Flipping 50 Top 10 Podcasts of 2023

In this, one of my favorite podcasts of the year, you’ll find all the top 10 podcasts of 2023 as voted by you and downloads. Whether you’re listening from the show notes pages at Flippingfifty.com, on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Spotify or any of 80 other platforms where this 10 year old podcast appears twice weekly, I am grateful for you. 

My hope in starting this, which is my second podcast, in case you didn’t know. The She Means Fitness Business podcast (previously named Voice for Fitness Professionals, and Fitness Marketing Mastery) was the first podcast I began in 2012. So yes, I’ve been doing this for a minute.

It’s a lot of episodes, a lot of interviews and a lot of tips considering I’ve done 30 day sprints in 2020 even with a daily episode for the business podcast, weekly I provide two episodes a week each, and occasionally a bonus episode. 

I’m a teacher and my goal is to use that sense of answering questions before you know to ask them in episodes where I’m diving into a topic based on a listener’s question or I’m interviewing someone like Dr. David Rosensweet, Gin Stephens, or hosting a group of over 60 bodybuilders. 

I can’t wait to spend more time with you in 2024. If you love the podcast you also may be interested in the recordings from the 7-day summit I hosted in May 2023. The What, When & Why to Exercise for Women 40+ recording bundle comes with other perks and downloads plus 39 expert recordings on topics directly related to success with exercise over 40. 

#10 Episode of the Top Podcasts of 2023 
Which Hormones Matter Most in Meno(pause)

In this episode I breakdown the hormones that impact your exercise needs, need-not-tos, and discuss some surprising ways to improve exercise benefits that target changes you want in menopause. 



#9  Build Bone After Osteoporosis 

Released during October, this episode quickly jumped to a record downloads. We care about bones. We’re confused about exercise and how to get it. This by the way is another reason to grab the What, When & Why to Exercise bundle for discussions with bone health experts like Belinda Beck and Kevin Ellis, as well as gut health expert Vincent Pedre. 



#8 Midlife Changes with Intermittent Fasting Expert Gin Stephens

We’re enamored or confused by the application of intermittent fasting in our everyday lives together with exercise. This episode shares Gin’s personal journey of weight loss via intermittent fasting to bestselling author and host of multiple podcasts on the topic of intermittent fasting. 



#7 A Hormone Therapy Roadmap: What, When & Why

In all the interviews I’ve done with guests on both shows combined, this is hands down my favorite. The value bombs Dr Rosensweet dropped were unlike any with another hormone expert (and there have been many). For an understanding of hormones, of the what, when and why and dissection of it for YOU and your needs, this episode is a keeper. 

If I could override your votes this would be my top personal favorite. 



#6 21 Walking Tips | Menopause Q and A Video

This I must say is also a favorite of mine! And I was thrilled to have this, and the one preceding it be so popular. We walk. We want to know how it matters or reinforce the walking we do. This one fielded 21 questions from our community about walking. 



#5 Top Podcast Episode of 2023 
BodyBuilding for Women Over 50 (and 60, or 70) or Life Building

We love to be inspired. This episode is evidence from both sides that women support women more in midlife than ever. The guests in this group wanted to share everything about their own journey. The response from our community and from the video (found on my YouTube channel) thanking the women and 100% positive says a lot about how we want to believe if they can, I can too. (and pssst… you can)



#4 Top Podcast Episode of 2023 
Your Best 2023 | A Free Workshop for Women

I released this episode that is far more like a workshop Jan 1, 2023. It’s still applicable. It’s multiple hundred dollar value workshop I’ve given live to corporations, women’s groups, and coaching client audiences for 22 years. I gave it to you free. And you loved it. 



#3 Top Podcast Episode of 2023 
Weight Management After 50 and Beyond

Weight gain in menopause is often a challenge to figure out. Even doctors are not immune though may have tools to figure it out faster. This episode discusses the mechanisms, the default steps we take and how they may backfire so what to do instead. 



#2 Top Podcast Episode of 2023 
Easy Fat Loss for Women Over 50

You’re seeing a theme here already. Fat loss and weight are top of mind for women in midlife. The uncontrollable weight coming on with no notice or reason is a source of frustration for many women in midlife. Even if it’s not weight, body composition or belly fat shift. 



#1 Top Podcast Episode of 2023 
Midlife Weight Loss: Burn Body Fat, Balance Your Hormones

This top podcast episode of 2023 says a lot about what our number one concern is. My friend, my hope is for 2024 we put this one to bed along with the sometimes ignored facts that drive weight loss resistance. Exercising in the way we’ve always exercised and eating in the way we’ve always eaten will result in less muscle, more fat, and potentially greater imbalance of hormones causing it all. 

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