Got It Girl Video Series

Announcing the brand new You Still Got It, Girl! Exercise Video Series! After many requests for videos that not only describe proper technique (like you’ll find on my YouTube channel) but that also are the workout…I’ve done it! These are the start to end, warm up to cool down exercise session. You and I are going to workout, sister! I’ll do every rep and every set in real time with you. You can come right into my living room or exercise studio and I’ll be in yours. You’ll get four videos in this series…and so much more. Read on!

The Details

I’m a teacher at heart. I want you to know the what, the why, and the how. So I’m going to deliver it all. One of the reasons I may have put off doing this for so long is knowing there are plenty of exercise options out there. What I heard…from you… and confirmed for myself is that there aren’t a lot that teach you how to make good decisions yourself and few that offer a progression for you.

Then there’s options. A girl likes to have options. Some days you want to exercise at the gym. Some days you have to exercise at home or it’s not going to happen. Some days you have 20 minutes and some days you have an hour. You can use the content here to fit your needs.

Cheat Sheets

Each workout is written for you so you can use it just as I do it in the video or you can do just a part of the main set when you’re short on time. You can carry that workout plan with you to the gym and feel confident you know what you’re doing. Once you have all four you can slice and dice and mix up the parts so you never get bored.



Every video will have a clear intention. I want you to know just what you’re focusing on for this workout. On one video I’ll ask you to focus on posture, another on those small muscles that need attention so you don’t get injured. In another I want you to to focus on power for optimal metabolism and bone density. You’ll always have the reason you’re doing something to motivate you.

Warm Up

That awkward moment when you wonder if you look ridiculous doing your warm up? Gone. I’m going to show you a different way to warm up in each video so you’ll find your best fit and have a variety of options. You can do any of them at home or in the gym. All you need is you.

Main Strength

With each workout you’ll be boosting metabolism, increasing strength, stamina and endurance. The exercise will burn calories during and most importantly it will burn calories for hours after. You’ll get a variety of ways to exercise using supersets, tri-sets, and circuits. You’ll see how you can use key exercises in a variety of ways and how much that variety can improve your results.

There won’t be an variety-for-variety’s sake here. Everything has a purpose and a benefit or you won’t see it here. Every exercise is something I personally use in my own workouts. Who has time for fluff? Simple, effective, and safe. We will, however, have fun while we’re at it.


Every video includes exercises that engage your core throughout. You can still count on focusing on core-specific exercises at the end of each session. You’ll get a blend of stabilization, exercises, lateral flexion, rotation, and back extension, and there won’t be a crunch or sit-up in the bunch. Core is about safety, variety, and building a flat belly and strong back from the inside out. There may be an exercise or two that you can’t do in a video but there will be three or four others to choose from so you can safely exercise along. Did I mention you should not be on the couch watching while I workout?

Cool Down

The second awkward moment in the at-the-gym workout? The cool down. What really should I be doing? That’s the question I get oh so much! So here’s the answer. I’m going to give you a variety of from the very athletic to the yoga-inspired ways to cool down. I’ll help you stretch not only the muscles we’ve worked but the over-tight and over-lose muscles from our desk-top perches too many hours of most days.

Who It’s For

You know you need weight training. You may already be doing it. You’re just not sure you know how to optimize your lean muscle and burn the fat safely. You’re bored with your current routine. You’re randomly exercising (and getting random or no results). You don’t want to get hurt. You’ve been waiting… and it’s time.


How It Works

I’m going to send you one video a week for four weeks. Ideally, you’ll do your strength training with me twice a week. Monday and Thursday really work great.

Any two days of exercise with two days off between gives you the best benefits and let’s you feel fresh before you start again. That said, I won’t “see” what you’re doing!

Giving you one a week gives you the chance to do a new workout twice before moving on to the next. Remember that after 4 weeks, you will have learned this entire series, and you’ll be able to mix and mingle as you wish. The videos will be downloadable so you can grab them and save to your device, to use them whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

More details about the You Still Got It, Girl! Video Series 1

  • This is a digital product.
  • Nothing will be sent to you in the postal mail.
  • The videos and the cheat sheets will be delivered by email and will become available in the members’ area, once a week, after your order.
  • The videos are 45-64 minutes long
  • You’ll receive access to one video and one cheatsheet each week, for four weeks
  • The first video will arrive right away after purchase.
    – Please check your spam, trash, or other folders/filters in your email.
    – Consider if there might have been a typo in your email
    – Please also consider if you have 2 email addresses, you may have two accounts, so please check both for delivery.
  • Each video includes
    – A warm up,
    – Core exercise, and
    – Cool down
  • The main sets are first in the workout.
    This helps you to stop if you want/need.
    This helps to keep your workout short and sweet, if you’re limited on time

I Want It!

How much? $49. That’s it. What are you waiting for?

I can’t guarantee your specific results. I can’t guarantee you’ll use them…But I can guarantee the quality of the videos and that if anything is ever wrong with one I’ll fix it in a flash. I’m a midwestern girl with parents who did the right thing, and fitness expert who wants you to look and feel amazing at any age.

FAQ Before Starting

What equipment do I need?

Dumbbells in a variety of weights. Three sizes at least is best (think small, medium, and large).

This is a suggestion…and only a suggestion:

  • 3 lbs or 5 lbs are great for shoulder exercises, you may want less (soup cans work!)
  • 8 lbs or 10 lbs are good for biceps, triceps and maybe beginning level for chest and back exercises
  • 12, 15 or 20 lbs for “heavy” with chest, back and for use during squats or lunges.
  • A heavy kettle bell or dumbbell you might find useful for challenging your lower body – 25-35 lbs. (or wait, and watch to decide if you want to invest in this for home)

For the next video series (already planned!) you’ll want an exercise ball (55 cm or 65 cm – if you’re 5’8″ or taller), and two exercise bands (short 12 inch loops to place around your ankles or knees. These round out a home gym nicely!

Will this work if I’m in a small studio apartment?

I’ve done the entire routine in my kitchen (watching the pot if you will)! If you have the floor space the size of a yoga mat you will be just fine! A wall (without artwork) on it is nice to use but not necessary.

Will this work for me if I have a knee (or a shoulder…) issue?

If you’re having to avoid a lot of activities like getting up and down off the floor or reaching overhead (we won’t lift overhead 99% of the time) because of pain then this series is not right for you. With shoulder issues, if you are able to do chest presses, or push ups, and rowing actions without discomfort you will be able to do 90% of the exercises. I take care to provide proactive exercises that strengthen and don’t put joints at risk. If risk outweighs the benefit you won’t see it. Still, if you have a pre-existing injury, even a ‘safe’ exercise could bother you.

I would like to hear from you. Later series will target some specific joint challenges so that you can get exercise that works without hurting. Need to chat about whether this is right for you? Schedule a chat here.


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