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Stronger: Tone & Define
Starts July 1st

Your at-home solution to better bone density and more lean in less time. Two science-based, made-for-menopause, workouts a week provide safe, sane, simple exercise.

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A Look Inside!

Made for Menopause: Why It's Just For You

Only 39% of all exercise research features women. Less than 10% features women in menopause. What works for a young athletic male will not work the same for a woman in midlife or later. At Flipping 50, I use protocols designed based on research that features women just like you so you can STOP GAMBLING and start enjoying results.

Just $497

Sequence is Everything: It's All On Purpose

Stronger: Tone & Define is only open for enrollment a few times a year. I have designed 6 12-week programs for our members and occasionally I will open one program to the public. When open, it’s a limited time enrollment! It’s designed-especially-for-women-in-menopause based on science featuring women in menopause.


Exercise selection is both science-based and proven, as well as evaluated for the risk: reward ratio. If there’s a safer way, I use it. 


Workouts are time-sensitive to accommodate your busy life and require just enough but not too much energy so that you have more energy after.


You won’t see “variety for variety’s sake” exercises. They are easy, not complicated. They are results-oriented for muscle, bone, and strength benefits in menopause.

You can look and feel as good as you did when you were 30, as long as you don't try to exercise the way you did when you were 30.

stronger is open!

Stronger: Tone & Define

Your at-home strength series for more muscle, better bones, and less fat for today and decades from today.

Just $497

About Debra

40-year full-time fitness professional who IS in the boat rowing with you. At 58, I don’t just get the science, I get you. I’ve been working with women in midlife for almost 4 decades, and for the past decade exclusively with women in midlife/menopause to serve the huge gap between science and fitness programs available. Even if you’ve worked with a “personal trainer” there is a good chance they’ve had zero training in menopause fitness.

I train the trainers internationally on hormone-balancing fitness with the Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist. I’ve authored courses, and sit on advisory board of medical fitness organizations, serve as Subject Matter Expert for prestigious certification agencies, and been asked to contribute to books for others.

Watch my TED Talk!

My TEDx talk title tells it all, Everything Women in Menopause Learned About Exercise May Be a Lie.

What clients say about Flipping 50:

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“Everyone is unique. Yet, midlife women share a common history, and often a common midlife moment. We’ve heard and learned things in our adult lives that often shape beliefs about our exercise or other health habits that no longer serve us. 
You’ve found the science-based on women just like you, the community of women just like you, and the belief that you and I are changing history by changing how we age by changing how we exercise. 
Start measurable results that impact today and your longevity.”

Here's What's Included With 12 Weeks Of Strength Training:

Our Exclusive Stronger Coaching Calls  And Recording Library III that never expires!

Course Cover Image
  • That’s 36 sessions or 36 hours of coaching during “office hours”.
  • You can watch these at your convenience.
  • We’ll include bullet points of highlights of content.
  • Access forever so when you need a little mojo, it’s right there.
  • (Coaching value $7K

Just $497

Stronger Tone And Define

$ 497
  • 12 Weeks Of Strength Training
  • Our Exclusive Stronger Coaching Calls  And Recording Library III that never expires!

In Their Words: What Prior Participants Say

I can go on and on about why strength training is a girl’s best friend, but don’t take my word for it… here’s what prior students have to say.

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“I’ve seen an increase in my skeletal muscle and I do have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis…”

Melanie, 62

“I’ve never been much of a weight training person… I’m seeing changes in my body, my legs are more toned”

Debbie, 56

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“The camaraderie with other women who are experiencing similar struggles to me has been amazing… my own commitment to follow-through has been because of the group.”

Sally, 47

“The explanations that Debra provide and the WHY I was doing the exercise, in the specific sequence made me more committed.”

Sheila, 56

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Frequently Asked Questions: Answers!

I know you’ve got questions… and I’ve got answers. We’re totally transparent about how we operate and why!

You’ll have 12 weeks from the 1st of the month your program starts. Programs run from the 1st of a new quarter to the 28th day of your third month. Access to videos begins and ends on those dates.

We hope that doesn’t happen! You’re immune system is going to be buff and you’re going to be less likely to be injured, but we know life happens. If you let us know right away, we can enroll you in the same length of the next program that you’ve missed. We’ll be here when you’re ready again.

The private Facebook group is the way you can access Debra and our community coach is there daily to answer questions you may have. It’s an optional benefit. All you need is inside your course area. If you want to upgrade to a private “Fast Flip” accountability coaching with Debra, reach out to [email protected] and ask about Debra’s availability and learn more about rate.

There is not a food plan included. Your Quick Start Guide will provide you with tips for how to time meals around your exercise to optimize results. Purposefully, though we keep this simple! You can focus on the exercise and not be overwhelmed. There’s an option to do a Food Flip later if you want a little support. Hint: change one thing at a time!

No you can’t. You’ll have a special member’s area to log into your STRONGER course and view the videos. You’re not purchasing the videos. You’re purchasing access to the program for 12 weeks. *This is on purpose because I’ve witnessed what happens with “lifetime access” and what happens when there’s a need to do it now. Fitness only happens with the consistently right frequency during a specific time frame.

It’s Debra, and I too have been lifting for years (decades) and I use this series regularly. We need new and different stimuli from time to time. So, if what you’re doing now isn’t working, I suggest you try it. You’ll pick weights that make you reach muscular fatigue. That and adequate recovery are the keys to successful workouts.

It’s a perfect start or restart with lighter weights and higher repetition ranges. Whether we’re beginners or experienced, we do the same exercises. They are basic and smart and work. There’s no extremes, or random exercise.

This may not be the program for you. Though it is thoughtful of joints that have gotten us through 5 and 6 or more decades, it is not intended for anyone with a special condition or unique limitations that require a bit more individual attention. There are frequent transitions to and from the floor in most of the workouts. (That may be to and from a bench in some cases if that’s available to you).

Equipment Required: Before You Push Start

You will want: 3 sets of dumbbells (or other “weights” that might include soup cans) light, medium, and heavy along with an exercise ball (55 cm for those 5’2 or less, and 65 cm for those taller than 5’2), along with dependable internet.

PLUS: when you enroll, you’ll have access before the program to a few special “get ready” videos including “how to choose weights” that goes into more detail

stronger is open!

Stronger: Toned & Defined

Your at-home strength series for more muscle, better bones, and less fat for today and decades from today.

Just $497

More Strong Women: What They Say

You won’t just find weight training workouts made for menopause and based on science. You won’t just hear cues and get answers to questions before you know to ask them. You’ll gain a community of women just like these:

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Circumference outside of both arms, at the armpit

Right Triceps
Halfway btwn shoulder & elbow, arm extended.

Find the widest point of girth at the hips

Right Thigh
Standing with weight on both legs, measure halfway between knee cap and hip flexor

Right Calf
Standing with weight on both legs, find the largest point of calf.

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Measure from the rib cage just under breasts at bra line

At the belly button/umbilicus

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