SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week, What Are You Putting Off?

SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week. Are you treating it like you have plenty of time to do all the things you want to do? My guest today has written the book on waiting until later, when it’s convenient and she’s going to help you get one of those dates on your calendar!

SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week. Act now, not later.

We often sabotage our own success by delaying important tasks. Breaking this cycle is key to making our dreams a reality. Remember, “SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week.” It’s time to turn your plans into actions and make your dreams happen now.

My Guest:

Sam Horn is the CEO of the Intrigue Agency. Her 3 TEDx talks and 10 books have been featured in New York Times and presented to Oracle, Intel, Accenture, and NASA. As the former Executive Director of the world-renowned Maui Writers Conference and one of LinkedIn Learning’s most popular communication instructors, she helps people craft one-of-a-kind books, talks, and careers that scale their income and impact – for good.

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • What motivated you to write the SOMEDAY is Not a Day in the Week book? [00:05:10]
  • You love quotes. You are prolific in sharing them so naturally. What are a few of your favorites about how we can make the most of our life NOW, not later? [00:08:50]
  • You have a story about Walden Pond that inspires everyone who hears it to take action on their dreams. Will you share it with us?[00:18:30]
  • Why do you think people – particularly women –  procrastinate and put off doing what they know is good for them? [00:20:50]
  • Your upcoming book is AGEncy – how we can use our age as INCENTIVE, not an EXCUSE. Could you tell us more about that? And how long do I have to make room on my nightstand? [00:27:50]

Connect with Sam Horn:


Register for Sam’s upcoming master classes in May and June:

  1. How to Market Your Work without Being a Jerk
  2. Storyboard your Book and TEDx Talk

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