From Osteoporosis Diagnosis to Bone Density Success Story

If you fear a osteoporosis diagnosis or you’ve had one, you’ll want to listen to this podcast and use the resources I’ve listed in the show notes. They range from a link to the supplement, a short 4 session program, a master class and another podcast episode.

Choose to listen today and you’ll be inspired by a fantastic example of how a busy business owner boosted her bone density while exercising at home during the pandemic.

Go deeper with the resources list and you too can go from osteoporosis diagnosis to bone density success making healthy and informed choices. Your exercise, lifestyle habits, supplements and optimism about it are all factors.

If you can lift heavy, you should. Then if you can’t, you’ll want to make sure you’re following every other part of the solution carefully to increase your safety, and longevity, or healthspan.

My Guest

My guest today, Diane, shares her story of an osteoporosis diagnosis in fall of 2019 that led her to Flipping 50 and me. We began working together in early 2020, before the pandemic. We had the opportunity to meet in person once and in an online session for home exercise another time once the pandemic hit and gyms were closed.

She’s 59 years old, married, Mother of 2 and GiGi of 1! Owner of a property management company in Phoenix, AZ and sit on 2 boards, one being the President.

In full disclosure, we shared this story because, yes, she’s had great success but also because our hope is you feel -whether its osteoporosis or not – if she can do it, so can you.

Too Busy to Take Care of Yourself?

Look, she was hardly suddenly facing an open schedule and no stress during the pandemic. Any business owner was pivoting like crazy figuring out how to make changes, be safe, keep employees safe, consider restrictions, maneuver PPP loans and more. She was running a business with suddenly all new rules.

Sometimes the busier you are, the more likely you are to schedule, prioritize and get stuff done! If you don’t have a job, and you’re filling your own days, but potentially, not putting your priorities first, is it time?  

Questions we answer in this episode of Osteoporosis Diagnosis:

  • What was it like getting the osteoporosis diagnosis?
  • What changes did you make?
  • At what point were you diagnosed and how did the pandemic timing interfere?
  • What were the results of your follow up bone density scan?

After the Episode

Following the recording, I asked Diane if she’d had any additional changes since beginning her bone density-focused changes.

She’s lost about 8 lbs and has more energy. She’s more regularly active. She also mentioned working at home during the pandemic has helped her. Now that she values her flexibility to get up and move during the day she’s considering not going back to the office to work. But, even if she does, she knows she’s got a routine that will stick.

What could you be doing during the pandemic you’ll thank yourself for later?

Resources Mentioned in this episode:


Bone Density course

5 Day Flip FREE challenge to get started (sponsor) 

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