How Do You Choose the Best Exercise Program for You?

How do I choose the best exercise program from all your exercise videos? 

This is a frequently asked question. I realize as I create more options to solve unique problems or satisfy requests it gets confusing. I learned long ago that most women want fewer, but better choices in this modern busy life.

But as someone who loves to create I find myself potentially adding to the confusion instead of adding clarity. In my defense, I stand by the fact that we of course are collectively also diverse! We’re interested in weight loss, belly fat loss, but also same weight just better shape and belly fat loss. We want digital or want DVDs. We want strength training, and we want it all. We run marathons, businesses, run around town, and we also have arthritis, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia. The best exercise program for a woman over 50 is unique to that woman’s goals, wants, needs, and time just like the best program for a 20 year old, or a 70 year old.

I love us. Where ever we are we don’t let it stop us. We are looking for windows and doors to open not walls to build. That’s what’s important to me. Even I need a reminder of that. In the last two days I got my reminder. Sunday I opened my email to find Flipping 50 had been selected as 1 of the top 10 blogs for over 50. Since this original post AARP recognized the Flipping 50 podcast as one of the top nine podcasts for over 50’s and featured it in print and online publications. 
best exercise program and blog over 50

That makes it all worth it. The blogs, the podcasts, the videos, and Flipping 50 TV shows are a lot of content. Creating them and scouring research for important not media-hyped information is a job!

Then in a simple Facebook post (I read them!) someone said, “... you changed my life.” In an afternoon coaching call a client said, “… no one has ever helped the way you and your program has helped. You changed my life.”

I was feeling showered in praise and rewarded for my purpose. But, I’m not immune to that one little negative voice however. That was the one I woke up too early thinking about this morning. Posting a recent Facebook message about hormone balance was met by some resistance.

Sounds nice.” 

“I don’t believe it.” 


Best Exercise Program Selection Begins with Believing

These are comments that make me want to do it better. The best exercise program is more than exercise. It has to be one you believe in. The results you think are possible are the ones you’ll get. The Flipping 50 mission is to:

  1. raise the ceiling on our expectations in the second half of life
  2. provide programs, coaching, and support to reach those expectations
  3. educate, elevate, and increase the standard and your choices in the fitness industry no matter where you are by teaching trainers and fitness businesses how to serve this unique and diverse group better

I’m trying to decide in my mind if these comments come from potential “haters” who simply don’t believe and want to do harm. Instead of leaving because settling for aging with weight gain, fatigue, and a lifetime of calorie counting is their game (in which case, Flipping 50 is not their tribe), they stay adding negative comments.

Or perhaps they are “resistants” who are experiencing internal resistance to change and outwardly projecting it. They haven’t given up but they haven’t come over. They want a voice. They want to be convinced and be won.

These are the things I wrestle with. It’s a want to help, mixed with knowing that unless someone is asking for help, I can’t.

So let’s talk clarity about your best exercise program! That I can do quick and easy. 

My Recommendations:

They’re best for you if you are:

  • apparently healthy with few limitations
  • are able to do most exercises, or most activities of daily life
  • able to get up and down from the floor,
  • possibly really active but looking for strength training
  • looking for an indoor cardio option for days the weather or your schedule demand that

Answer these questions before you move on:

  • do you want or need digital exercise videos or DVDs, or both are OK?
  • do you want strength training only? or want cardio and strength, plus some joint and core ex.?
  • do you have time for 45-60 minute workouts? or do you want/need 10 or 20 min workouts you can use on busy days, that you could add together when you have more time?
  • do you need joint-friendly exercise or will you require modifications?

How to choose between:

best exercise program over 50THE WHOLE FLIP (DVD only)

  • 4 DVDs professionally pressed products guaranteed to play
  • A complete fitness program with cardio, strength, core, special joint care and even a special kitchen prep session
  • For women who are able to move quickly, get up and down from the floor
  • A lower impact cardio boxing still allowing higher intensity
  • 10 and 20 minute “flips” to do solo or to add together
  • Support with schedule planning, nutrition for success, getting started & progression, and tracking (delivered in email immediately with your order)
  • New 2017!
  • The Whole Flip is your best exercise program if you want the whole package

best exercise program over 50 YOU STILL GOT IT GIRL (digital only)

  • 4 full length warm-up to cool-down strength workouts (45-60 minutes)
  • strength-only workouts with core exercises
  • Delivered one per week for four weeks in email
  • No log in and no overwhelm of content day one!
  • Cheat sheet for each video for a workout with or without the video
  • Each workout based on specific goals: metabolism, bone density and fat loss, balance and performance, posture
  • Instruction rich
  • Downloadable to your computer then device

best exercise program over 50MUSCLES IN MINUTES (digital only)

  • 10 videos for quick, effective strength (only) workouts
  • Super short segments (6-12 minutes) to combine or do solo
  • Fit your time and your goals with body part specific videos
  • Choose one, two, or three to fill your available time or goals
  • Downloadable to your computer then device
  • Two optional upgrades: cardio/mobility video set and a PDF book with exercise images, how to tips, modifications, and progression suggestions

KNEE-FRIENDLY 5-DAY FLIP (digital only)

  • 2 Strength training videos (without squats or lunges: there is floor exercise unless you have a bench)
  • 2 Cardio videos with easy-on-the-knees workouts
  • 1 recovery & core video
  • 30-day challenge
  • 5 yummy inflammation reducing recipes
  • an inflammation reducing scorecard
  • uses tubing, a band, and a ball (see details here)
  • Try the first video for FREE to make sure this is a fit

My Newest Programs are live: STRONGER

Stronger is a 12-week program. I have a suite of Stronger programs inside our Flipping 50 digital membership (the 1st and only exclusively made for women in menopause+ fitness membership). I make one of those programs available to the public a few times a year. You gain access to the program videos during the specific program dates. Enrollment only opens for a limited time. Participants go through the 12 weeks together yet doing workouts at their convenience. If you’re finding this when it’s open, now is the time! It has the highest success rate of any DIY program no matter how much or little you interact with the Facebook group to ask questions (the program gains you this access to Debra for 12 weeks). 

If it’s currently closed, you can join the notifications list to learn when it’s open (that means our subscribers get first dibs on the early bird rate if they get in that first week!)

STRONGER is by far the best choice if you need accountability. You’ll get a live community of women and light Q and A support inside the FB group. You’ll know exactly what to do weekly. Get a habit established with this short term access to community, videos inside the members area, and pre and post assessments. You can be a part of the data collection and science behind results.

These programs are great for getting started, or re-started if you want the basics and you have 30-60 minutes twice a week to dedicate to strength training. I walk you through how to start, progress, and fit in cardio and fitness nutrition that gives you the best results. You can read more details about the STRONGER program, and read testimonials from participants here.

choose the best exercise

Final Note

I hope you find your best exercise program fit (for now at least) among these selections.

Would you add a comment below?

If you have done one or more of these will you share your experience? How has it helped you? What made you choose the one you did?

If you don’t see your need satisfied above, would you share what you need? That is exactly how I decide what I should be doing next!

Thank you for shaping the future of women over 50 above and below the shoulders!

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