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Hot weather hydration is a must whether you’re 20, 50 or 80. But listen, if you’re drinking coffee and wine with regularity, chances are you’re not even close to getting enough. That’s a conversation for another post, but this one is about finding the “goldilocks” of hydration AND doing it as naturally as possible by looking at electrolytes and minerals that contribute. 

Link to another Flipping 50 podcast on alkalinity here that is very relevant. 

It’s hot here in Scottsdale. I’m an outside girl. So, no secret I’ve got a hot weather hydration plan. Water, water, drink plenty of water… but that is not enough. You need electrolytes – both those of us who exercise and those who do minimal movement but have their share of stress and are stuck in stale air conditioned environments.

Here are three of my favorites and how I use them, daily or weekly depending on the activity.

Hot Weather Hydration Every Morning: Sole

If you’ve never heard of sole, let me introduce you. Himalayan sea salt is probably no secret to you. Well the actual sea salt crystals are used to make sole. You add the crystal rocks to a glass container (no metal lid) and cover with pure filtered water. Let them sit for 24 hours to saturate the water. I drink a teaspoon in an 8oz glass of water every morning right now.

Of course, I know you might be thinking, sodium?! I already retain water! I’m trying to lower my blood pressure!

But in actuality a little sodium is necessary to help you hydrate. We need both potassium and sodium. Getting it naturally as opposed to chemically processed sources is my first choice. You’ll also get trace minerals in the sole that support your overall health.

hot weather hydration

You’ve heard me talk about Macapause from Femmenessence and my Himalayan Crystal Salt rocks comes from the same female-health focused company. I’ll link to details in the show notes. Whether you’re outside as much as I am or you’re inside in stale A/C we can all get dehydrated in the summer (or winter for that matter).

Great skin, digestion, and great workouts start with hydration. A study I reported on more than a decade ago revealed that nearly 70% of people coming in fitness centers to workout were already dehydrated. So even though you’re exercising at home these days, you need to boost that hydration. There’s no easier way to increase your energy and decrease bloat.

hot weather hydration

Hot Weather Hydration All Day: Wild-lytes

My friend, the brilliant Teri Cochrane, (and by the way a 58-year old you’d mistake for 44 on a bad day) introduced me to a product I use all day long. It’s mild and perfect.

Minerals such as sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium facilitate cell-to-cell communication and help maintain the balance of fluids inside and outside of cells. These and other key nutrients can be lost through sweating, illness (such as diarrhea or vomiting), pathogenic infections and chronic stress.

Chronic stress? Can you say pandemic? I know, I know, new normal, right? Yeah, well, not so much. Your body isn’t getting the message.

This drink is unlike electrolytes as you think about electrolytes. If you’re thinking ooey gooey Gatorade and Powerade, put down that sugar trap. (P.S. sugar actually dehydrates, did you know? They are creating a need for you to drink more by the sugar they’re filling it with).

To make this refreshing drink… takes about ¼ tsp of the powder so there’s about 55 servings in a small jar … that little… for an 8 oz glass of water. It’s a light hint of watermelon and cilantro with Himalayan sea salt (see a pattern here?)… without being salty to the taste. It’s just simple  thirst quenching. It’s so good and light.

Find it here on your special Flipping 50 page to get 15% off. Use Code: FLIPPING50WILD15

hot weather hydration

Hot Weather Hydration Sport: Skratch

Skratch Labs is in Boulder, CO. For retreats and my own long bike rides and runs, I stocked up at their headquarters when I was living there. The lemon lime is my favorite. I’ve tested it for hours on a bike or during runs on the road or trails.

Unlike orange or punch flavored I don’t get as much taste- fatigue from lemon lime.

It’s got a little sugar -from fruit. For long duration exercise in heat, or repeatd high effort day after day, that’s the time to do it. There are two versions, a every day hydration which is lighter and a sport hydration which has more sodium for those high temp, high humidity days or those when you’re repeatedly out in the elements. 

Be sure you’re not “diet” mentality when you’re considering hydration and go with nature first. 

The resources mentioned in this post:

Alkalinity podcast

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Wild-lites(10% off for you here!) USE: DEBRA10



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