How to Redefine Aging | Mindset Shifts with Natalie Jill

When you redefine aging for yourself, you may have to swim upstream. There will be resistance: your own as well as others. Having always had certain examples of aging, and a few examples unique to it, to redefine aging you’ll first have to imagine it.

What do you see? If you’re in a certain relationship or a career, you’ve often without even realizing it defined yourself by those traits. You’re a “teacher” or “nurse” or you’re a “wife” or “mom” or “caregiver.” To redefine aging and rebrand yourself so you can become it, you first have to imagine yourself with a new set of labels or descriptors. 

What would that be? What would be so delicious and delightful if you jumped out of bed excited for each day? Redefine what you want and see for yourself and you will redefine aging. 

My guest has made a major career pivot. Not unlike Hollywood celebrities, this fitness celebrity is helping spread the message that we can redefine aging and rebrand ourselves at any age. 

If I let you enroll me in your reasons, that’s not going to help you.

-Natalie Jill

My Guest: 

Natalie Jill is a Fat Loss Expert And Creative Sales Strategist who helps women ReIgnite, ReDefine and ReBrand what aging has to mean! 50 years old herself, she is changing conversations around age, potential, and possibility!  She helps entrepreneurs craft their unique compelling STORY, expand their brand and excel on social media. She used the exact methods she teaches to grow her globally recognized fat loss and fitness brand with well over 3 million social media followers worldwide, two best-selling books, a top-ranked podcast, and recognition from Forbes and Greatist several years running as one of the top health and wellness influencers in the world. 

5 Day Flip:

Questions we answer on this podcast:

  • [04:48] How was your transition into the ’50s? 
  • [05:54] As a fitness professional it can be interesting to navigate perimenopause changes, especially for someone in the limelight to the extent you are, can you comment on any external pressure you felt or that other fitness & health pros share? 
  • [07:50] Your message about the importance of mindset when it comes to aging echoes ours at Flipping 50. When did it occur to you that this whole ageism thing is something that because of your vast influence and reach, you could really make a positive difference about it?
  • [15:35] Will you open up about dealing with injuries in midlife… and what they have the opportunity to teach?
  • [25:00] You’re of course so well-known for fitness and weight loss, specifically, and you’re rediscovering and reinventing your purpose in midlife or beyond, as many of our listeners today are… or want to. Was this a conscious decision or one that felt like you were called to do it? 

If you’ve always thought about yourself a certain way, it’s going to be a challenge to redefine aging and who you are in these next decades. Be ready for resistance. You’ve got this. If you’ve got the desire to do so, that’s enough. You don’t have to have all the answers to start. 

It’s a decision. 

-Natalie Jill

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