Immunity & Weight Loss | Do You Need to Improve Your pH?

What’s your pH got to do with weight loss? Or immunity? Here’s the scoop on how this may help you reach your goals faster.

Enjoy your coffee? 

Eat animal protein?

Enjoy your wine or cocktails?

Indulge your sweet tooth?

Eating Keto?

Soda drinker?

If you say yes to 3 or more of those (or emphatically yes to just 2) you need to read this.

Got stress?

Constantly busy?

Always tired?

Sleep suffering?

You definitely need to read this.

If you’re working out (even if following the Flipping50 tenants for hormone balance) and eating right and still not making progress, your pH could be a factor.

It’s not just a lack of weight loss or saggy arms that’s suffering. Right now, you’ve got another reason to focus on pH. Many viruses and bacteria are unable to live in an alkaline environment – this is often written but difficult to find in research. But there is research showing too much acid, or acidosis, is connected to disease.

There’s a simple way to know your urine pH right now. Buy test strips at your local pharmacy or online. Test all day. Start first thing and do it every time you pee. It’s simple and its immediate feedback about what you’re doing to help or hurt your body.

What is pH?

Defined: a figure expressing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution on a 0-14 scale on which 7 is neutral, lower values are acidic and higher values more alkaline.

For your health it refers to the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Human life requires a pH level of around 7.4 to survive. This is a slightly alkaline level. There’s blood pH and urinary pH. With urinary pH, you want a 7.

Changes in the environment have changed pH of the ocean, and soil, changing (reducing) the mineral content of food you eat. (Another reason we need supplementation to thrive). That in turn increases the acid load. Diets that include simple sugars and processed foods negatively impact pH, as can an over-abundance of grains, meat, and or dairy together with under consumption of vegetables.

Alkaline diets are higher in vegetables and fruits that improve the sodium/potassium ratio that positively influence bone health, muscle maintenance, and mitigate hypertension.

Positive changes occur which influence magnesium and vitamin D.

How does pH affect your health, hormones, weight?

Like toxins, if you drink acidic liquids your body will fight to protect it’s favorable pH level. How does it do that? It stores acids where they can’t damage your body, in fat. That makes fat even harder to lose. Your body will resist releasing those toxins to circulate in your body. Nice not nice.

How do you improve your pH? 

Reduce Acidic Drinks

  • Coffee (if you must try mushroom coffee, or substitute matcha)
  • Tea
  • Soda
  • Alcohol


  • Artificial sweeteners

I’ve written previously about artificial sweeteners in part because so many protein products on the market contain them. If you’re still using powdered drink mixes, sugar-free yogurts, or treats with low “points” and made with artificial sweeteners those chemicals sabotage your health. You’re losing the “points” game.

Eating artificial sweetened anything while trying to exercise for weight loss is like brushing your teeth eating Oreos.


  • Top quality green powders

Food should always be first. So the addition of powdered greens should not be substitute for leafy greens or deeply colored veggies. If you’re doing the best you can eating the highest quality diet you can and you want to step it up, then use greens.

Decide how you want to use them. You can stir them into water and drink or add greens to smoothies. You may want to think about what you will do before you shop for greens. Not all are meant to drink stirred into water.

I use Mighty Maca by Dr Anna Cabeca and Athletic Greens (AG). Both I’ve used one or the other consistently during testing periods looking at reducing body fat, improving pH levels and love them both. Both can be either stirred into water for a first thing in the morning habit, or added to a green smoothie. 

Boost Your Alkalinity

  • Stay hydrated

Try sole if you like me prefer nature over a supplement. Then you’ll love this. Its simple Himalayan sea salt crystals allowed to saturate pure filtered water. It sits on my counter and I add a teaspoon to 8 oz water waiting for me on the counter in the morning.

I’ll drink another cup of water to swallow an apple cider vinegar and an alfalfa supplement. Using sole has been my habit off and on for a year but this summer and with more reason than ever (thanks, pandemic) to hydrate it’s simple, natural, and easy. As for the alfalfa, I will use either it or Mighty Maca or AG for the green boost but find it easier to get my Himalayn salt crystals, alfalfa (pH Quintessence), and my Macapause (femminessence) in one spot. Done and done.

In the trilogy, I’ve improved hydration, alkalinity, and gut health.

No matter what habits you choose, know the quality of your water. Test it. Buy a purification system or purchase reverse osmosis water or alkaline water.

Exercise, the kind that optimizes stress not increases it, and a lot of veggies, fruit, seeds & nuts throughout the day support alkalinity too. All the good habits that round up the After 50 Fitness Formula for Women support your alkalinity. If you haven’t read it, grab the book or the course. Both walk you through 30 days of tracking important numbers so you can monitor and improve your second half!


Dr Anna Cabeca’s KetoGreen16

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