Have you been putting off exercise because you don’t want to go to a gym? Or don’t have time to fit it into your crazy busy life? Or maybe you don’t know what to do even when you DO have time.

Tired of being either treated like you’re geriatric at the gym OR put through bootcamps that get you sore, tired, and injured?

I don’t think any two of us who are flipping 50 (in the second half) are exactly the same either, but when you’ve had hormones change the game and you’ve got joints that have had a good time or been injured…

Then you need an exercise program that understands you still want to look and feel YOUR BEST at every age and stage.


What if you knew what exercises to do—wherever you are, with whatever time you have—to become stronger and move better in your second half of life?

The Whole Flip is designed for you, by you. I’m 50-something. I’m not settling, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to. This program gives you tips and cues for workouts you can do where you are in the amount of time you have.


The Whole Flip is a fit for:

  • A fast, proven way to burn fat and build muscle after 50
  • A hormone-balancing approach to exercise
  • Caring for nagging “niggles” or limiters so you can do more
  • Forever programming you can live with
  • Time-efficient exercise customizable for your schedule
  • Fitness with knee-friendly lower impact exercise
  • Targeting abs, arms, and fat-burning all at once
  • The convenience of at-home or anywhere exercise
  • Fitness without hours on a dreadmill, elliptical, or bike

Then you need an exercise program that understands you still want to look and feel YOUR BEST at every age and stage.

$67 $57 for the complete set

The Whole Flip 4-DVD set includes all of this:

  • 23 step-by-step workout videos, plus 4 First Flip intro videos: one for each DVD so you know where to start
  • Downloadable Flipping It Fast Start Guide ebook with dozens of get-started tips, flips, and resources for now and later
  • Downloadable Go Figure: Measure What Matters PDF tracking guide to get and stay motivated
  • Downloadable Flipping 50 recommended Flips: weekly workout schedules PDF for easy planning around your crazy busy life
  • Downloadable Flipping Fit exercise nutrition cheat sheet PDF for better results from your exercise effort

You get 10-minute and 20-minute videos that focus on your upper arms and abs while you’re getting metabolism-boosting interval training.

You can mix and match videos so you can do 10, 20, 30, 40, or 60 minutes of cardio or weights if you have time (though your hormones may not want or need it!).

You’ll experience simple no-coordination-required workouts that get you fit not confused.

You get constant tips on technique while you’re doing the workouts so you know why what you’re doing works.

You get cueing for each exercise so you know what to do and what to avoid so you get results and skip mistakes that many exercisers make.

You’ll have fun and avoid burnout (and hormone imbalance) that comes with long, boring cardio workouts on exercise equipment.

You get a no-excuses workout right at home, hotel room, or anywhere.

$67 $57 for the complete set

Frequently Asked Questions About The Whole Flip

What if I have bad knees?

The beauty of The Whole Flip is that it features low impact exercise. Cardio boxing workouts are easy on joints but hard on fat and Mobility & Stability videos help you strengthen those areas that limit your exercise right now so you can move more with ease. The Strength workouts include squats and lunges that you can substitute with other exercises if you’re unable to do them – and that you might find you can do with the cues I provide. (Every body is different. Be sure to check with your doctor- your safety is my highest priority).

What if I have no equipment?

It doesn’t take much. You’ll want to invest in some budget-friendly dumbbells for home workouts. I like three options so I have a lighter set, a slightly heavier set, and a heaviest option. I tell you how to select those weights in the DVDs and your get-started guide. Add to that an exercise ball (and a paper plate!) and you are set to do anything that I do in the videos.

How much time does it take?

Can you spare minutes a day? How much time do you have? You can customize the program to your own crazy, busy schedule. I give you recommended weekly plans to choose from. The truth is, if you’re flipping 50, hormone-balancing exercise probably takes less time than you think. What you need most is consistency of the right kind of exercise.


Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

If you’re unhappy with a Flipping 50 product, return it for a refund. Just contact us at support@flippingfifty.com within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll tell you how.

Last, YES! We ship DVDs anywhere! So international customers, #youstillgotitgirl too!


$67 $57 for the complete set


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