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What if finding time to be fit was


…and you started getting results IN 5 DAYS?

Well, you can. Starting Now.

Are you a woman who is overwhelmed by the abundance of everything to do in your life that it’s challenging to find time to stay fit? Maybe you feel like you’ve been out of the habit of exercise for so long that you’re not sure how to fit it in.


I have helped thousands of women–those approaching age 50 and beyond–to finally start seeing the results they originally thought would be so hard to achieve.
I call it “flipping 50” because many women don’t expect to feel (or look) as good at or over age fifty. We settle for less—for the status quo. We get bogged down going in many directions. Fitness and health can get shoved down on our list.

Allow me to show you how to FLIP what you thought about exercise and what gets results. Check out my 5-Day Flipping 50 Kickstart. It’s FREE and will provide you a glimpse into how you can achieve and sustain a “flipping 50” lifestyle for yourself.

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In just 5 days, you’ll learn…

  • The right exercise for YOUR body
  • Which exercises will strengthen your core and make you feel energized (not tired)
  • Healthy ways to manage stress
  • How to activate the fountain of youth for your skin, muscles, and joints
“The change in my exercise made an amazing difference.”
Sara, 60

Join me, Debra, MS, CSCS, a 30-year fitness trainer, wellness coach and speaker on the other side of 50!
As a health pro on the other side of age 50 (the better side, in my opinion…), I too know the rules change. Research is confusing. What used to work, doesn’t work.

For nearly 3 decades I’ve trained clients and together with them learned what works, what doesn’t, and pulled it together for you so you know too. When you understand it, you’ll be more motivated to do it and avoid mistakes.

It takes an approach to food and movement with a different mindset. If you’re looking for quick-fixes, fast weight loss, deprivation, calorie counting (I will discourage it)….this isn’t for you. This is about living with good choices and identifying what makes you feel good, really feel good. We’re going to approach changing with the idea of pampering and taking care of yourself, not from willpower or militant discipline.

Enter your details now and I’ll send you the information that you can USE immediately to begin flipping the old beliefs about nutrition and fitness after 50.

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