How an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle and Eating Clean Work #505

Episode #505 Is the intermittent fasting lifestyle attractive to you? If you’re curious about it, new to it, or a raving fan of it, you’ll want to listen to this episode with author Gin Stephens.

In the last few years the intermittent fasting lifestyle has caught the attention of all ages, both genders, health practitioners as well as the media. Used correctly under the right circumstances it can boost longevity, support better fat burning, and natural detox. Used inappropriately under the wrong circumstances it could backfire. How to know the difference? Listen in as we discuss the scenarios.

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My Guest:

Gin Stephens is the author of the NY Times and USA Today bestseller Fast. Feast. Repeat., and Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle, an Amazon #1 best seller in the weight loss category, as well as Clean(ish): Eat (Mostly) Clean, Live (Mainly) Clean, and Unlock Your Body’s Natural Ability to Self-Clean (2022).

Gin has lived the intermittent fasting lifestyle since 2014, losing over 80 pounds. She is the host of 3 top-ranked podcasts: Intermittent Fasting Stories, The Intermittent Fasting Podcast (w/ Melanie Avalon), and the Life Lessons podcast (w/ Sheri Bullock).

New Resource:

Gin has a new book coming out in January 4, and available for preorder now: Clean(ish): Eat (Mostly) Clean, Live (Mainly) Clean, and Unlock Your Body’s Natural Ability to Self-Clean. 

Gin splits her time between Augusta, Georgia and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where she lives with her husband and their three cats. Gin is also a mother to two adult sons (and she is thankful every day for the intermittent fasting lifestyle that makes her life easier).

Questions we cover in this episode:

  1. Tell us about your own intermittent fasting journey. You were way ahead of the wave, what turned you on to IF?
  2. Explain the clean fast and why it matters.
  3. Why did you write Clean(ish)?
  4. What does it mean to live a Clean(ish) lifestyle?
  5. How does being Cleanish fit into an intermittent fasting lifestyle?

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IG: @GinStephens


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