What’s an easy, fast and sustainable way to fuel your

Lean After 50 Lifestyle?


Protein, energy and convenience.

I regularly hear that breakfast is one of the hardest meals to fit in and “get right” for women being pro-active about health in their 50s and beyond. I know it took me a long time to find something that was convenient enough to fit into my day…and healthy enough that I felt great because of it. Lean, clean protein from whole food sources is ideal. Yet, in your busy, packed life it’s hard to do. Sometimes you want “something” before a workout, or something mid-afternoon. If your options are limited, you’re either likely to skip the workout and give into hunger, or resort to something less than ideal.

You’d rather not do protein powder? I can relate.

I completely get it. I just don’t think in our world it’s easy to get the quality protein we need without it. I said for decades I would not sell or promote it…I never found a product I liked and trusted.

I spent a lot of $ trying to find a good option that tasted great, too…but finally I’ve found it. What I use today comes from ages of trial and error, but it’s by far my favorite for quality of ingredients, taste and satiation.


Too many (50% randomly selected in a study) powders on the shelf have things you DON’T want in them: sugar, artificial sugar (which still make you crave sweet or are carcinogens), and fillers like “gums.”

The animal proteins often also have hormones, pesticides or heavy metals in them. The way many proteins are prepared matters, too. If it’s been heat processed, or has too much isolate (harder to digest), you have lost the immune-boosting benefits and potentially disrupt your gut health.

What you WANT in a protein powder:

Cold-pressed (not heat-pressed = Non denatured)


Grass-fed (animal proteins), not grain-fed

High Bio-availability (easy to digest and for the muscles to synthesize)

Naturally sweetened

Low Carb

Consider added vitamins: if you take vitamins: more is not better: they compete and reduce overall absorption

Paleo Power Protein Shakes

  • eliminate the dairy with all the animal protein benefits
  • reduce potential spike in blood sugar (for times you’re not exercising)
  • eliminate the dairy with all the animal protein benefits
  • eliminate the dairy with all the animal protein benefits

Vanilla Paleo Power Protein

Pro Vanilla
Paleo Power Chocolate Protein Powder

Chocolate Paleo Power Protein

Pro Choco

Protein, Power and Savings:

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Subscribe & Save

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Plant Power Shakes

  • Preference for a plant-based life
  • Avoid dairy and soy digestive and health issues
  • Pea protein contains all the essential aminos so hard to fit into a plant
Plant Power Vanilla Shake

Plant Power Vanilla Shake


Chocolate Plant Power Protein

Power Plant Protein Facts

Fiber Boost

Fiber Boost

Don’t forget… Protein and fiber together kill cravings. A power duo, they support fat-burning and provide satiety all the way to your next meal. Try our Fiber Boost and experience for yourself!

Have you seen our Subscribe and Save Program?

Subscribe & Save
  • 10% off each month
  • easy, automated delivery, so that it arrives on time every month (cancel any time).
  • When you stay on, in your 4th month, and for every month thereafter, you’ll get 15% off!
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