Instantly Upgrade Your After 50 Workout for 2018

Wake up your workout and your results with these four simple ways to increase the intensity. You can change speed or weight, properly, depending on your body and goals.

If you’re a beginner or restarting your workout, set your foundation again first. Then you can look at adding one or more of these in a couple weeks. Women over 50 lifting weights are setting themselves up for a higher metabolism and optimal hormone balance. Ultimately, that’s stronger, fitter, faster.

Weight training workouts can change the shape of your body like aerobic exercise cannot. You can change proportions and add definition in ways not possible with aerobic only workouts.

You can get a lot more done in a lot less time with a lot less injury risk too.

workoutI share four key ways to change your workout results.

1. Add Power

Once you’ve been lifting slow and controlled for a foundation building that guarantees your joints, ligaments, and connective tissue are ready for more, try reducing your weight slightly and adding a little speed on the lift. Stay in control and always lower with care.

2. Lift Heavier

If you’ve let yourself settle into a routine with the same weights and same reps chances are you’re ready for heavier weight to get better results. Choose this one for joints you have no problems with and leave your injury-prone joints alone.

3. Slow Down

The more time your muscles are under tension, the more results you’ll get. So if #2 and increasing the weight isn’t possible, or makes you feel vulnerable, try slowing down. Take 3-4 seconds to lift instead of 1-2. Take 6-8 seconds to lower instead of 3-4.

Consider adding time to the end points too. A tempo can go like this: lift 4- hold 2- lower 4- hold 2. That will make the same weight feel much heavier.

4. Rest Longer

Take longer rest between exercises that tax the same muscle groups. A little more recovery has been shown to improve muscle adaptations. That might mean more definition a little faster.



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