Midlife Weight Loss: Burn Body Fat, Balance Your Hormones

Midlife weight loss can be a challenge. It’s definitely different!

If you want to burn off body fat there are a few things you have to know. Very possibly there are a few things you need to unlearn. 

In this episode you’ll hear me ask my guest these questions: Are Keto and Fasting good for Midlife weight loss? 

We are going to unpack the science of weight loss, specifically fat loss, and Stu’s recipe for success with his clients. We look at the difference between metabolism and fat burning and make sure you’re running toward the right goal. 

And last, the secret sauce in this episode is mindset. Just how much or little does it have to do with your ability to reach your goals? We’ll dive into that too. Collectively you’ve got 60 years of experience on this podcast. Listen in, listen up and let’s start having a fat burning mindset.

My Guest:

Stu Schaefer is a 20-year award-winning celebrity weight-loss coach. He specializes in helping people put their body into The Thermogenic State so they burn fat 24/7… and lose weight like they did in their 20s. Stu struggled with anorexia in his teens. And when he overcame his eating disorder… he realized he wanted to help people create their perfect body in a healthy, sustainable way. Since then, Stu has helped thousands of people transform their body and empower themselves to create massive success in their lives.

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • Why does it get harder to lose weight as you get older and hit midlife?
  • Listeners will ask about diets like Keto and Fasting? Do you find they work for midlife women?
  • What’s your secret sauce for easy and permanent weight loss?
  • How did you figure all this out?
  • What’s the difference between metabolism and fat-burning mechanism?
  • What do you find are the different needs between women who want to exercise more and love it, women who don’t exercise and need to start, and those who are exercising but in a way not working for them (maybe too much cardio) who want to lose weight?
  • How does mindset affect your body?

Connect with Stu:


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Other Resources: 

Continuous Glucose Monitor: https://www.flippingfifty.com/glucose

Monitor your FAT and MUSCLE when Losing Weight: https://www.flippingfifty.com/smart-scales

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