Clients Who Attend Debra’s Programs Usually say something like this:

“No one’s ever said that to me before. This makes so much sense.”

“All I’ve started so far is the nutrition tips…and I already feel so much better.”

“The change in my cardiovascular exercise made an amazing difference.”

“Finally, I can actually make time for it.”

“Now that I know what the priorities are I am motivated to do it.”

The problem with diets and quick-weight-loss programs, challenges, boot camps and high-intensity exercise led by someone else: When you’re done…you have no idea how to maintain it and in fact those programs almost ensure that you can’t.

Chances are you lost muscle AND fat, and when you stop either eating that way or exercising that way you have gained fat back.

Frankly, by the time someone gets to me they’ve tried other things first. Maybe you have hired a trainer (or two). Maybe you’ve used a dietitian. Maybe you went Paleo or tried gluten-free or went vegan. Chances are it worked for a while. Then you went back to your ‘regular life’ and your lumpy areas or your lack of energy also came back.

  • Take the guesswork out of what you should be doing in the gym.
  • Take the new rules of hormones and hips and win the new game with the right foods and the right timing.
  • Get clarity around whether you should do cardio or weights or yoga and how to fit it in.
  • Have your wine and weight loss too.
  • Understand your hormones and how you can read your body’s signals to control your weight better

You’re going to integrate all of the (seven) components related to your best weight, optimal energy, power productivity, and focus for you. You’ll go deep into one, sometimes you’ll need two weeks per module. It’s always at your fingertips to watch, listen live.



I am ready to feel good and look great!


“So much more content here than I even expected.”

“I love that I can start where I need to and go back to sections again.”

“I’ve read about nutrition and exercise for years. I’m surprised to find much of what I believed is not true! It was eye-opening and in the first two weeks I already feel better.”


  • 8 MODULES that feel like “Coaching Calls” you have access to for a full year after purchase
  • Access to Debra via email during monthly “office hours” for live Q and A
  • Interactive worksheets and handouts that support your success
  • A comprehensive program that pulls all the areas acting on your health into one place
  • Clarity on what you should be doing so you stop procrastinating
  • Access to a private Facebook group if you’re on FB where you can share questions, progress and homework within a private setting. If I’m on I’ll answer a question right away!
  • Support from my network of some of the top health and hormone gurus in the nation


I am ready to feel good and look great!

The investment for a 7-week LIVE group is $699.

(The investment for our summer 4-week program was $499)

The investment for Private Coaching is $1500. 

The online course is only $147… AND includes the BONE HEALTH mini course (FREE)

Get it now…the entire Course … Is $147 for a full year of access!

Boost your energy, lose brain fog, shed inches, get the productivity and confidence for the lifestyle you want. Don’t settle for old thoughts about aging.

MODULE 1: Assess and Get Ready

MODULE 2: Food: More of What You Can Have

MODULE 3: Exercise: Less and Right

MODULE 4: Sleep Yourself Skinny 

MODULE 5: The Stress-Less Myth

MODULE 6: Rest & Recovery for Weight Loss

MODULE 7: Now Departing Hormone Hell

MODULE 8: Whole-You Wellness: Integrate

You will have “homework” in between… Unfortunately, you can’t just listen and learn and have that carry over into results! You’ll use interactive worksheets to monitor your progress and set goals.

You will know “why” and how the actions you’ll take matter.

You’ll identify mistakes you might be making unintentionally. Changes between the ears have to happen first! We work on that and breaking through “habit gravity” letting go of old beliefs that aren’t working but have a strangling effect on you.

Get the steps to feel better… in this science-based course!

This course will challenge your old thoughts, patterns and habits around exercise and nutrition that aren’t working. There’s no room to play small while you go through this if you truly want change. For good.

Find out what the difference is between chronic stress and aging.

You don’t have to settle for low energy, weight gain, fat or fatigue. You can have energy, confidence, and attitude better than ever for work and for play.

You’ll be able to download documents for each module. This is INTERACTIVE… you have to play to win. You will see and feel results even as you get started in the early weeks.


THIS ONLINE COURSE Is For YOU If You’re Ready to:

  • Stop wasting time and money on things that don’t work
  • Do the deeper work and gain clarity about what you want and clear space for it.
  • END frustration from conflicting information you read, hear and see
  • Tweak your daily diet with the foods you like for better success
  • Choose exercise that gets you results
  • Stop counting calories and start making them count
  • Want to learn how to make better eating choices anywhere any day
  • Make good-for-you habits pleasurable (what a concept!)
  • Improve your metabolism so you have more energy and more ease losing weight
  • Create lifestyle habits that support you
  • Have a new LIFEstyle not a Diet
  • Make sure you are doing everything you can to look good and feel great at EVERY age!


  • You are really not ready to change
  • You think this has to be hard, extreme, or hurt
  • You want short term, fast weight loss that’s extreme
  • You want a “diet” and a specific meal plan and burpees for exercise programming
  • You like complaining about it more than doing something about it
  • You keep replaying what you did in the past that worked and trying it again even though it really didn’t work or you wouldn’t be here

My mission here is not to give you a quick fix or a vacation from reality. My mission is that this IS your new reality. You have to want to adapt PERMANENTLY. You have to be, in other words, seeking to feel good permanently.

That may seem funny? But some of us are actually attached and “juiced” by the things that keep us from getting what we say we want. Something about it is working for you. If that’s you then now is not your time. You have to be willing to view it as something you can learn to like, actually to prefer, and demand! Once you feel the difference, it’s easier than you think.


How long will it take me to go through the course?

You could watch the entire course in a day. I wouldn’t recommend it, but you could. Some of the modules will take time for you to do. You’ll be collecting numbers for different health habits, learning where you are now, how to set goals for the next step. You want to lay the foundation for the next module by doing each of them full out. Potentially, you could do one a week, or take two weeks for one and another module may go quickly if you’re already doing well in that area.

Do I have a limited access to the course?

No, once you have access you’re just in! The course will be periodically updated as my team reviews it regularly so we provide you with the best resources. A new 2.0 version of the course may come available as research and needs change and you’ll have the first chance to enroll for less if you choose to. This one however, will still be yours.

Can you describe the course?

The course is a series of videos, in short parts so that you can focus and do a bit of the course here and there. You don’t have to have a full hour to sit down and watch a module, but you could. You’ll be prompted to download the worksheets or take notes on your own paper before you do the next step. The videos are like watching a slide presentation. You’ll have links to resources and access to videos for additional support outside the course.

Last, are the results guaranteed?

Yes, I guarantee: that I will deliver ever piece of promised material. I guarantee I will be accessible via the Private Facebook group and that you will get the steps that help you balance your hormones with a combination of 7 integrated areas of wellness. I guarantee if you reach out for help, you will get help!

I can’t and will never guarantee weight loss at a specific speed (some participants, in fact, want energy and don’t need weight loss). Everyone has a unique biochemistry. I can empower you with the knowledge of your signs and symptoms to give you the choice to make. I can’t guarantee you’ll make those choices consistently. Your body will change at its own pace.

I can guarantee you that 100% of the people who went all the way through the course, actively participated, asked questions, and made changes in their choices, have seen and felt a difference. A student lost 30 lbs in 90 days, another increased sleep by 2-4 hours a night, and another was happiest about feeling fewer aches and pains than she previously did. Your results will depend both on what you need most and what you are willing to do about it.

Join me, Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS – 30-year fitness trainer, wellness coach and speaker, prior Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology, author and international fitness industry presenter… for this Online Coaching Workshop. In case you want to do a backgroundcheck you can peek here (and Google is always great). Wondering how is working with Debra different? Read this.

I recently celebrated my 50th birthday again (is that an oxymoron?). I too know, the rules change. Research is confusing. What used to work, doesn’t work. For nearly 3 decades I’ve trained clients and together with them learned what works, what doesn’t, and pulled it together for you so you know too. When you understand it, you’ll be more motivated to do it and avoid mistakes.

Approach food and movement with a different mindset. If you’re looking for quick-fix, fast weight loss, deprivation, calorie counting (I will discourage it)….this is not for you. This is about living with good choices, disconnecting from “shoulds” and identifying what makes you feel good, really feel good. We’re going to approach changing with the idea of pampering and taking care of yourself, not from willpower or discipline. (well, OK, a little bit ‘o discipline is good for the soul)

You’ll be sent a username and password for access to the course usually within 24 hours. Everything else you need will be right inside the course … and in you.

What Fitness After 50 Formula Students Say:

“I was finally able to connect into and understand the physiology behind my lifelong, ingrained roller coaster weight loss/weight gain story. Debra helped me realize that my body’s in a constant state of stress due to intermittent exercise, not eating enough, and drinking wine or gin and tonics on an empty stomach at night. YUCK!”

“I’ve always thought fairly linearly about losing weight and getting fit – go on a diet, burn calories working out, and track food. Debra’s webinar was like taking the blinders off. Stress and hormones were having a party inside my body. Debra’s webinar was like having a new set of tools for rebooting my metabolism so that my body doesn’t hold onto the pounds.” ~Jenn, 57

“My starting number on my checklist was 14.  As of this Sunday I calculated it to be 60!  My actions and thoughts definitely changed, having a better understanding of how ALL the pieces you talked about fit together. It’s not just about diet and exercise.

“Ah-ha” moments for me were….have the sweet right after the meal, avoid that sugar spike.  The other was, I can divide my exercise minutes if necessary versus not doing anything at all.”

– Mary Ellen Hoss-Sabers

(Forever Fit and Fab)” …has helped me learn how to eat a healthier diet, refocus my workouts, schedule rest and recovery days, and pay attention to my sleep and environmental toxins.  It has helped me see that change is possible. 

“By eating enough protein, I now feel satisfied and nourished and the food cravings are gone.  Also, I was working out every day, but not effectively.  It’s not about quantity, but about quality.

“(I recommend this to) …women who are struggling with similar problems with belly fat in spite of being active and eating fairly healthy. I’ve learned a great deal and plan to incorporate as much as I can.”

~Kathy R., 58

“I feel great! I’ve lost 15-lbs! There’s no way I’m going back to feeling the way I did again. …my story since working with you is nothing less than a miracle.  But it didn’t work until I put the work in.  You gave me tools to use but I was only trying.  Not until I did it did it start to work.  Since doing it I have big changes.  More energy.  Loss of weight.  My body is looking better. I am happy. People want what I have.  You see those shirts that say, “life is good”…I need one, because it is.   Thanks for that.”

~Kris R., 55

“I feel like I made great strides from where I was at the start of the 7-week group coaching. The 7-week group coaching was a good investment of time and money and allowed me to increase my knowledge of and systematically focus on all of the health and wellness areas I need to improve on.

(What she learned) Over-exercising is doing more harm than good …is not the answer to my weight issues. There are so many other aspects of overall health and wellness that play important roles and I need to address all of those.”

~Mary, 50

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