How To Reduce Water Retention During Menopause

adding lemon to water can help to reduce water retention

Did you know that water retention in menopause is related to :

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Water retention and bloating are common complaints for women, often for women going through menopause.

Recently, I’ve had several members of our online community ask about water retention.

There are some common solutions for reducing the amount of water you retain.  I’m including them here for those less familiar with water retention, along with the potential causes and solutions.

What Causes Water Retention?

There can be an underlying condition. If you’ve made the lifestyle changes I’m about to share with you, and you still can’t pinpoint a reason or contributing factors that would cause you to retain water, do check with your physician.

Let’s look first at some non-medical causes of water retention, and then consider lifestyle habits you can manipulate to decrease your likelihood of retaining water.

Signs You Are Retaining Water

Most often, you don’t need someone to tell you that you’re retaining water. You can feel it! You might, however, attribute it to weight gain or fat. For busy women on the go, who aren’t tuned in to their own signs and symptoms (as much as they are to everyone else’s) here’s a set of telltale signs of water retention:

  • swings of more than the typical 1-3 pounds day-to-day when stepping on the scale
  • visible swelling in your hands, swollen ankles and/or feet
  • when pushing on an area that looks “puffy,” your imprint remains rather than disappearing immediately
  • visible sock marks or lines on your legs even from yoga pants 

water retention

Potential Causes of Water Retention

  1. Not enough exercise. Break a sweat daily to lose water that way and also increase circulation that will help prevent retention in the first place.
  2. Too much sodium. Look at everything. Healthy and non-essential foods both can contain a lot of sodium.
  3. Travel. Tied to #4 below, and the pressure in the cabin of a plane or closed space can be a problem.
  4. Long periods of sitting and or standing. Your body needs to move for circulation and flush fluids out. After spending 10+ hours driving to my home state, even having exercised in the morning and after drinking hourly to stay hydrated, I have  mildly but noticeably swollen ankles by the time I arrive. Even active women aren’t immune.
  5. Over-the-counter (OTC) meds. Some are worse than others and each of us reacts differently.
  6. Nutrition: too few or too many carbohydrates, sugar, and soda/pop each can cause water retention. Artificial sugars too are a culprit.
  7. Micronutrient deficiencies (particularly B’s and protein).
  8. Alcohol
  9. Hormone fluctuation: around menstruation, pregnancy, and again during menopause 
  10. Hormone replacement therapy may contribute (it might however improve it)

beat water retention through exercise

Water Retention Solutions

  1. Drink water consistently through the day. Drink early. Drink often.
  2. Drink apple cider vinegar or lemon water. A few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar will do it. Squeeze fresh lemon juice into your water throughout the day.
  3. Eat foods that are natural diuretics: artichokes, asparagus, beets, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, oats, watermelon, strawberries, cucumber, and green tea.
  4. Drink (limited) caffeinated beverages: coffee (black) or green tea. I love matcha. (Soda/Pop is never a good idea).
  5. Bathe in Epsom salt and or alternately, apple cider vinegar.
  6. Swimming can draw water out of your system.
  7. Infrared Sauna causes heating from the inside out. I love my solo sauna and use it daily when I’m home. 

My After 50 Fitness Formula for Women and the Food Flip both include a-three step process for determining what could be causing bloating, digestive issues, lack of energy, weight loss resistance, as well as water retention. Your gut health is the real target of the plans but secondary to that is what happens as a result of removing foods your body isn’t processing well and increasing the ingestion of nutrient-dense foods that help you thrive. The basics of the steps are below.

  1. Remove anything that could be a potential cause of bloating or retention
  1. Reintroduce foods and practices you’ve removed one at a time
  1. Identify a long-term way to less frequently eat foods that cause retention, bloating, lethargy and 80-90% of the time eat foods that help you reduce these type of food intolerance/allergic reactions and make you feel best. Periodically, since your stressors, activity, and gut health change you can repeat the process to get back to a best-fit plan.

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Alternatively, if you know you’ve found something good here, take a look at one of our top rated programs that helps with so much more than water retention. Your hormones, estrogen and progesterone can play a part in your water retention as well as what’s known as “menopause belly.” The fluid retention and edema (swelling) is a sign though, not a must. It’s a way to identify the habits you have right now aren’t working.

Those signs are just messages from your body it’s time to change. The course below gets you started on learning how to stop weight gain or menopause bloating and get some relief. Midlife is actually associated with greater life satisfaction. So let’s be sure we’re feeling like showing up for the party. You and I are changing the rules and the way menopause is treated. Not long ago women barely lived past 50! So go figure we’re just figuring it out! These days we spend at least 30-40% of our lives post-menopause. 

The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women is designed with you in mind.

This course is for women who are Flipping Fifty (or about to flip 50) through:

  • hormone balance (avoid fluid retention)
  • finding the time to workout (without swelling and edema)
  • core building (know what causes menopause belly and how to get rid of it)
  • help to get and stay STRONGER (and stop menopause weight gain)
  • finding your community for encouragement and support (you’re not the only one dealing with menopause bloating, and it helps to have someone who knows what you’re going through)

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beat water retention and fat
adding lemon to water can help to reduce water retention

Did you know that water retention in menopause can be a possible cause of:

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