Are You Strong Enough? If the Unthinkable Happens

Are you strong enough? Physically? Resilient to stress? Would you be able to survive and thrive again if any number of tragic things happened?

We’ve all weathered some changes in 2020 and been influenced on different levels by stress because of it. What if it was a diagnosis, or an unforeseen accident? One minute you’re thriving, healthy and fit and the next you’ve had it taken away from you.

This episode explores just that type of instance. 

Starting Over

Is it time for reinvention? Are you among the women over 50 who want a more rewarding career?

Pam was a group fitness teacher for 20 years as well as an avid runner. She says her passion is helping women on their wellness journey. Hundreds of thousands of fitness instructors will say the same. Pam’s motivation got much more personal. 

Four years ago life took her out of the fitness studio and inspired her to share her message – and one echoed by many others – “your health is your wealth,” with as many people as possible.

“Health is wealth.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1860

When the cliche becomes personal, it changes everything. Strong enough, takes on a whole new meaning. 

Questions we answer in this episode:

  • How many hours a week did you teach group fitness? What was your “day job” or occupied your time otherwise?
  • What was the “life event” that took you out of teaching group fitness?
  • How old were you at the time?
  • What was the most difficult for you in recovering from the accident?
  • Have you ever struggled with your weight?
  • What’s a challenging part of your lifestyle now?
  • What have you found true of holds women back from reaching their goals?
  • You wanted to share something that you’re proud of having accomplished fitness or workout wise, what was that?

Called to take a hobby to something more?

If like Pam you feel called to encourage other women on a health journey so they can achieve their goals and dreams now is the time, there are two ways to get started, get known, so you can attract and keep clients above all the noise online now.

The Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist is for health coaches and personal trainers who specifically want to help women in midlife and beyond avoid mistakes general fitness guidelines will cause. If you want to build your fitness & health business the Fitness Build Your Business mastermind is enrolling right now. Learn more here.


To follow Pam and see how she’s taking her personal life lesson and sharing her passion:

Are you strong enough?

strong enough
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