Dropping 50 Over 50 His & Hers Flipping 60 Story

Does dropping 50 lbs sound good to you? Or make it 20 or 10 if that’s all you have, it would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it? 


I’m about to shock your socks off. You’re going to hear from two good friends and colleagues today who are going on the adventure of a lifetime with each other, personally, professionally, and healthwise. 


We’re talking about a significant loss of weight for both and a lifestyle change. We’re not recommending it or suggesting it. This isn’t a persuasive argument. What it is about an hour that might open your mind to possibilities for you and your future? For how to start something when you may have decided it’s too late. 

My Guests

Karl and Desiree, husband and wife empty-nesters reboot their lives, selling everything and donating all but 10k to charity to hit the road and start from zero, applying what they’ve learned over the years to build a 6-figure business in public – showing anyone, at any age, with any experience, can build a life of meaning, contribution, and joy.

Their journey also includes major health changes for Karl 59 and Desiree doing a OMAD routine. I’m checking in to talk about how it started, what he/they had tried before, and how it’s been to have both of them on board doing the same thing.

Three proteins

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • Let’s give listeners a little info about the genius they have before them and the intellect the two of you collectively have
  • How much weight have you lost?
  • What other health numbers have you tracked?
  • What prompted this lifestyle change and how long have you been doing it?
  • And let’s talk about the health side of things. Karl – a history of back issues
  • You and I are the same (young) age with Stairway to Heaven prom memories most likely, how did you get started on intermittent fasting and OMAD? What was the kickstart reason you did this?
  • And when did Desiree get on the bandwagon or was this from the start a joint effort? 
  • How would you describe it as both of you doing it vs comparing it to what might have been harder if one was, and one wasn’t?
  • What differences have you noticed in progress? 
  • What similarities have you noticed?
  • How are your labs?

Whether you were inspired about dropping 50 lbs or dropping other baggage and embarking on a new adventure, we all hope you got something out of this episode!

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