten how to use free time wisely?

When I began coaching in 1995 – the kind of coaching around figuring out why pieces of life aren’t quite coming together even though things are obviously important to you and you’re committed to them – this sort of challenge happened to otherpeople.

Now the coach becomes a student. This is exactly the kind of homework I might give someone: get off the grid for 2 or 3 days and break out of your “have to” “shoulds” and cramming so much into your days that you forget why you’re doing it.

Kids have forgotten how to use free time and so possibly had I.

It’s a “thing” we began to notice about children a couple decades ago. They’ve gotten so used to constant stimulation that they don’t know how to entertain themselves. A Gameboy or an ipad or game tells them what to do. There are fewer and fewer markers and tablets that aren’t electronic or building toys kids can explore. Sit them in front of a movie. It’s so much easier. But then when there’s not that, boredom sets in and they can’t entertain themselves.

Was I a victim too?

So I decided to be uncomfortable. I decided to do what I wanted to when I wanted to do it. For three days.

It was hard.

While I was running on my second morning there I realized it had been 25-30 years since I’d just gone for a run. I just set a time and didn’t care where I went. So I ran… to parks where I stumbled on the Huntsman World Senior Games women’s softball event, past the 5K and Half Marathon finishes.

And I noticed.

More than usual, I noticed things. We coaches refer to it as being present. I’d lost it, apparently because having found it, there was a distinct difference.  I noticed the view, hard not to, and people on the path. I was tuned in and present. Not focused on getting it done and getting back or finishing an interval. Not simultaneously doing something else.

I quote research by Ellen Langer frequently. I’ll link to a book you may be interested in if what I’m about to share intrigues you. I came back looking years younger. I actually felt myself looking better. You and I know we’re pretty hard on ourselves, our own worst critiques.

Especially, perhaps at this time in our lives when things are changing rapidly if you’re not matching your hormone needs to changesyou make. You know, thinning hair, more pronounced wrinkles, sudden lines in the neck, crepe skin around legs, cellulite some days not others…]


But I actually felt like I aged backwards in those three days.

Maybe it was interviewing 94 and 84-year-olds to start my trip. Possibly it was the abundance of adults older than my 54 at the games. Maybe seeing 96-year-old Charlotte’s results in the six swim races she competed in.

Maybe it was the clean air and perfect weather.

But I felt lighter, happier, and like I had fewer crows feet, without Botox.

I have to give a nod to St. George and the perfect climate over my stay. A sunny 75 with low humidity was perfection. Sunny works for me.

It wasn’t the food. I – you heard it from me – ate junk food two nights in a row. Well, the closest I’ve come to sabotage in quite some time. The hotel restaurant served what it served and I’m sure I ate a combination of gluten, dairy, white flour, and anything-but-healthy fat.  After two nights I couldn’t take it any longer, because food shows up in energy and in a glowing complexion or not, pretty quickly. (That also means you can turn it around in days if you want to!)

I attribute my energy and the way I feel changed to these things I learned that I need present in my life:

  • Time every day carved out for exercise
  • Time outdoors in sunshine
  • Defining what healthy food is for you and reinforcing what it feels like to honor it
  • Time spent around people who are the very opposite of complainers, whiners, and looking for reasons they can’t – they’re looking for open windows if a door closes. Those are my people. They’re people who think the best about life, and want to get better no matter where they are now.
  • Believing that there is a greater purpose for each of us. Nurturing the human body and the spirit is a part of serving that greater purpose.
  • Purpose may be served with a to-do list, but energy and inspiration to do it is served by staying away from it regularly.

Every sidewalk or hallway I walked down or sidelines I sat on during those few days people exchanged hellos, good mornings, and smiles. Every single one.

The fact that I notice that even is something to acknowledge.

It’s not true of every day.

Even in Boulder where I call home and believe that truly people are happier here – from the athletes to the volunteers to the family members cheering and the community members – it was a unique environment.

Physical activity changes people.

It changes lives.

Changing the way you think about physical activity changes what it can do.

It’s not about a scale.

It’s not even about a body fat measure (and you know I promote the value of body fat knowledge over weight alone)

It’s not punishment.

It’s a gift.

It’s not a deficit so you can eat cake.

It’s a reward for a body that simply is meant to move.

For the men and women at the Huntsman World Senior Games it’s a starting line.

Not to compete against someone else.

Not to win vs. lose – because in many sports that’s how it’s labeled – but to win or win. Finding new strengths, exploring new activities, being a part of something bigger.

For some I met it was something that led to losing 75 pounds and most likely finding herself again.

For others it was a dose of something that she needed for mental health as much as physical health.

For some it is social.

For some it was far more motivating to get stronger and build endurance than to simply lose weight but that happened to

For some it began as a family challenge and turned into something exhilarating

… you’ll see it all in the blog full of Flipping 50 moments I’ll share the link to here.

How to Change Habits

What this triggered for me was the need to change some habits.

I wasn’t honoring the way I use energy best. I wasn’t honoring the best times of day for me to create, write, connect with others, to exercise so that I could, sometimes I wasn’t honoring a desire to drink less coffee and more water.

It’s easy to slip. It may surprise you but it’s easy for me too. When you’re in it, doing it regularly it’s so easy to let a day go by and skip or get caught up in work and let a long much needed hike slip into a 20-minute more rushed than enjoyed workout.

So I’m challenging myself for the next two months- these last two of 2018 – and if you’re listening to this after the fact, you can still comment below the show notes at flippingfifty.com or comment on Instagram if you’re following there.

Comment about how you’re going to change a habit. I’ll share the process.

We all have these triggers or cues. Triggers usually are related to bad habits. Cues are related to good ones. It’s a certain cue that you have to focus on in order to follow through with a habit you want to create.

I want to break from work and stay committed to a workout even if I don’t have a race or event coming up. But just putting the hour block on my calendar is not the cue. That hour break to get set up, exercise, clean up is the habit I want.

The cue is maybe a 2 or 3-minute thing in reality.

For me I have to decide at 8am I go get dressed – in my swim suit, bike shorts or running shoes. If I’m driving to the pool or doing weights at the gym then getting into the car has to happen then. That’s the cue. When I’m successfully in the car on the way to the gym it’s going to happen.

So here’s what I challenge you with:

  1. Tell me what habit you either want to commit to or you want to stop
  2. Tell me what you’re going to focus on: what is the 2 or 3-minute cue you’re going to do that will insure that you follow through on the habit?

It can get tough over the end of year excitement to stay focused on health goals. It doesn’t have to, and if you have something set in place to help – you’ll stick to it.

Share your years younger plan

Once you have your habit, share it here at flippingfifty.com under the podcast or at Instagram. Telling someone makes it easier to commit.

Then share this with a friend and surround yourself with a community of women flipping 50 together. We can all be years younger.

If this was valuable please leave a rating in iTunes, it really helps us all spread the possibilities and expectations about the way we age.

Is your slow metabolism keeping you young? Is your effort to speed your metabolism accelerating aging?

My guest today is going to challenge your thinking.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, nutritional researcher and six-time New York Times best-selling author. He serves as the President of the Nutritional Research Foundation. Dr. Fuhrman has authored numerous research articles published in medical journals and is on the faculty of Northern Arizona University, Health Science Division. His two most recent books are Eat to Live Quick and Easy Cookbook and Fast Food Genocide.

Favorite Quotes

A few favorite quotes addressing the slow metabolism and longevity connection are sprinkled  throughout the today’s transcript.

“Exercise is the only way to speed metabolism without accelerating aging.”

“We age at the rate of our metabolism”

Key Points from our podcast:

More frequent eating increases inflammatory markers.

Slowing your metabolism is the key to longevity.

“For longevity: Moderate caloric intake with micronutrient excellence.”

Questions we covered:

  • What is a nutritarian diet and what do you think it can do?

“We could wipe out cancer right now. The problem… people don’t like the answer.”


  • Greens
  • Beans
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Berries
  • Seeds
  • There are lots of scientific studies with conflicting messaging, how do we know what to believe?

Studies that are best:

  • Use thousands of people
  • Study goes on for decades
  • The more studies the better


“Beans are THE most favorable carbohydrate source.”


“The more plant protein a person eats the longer and healthier they live.”

  • Why do people have so much trouble changing the way they eat?
  • What’s the truth about oil and use of fat?
  • Do you advocate any animal protein?

Nuts reduce the appestat, while oil does not.

It’s always better to get the food than the extracted oil from the food.

IGF-1 too high or too low (needing more protein) can accelerate cancer. (100-130 optimal).

Tell us about your retreat in California and what you do there.

How long do guests stay?



Dr. Fuhrman on Facebook: joel Fuhrman, M.D

Dr. Fuhrman on Twitter: @DrFuhrman

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Adrenal fatigue could knock you on your you-know-what for five years. Learning to listen to your body’s signals could avoid adrenal fatigue.

Debbie Potts has been in the fitness industry for over twenty-five years and a competitive endurance athlete for twenty years.  Along her journey, she has accomplished many goals including being nominated as one of the top one hundred best trainers in the U.S. by Men’s Journal in 2004 and 2005 as well as participating in fifteen Ironman Triathlons – five of them were the World Championship Ironman in Kona, Hawaii.

Debbie is a speaker, podcast host, and author.  She coaches clients how to become fat burners, optimize health and improve their performance in life and sports with The WHOLESTIC Method.

avoid adrenal fatigueDebbie does her best to walk the talk as she was a competitive top age group triathlete, marathoner, and cyclist but since 2013, she has been recovering and rebuilding from Adrenal Exhaustion and burnout.  In November 2016, she published “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” in which she shares her personal story to help others avoid living life as a daily race and ultimately avoid adrenal fatigue.

Questions we cover in this episode:

  1. What was your experience as a competitive Ironman triathlete to that of a woman in adrenal fatigue and exhaustion that you share in LIFE is NOT a RACE?
  2. What were the biggest lessons you learned?
  3. What do you wish you knew then that you know now, that might have helped you avoid adrenal fatigue?
  4. How do you advise training for a triathlon (or any endurance event) to stay healthy?
  5. What’s your WHOLESTIC Method approach consist of?

If an elite athlete can acquire adrenal fatigue, so too can you. Your perception of your busy life and the stress is enough. You don’t have to be running marathons.

Quotes from Debbie’s interview:

“Sleep is serious”

“If stress is on, digestion is off”



And you can find Life Is Not a Raceon AMAZON

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