Easy Fat Loss for Women Over 50

An oxymoron? You might be thinking fat loss for women over 50 is just that. Two statements that don’t belong in the same sentence. Oh but they do and not just because it’s frustrating or elusive. 

In this episode, how I make fat loss for women over 50, including my about to be 59 year old self, easier.

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My Fat Loss for Women Over 50 Tips

I will have a protein shake plus. For those of you that need a crunch you can appreciate this. 

I add protein, then add collagen (these are not the same benefit – the collagen amplifies the level of essential amino acids in the pea protein but alone would not be enough stimuli for muscle). 

That gives me about 21 grams of protein if I do a single serving of Flipping50 protein. 

The collagen adds another 20 grams, but again.. You couldn’t do collagen alone for benefit to muscle. Hair, skin and nails yes, but you’re not getting a high quality protein for muscle from collagen alone. 

So, then I will also add 10 grams of protein from a new love and that’s the Greek-style almond or coconut yogurt alternatives. That’s 10 more grams of protein. And it’s something I can top if I choose to with something crunchy. I don’t store grain free granola in this house because to me it’s like crack. I like it too much and that adds up fast. Grain-free means lots of nuts and seeds. Healthy fat? Yes, but look, added fat is not necessarily your friend if you’re trying to lose fat. Yes, get some MCT from your coconut milk or yogurt, and get those omega 3s from salmon and other meat sources, but you don’t need to go looking for fat. You’ll get it easily but eating whole foods. 

How Much?

So in total, I’m consuming a hit of about 50 grams of protein. That boosts muscle protein synthesis. If I weigh 130 and want to weight 125, I don’t need just 125 grams of protein … if I’m creating a calorie deficit in attempt to lose weight, I actually want to increase my protein intake by about 10-15% beyond ideal weight so that I prevent muscle loss. 

And the question someone listening, maybe you, will ask is, do you only do that on the days you lift weights?

Understand this about your muscle after 40

You are in a muscle breakdown state far easier than a muscle building state – also known as catabolic, breakdown, or anabolic, build up. We call this muscle protein synthesis. And it is considerably lower with age in older adults, especially women, who aren’t doing something about it.

There are two ways to increase muscle protein synthesis. 

  1. Resistance training 
  2. Eating high quality protein in an adequate dose (at least 30 grams) 

*quality of protein varies based on sources: 

The answer: if you combine a bump in muscle protein synthesis from resistance training with a bump in muscle protein synthesis from high protein meals you have a much more significant muscle protein synthesis. 

AND…. you want this not just at one meal. And not just on days you lift. You need to dose it regularly. The longer from your last meal the more your muscle defaults to break down. 

Similarly, you’re not getting a dose of muscle stimulus lifting… you do need to recover. So the days you don’t lift, Absolutely you need high protein as much or more. And you’re still in recovery for 1-2 days. It’s not over after you’re done. 

Where’s the Easy Fat Loss, then? 

Part of the secret to fat burning that supports easy fat loss is this consumption of protein. It’s also holding yourself back from any activity – mental included – that breaks down muscle. 

The other part is in the stimulus of existing muscle and gaining more muscle. 

Can you lose fat by doing cardio? Not really. But you may reduce or remove the obstacle to losing fat after 50 by reducing stress if your cardio is far below the level you used to think was “the zone.” 

It turns out that “fat burning zone” is really less than and greater than that moderate level exercise. It’s in everyday movement and in resistance training. 

For women who are overweight and over fat significantly (say 20-ish pounds) there is a greater likelihood that high intensity interval training will reduce abdominal fat loss. That isn’t experienced by normal weight women who have fat relocate to the belly. They’ll lose overall body fat but not site specific at the belly. 

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Essential Amino Acids: https://www.flippingfifty.com/staylean

Flipping50 Protein: https://www.flippingfifty.com/protein 

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4 thoughts on “Easy Fat Loss for Women Over 50”

  1. Hello, Thank you for all this useful info.
    However, I am a little confused, I seem to remember you saying (in a podcast, or a video… not sure) that the body could not process protein in excess of 10 g (I may have the number wrong) per meal. Therefore there was not use to overdo proteins during a meal, provided that you got enough over the day. This would be conflicting with the 50+ g per meal you are taking.
    Thanks for helping with this question…
    Marie Bossard
    [email protected]

  2. Hi Marie, There’s a little confusion. No… not 10. You have a MINIMUM threshold of 30… in order for it to “count” especially at first meal of the day. In the past… 7-8 years ago there was some science that suggested there may be a limit to amount processed. The science has gotten more specific. What IS most ineffective is trying to consume almost nothing – typical breakfast of carbs (= about 10 g of protein for most people) and similar low protein lunch followed by a huge serving of protein at diner.. that is where you may have gotten confused. NEVER was 10 a maximum. You need and want 30..and at breakfast and dinner we know that you need MORE because you’ve just fasted… and are about to fast.. you may be able to eat a little less than the 30 at lunch because you’ve had a recent high protein meal at breakfast. Are you in a program or the Cafe? We explain in much more depth in programs.

  3. Hi there,

    I’m only looking to loose about 5 or so pounds & be consistent with my training. Is this the same weight training you follow? So you supply the different programs for gaining muscle & body composition?

    Thank you.,

  4. Debra Atkinson

    Its different if you have 20 or more pounds to lose vs you want to gain lean muscle and change body composition. So, to answer your question, yes we offer different programs for women in midlife depending on their needs. Our bestselling Strength training program opens Wednesday for enrollment. Learn more at https://www.flippingfifty.com/getstronger

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