Easy Healthy Habits Start Here: Effortless Kitchen Hacks

Easy healthy habits coming up! Yes, exercise! However, what if it was easier than that to get more energy and boost your overall well being? We do certain things regularly. Your daily routine and mine are probably very similar day to day. That is what you do this morning in the first 10-30 minutes of your morning is probably similar to what you do every day. 

What if you could take 50% of those healthy habits and make them more beneficial? Without lifting a weight or breaking a sweat? Even 20% healthier… What would that do for you? Twenty percent more energy, 20% less tired, 20% more focus during your morning activities.. you get the idea. 

This episode is all about the small upgrades that have become daily habits for me over the recent months and years. I’m sharing them with you here in the hope they make you reflect on what you’re already doing that could make you healthier easily!

The problem with so many choices is often vetting out the quality products from the opportunists. It’s making sure it’s healthy – especially if you do it daily. I hear you when you say it’s overwhelming and there’s another one around the corner. I don’t fall easily. When I do I fall all the way. So, I’ve vetted for you the healthy habits I love.

Easy Healthy Habits for 2023

Anyone else start the hot water for coffee or tea within minutes of waking most days? While some wouldn’t think of this as a healthy habits list maker, the jury really is still out. 

With adaptogens you won’t even know are there, your hormones are getting a boost with every sip of Four Sigmatic Coffee.

Listen to my recent Flipping 50 podcast with Danielle Ryan Broida to learn more about adaptogens, specifically mushrooms, and you’ll wonder why we aren’t all doing these simple things daily.

Recently what I’ve noticed from testing my blood sugar levels (first thing, after whatever is in my mug is that my blood sugar responds better to coffee than to matcha (use code debraa to try it!) if they’re treated equally. That is, I add coconut milk and a dash of stevia to both or a don’t, but to both. The value of a wearing a continuous blood glucose monitor(CGM) for a month is priceless if you’re a woman in midlife flirting with insulin resistance. Anyone can do it. I’ll provide a special link I use with clients and students so that they can benefit as we work together. For instance, right now our members are going through a month kickstart with me using CGMs.

If Coffee, Then This Healthy Habit

If I choose coffee and matcha isn’t in my mug first thing (or second, after about 16 ounces of lemon water, sole, or apple cider vinegar) it’s going in a pre-workout shake. Matcha is the perfect combo of chill pill and alert hocus focus. It’s a little easier on my gut personally than usual acidic coffees. (Though Four Sigmatic by the way is low acidic compared to other coffees). 

Currently, I juggle the dual needs of my gut and blood sugar. When isn’t that true in life. I do find that when my gut is in good shape, coffee is not a problem. When I both drink coffee responsibly (2 mugs is my limit), and have optimal gut health, I can do it fine. 

Since I switched to matcha 

Now that I’ve switched to matcha in my morning mug two and a half years ago, with the exception of maybe 6 mornings, my gut feels better, and overall, I feel better all day. I don’t have that same short-lived pick-me-up from coffee or what I’d describe as a gnawing my gut. I enjoy sustained energy and a calmer gut. 

I’ll link to a video I shared with the Flipping 50 community back in 2015 about research on Matcha’s fat burning boost potential. Whether you’re doing interval training – as in the study- or strength training, which I think we can safely extrapolate to say – the combination of matcha before the activity is also going to elevate fat burning after significantly.

AND…. However, there are dozens of matcha makers now. Just one is quadruple screened, Pique Tea. And it matters. Heavy metals, mold, and other toxins are common due to the way matcha is grown, and many brands aren’t pure as they claim, while others don’t even claim to be! They’ve added fillers (like brown rice!?) and have very little matcha. 

If it’s something you do every day, pay extra attention. We have more everyday stressors now than ever even when we’re conscious of them. 

Going Green

Enhancing your alkalinity is one of the best things you can do for your health, and any weight loss goals. Especially if you are trying to do low carb – as in keto. I personally recommend my clients bump their veggie intake to 6-9 cups a day. That would shock a carnivore community, I know. It’s the balance to additional protein from animal sources required to maintain muscle. Doing so will bump your acidity. Optimal pH levels are conducive to health. Acidic environments are conducive to disease. 

Challenged by the idea of that many veggies? Mighty Maca, from my friend – shall we say our community friend, Dr. Anna Cabeca – is a way to bring in another adaptogen PLUS get the alkalinity we want and need for a healthier body. 

You can’t lose weight, and keep it off, with the kind of energy and feelings of freedom we want- with habits that sabotage your health. Knocking your inner environment into acidity, exercising to burnout, soreness or couch compensation will not help. 

Dr. Anna’s Mighty Maca meets a trilogy of needs. First, this greens powder where she’s tucked a dose of the adaptogen maca, requires a liquid. My favorite way to drink this is just in a tall glass of water or dumped into a small bottle of water as I leave the gym – it’s not been uncommon for us to workout together and after I’ve provided the exercise sequence, she has a sleeve of Mighty Maca in her pocket. I shake and go.


It’s already helping to hydrate and make it easy to drink another 8-16 ounces because it’s got a lightly lemony fresh taste. This is not your toxic crystal-crap but it’s the same type of convenient packet. 

The maca:

 is an adaptogen I have used myself for almost 30 years – blended into smoothies, or taken in capsules from my friends at Femminessence (if you prefer), or this way. This is a game-changer for women in midlife. If you’re adrenals are taxed… and you’re not doing it, consider it daily but not off your grocery store shelf. There are 11 strains of maca and you need a clinical grade of specific types. 

The greens:

Dr Anna knows it’s hard to fit in 6-9 cups of veggies a day for most women (my recommendation for women in midlife) and that with a need for more PROTEIN than they’ve ever needed – or been aware of before – there’s an equal need to boost veggie intake to achieve a better pH balance. Her book Keto Green-16 outlines the benefits of a keto diet (at least short term) for women AND the need for pH support while you do it. 

 Want to understand this better? Don’t miss the interview with Dr Anna. (Here’s how to listen. Dr Anna answered a few questions about this and more. And we’re going to talk about stress, hormones, and cravings, and how to juggle what you want with signs and symptoms. Seeing this later? You will want the Menopause KIT I asked her to create for us! 

Secret Sauce for Hair, Skin, and Libido 

Midlife changes in hair (thinning and loss for some women), skin (thinning making visibility of wrinkles and reduced elasticity), and reduced desire for sex (dryness or pain) are common among women in our community. I started something for improved recovery from exercise (due to mitochondria health) that I was skeptical of AND yet tried it anyway. 

Before I go further, you need to know, I’m a tough sell. I feel pretty good. Most of the time, I think, “this s*# works” .. the formula I created for women over 50 just works. So, I have no crazy card to play for bringing women back from the dead… or losing 100 lbs.., other than, if we remove the obstacles (overtraining, undereating, undersleeping) and improve the amount of stimulation for muscle, bone and your brain, we’re going to have improvements. Sometimes that’s 100lbs off, others it’s 10lbs and 14 inches, others it’s energy and libido back. 

I didn’t count on a hair or libido kick, but I got one. I began taking C60 Purple Power just before my move in May actually. And I haven’t stopped. In three weeks I noticed thicker hair and my stylist noticed I had new hair growth (brown not gray) at my next appointment. 

I started taking c60 for the mitochondria support we can all use as we age. AND… my vision is better, too. I DO recover better from exercise though it took me a minute to realize it. I’d started doing high intensity high impact intervals a little more often. (3 or 4 as opposed to 1-2 x/week) and no down time. There was no hobble off the couch. So, it went unnoticed and appreciated until I got thoughtful about the fact that I earned a little soreness that I didn’t have.

UPDATE Late Jan 2023. I have personally been using c60 since the end of April. I’ve just tested and need to reduce my thyroid med AND testosterone both. I attribute to continued use of c60 and a tweak to my lifting – toward heavier weights. I can because I recover so well. Healthy habits that help reduce medications? That’s exactly what I want. My body doing it better. 

Healthy Habits: How I Do It

My favorite way to add C60 is a few drops into my coffee (cinnamon flavored is to die for!) or matcha mug (coconut oil) in the morning. That’s it. Nothing extra or new habit just… it’s sitting beside the coffee or matcha, so I don’t miss it. (Recently there are gummies – I still prefer the drops) 

You could if you prefer use avocado oil on salads (but I have another avo oil I love instead and fear I’ll forget later in the day). You can also now use a rollerball application on your face and neck! LOVING that!! Linking to a video for you here. Look, I’m 59 in a couple months, I’ve got wrinkles … but I do get compliments on my skin regularly and this has given me a noticeable difference. I like the inside-out method vs topical personally!

Superpower Energy

My breakfast healthy habits (or pre-workout snack) of choice lately is a little almond or coconut yogurt substitute (no sugar added, and no soy please) with Flipping50 protein powder and … a new product from Timeline Nutrition, Mitopure. It’s a derivative of pomegranate but you could never eat your way to this much. Little packets of powder (or capsules if you prefer – which I do not!) can be added to a smoothie, or in my case, I stir the berry-flavored powder right into my high protein pre-workout yogurt bowl. 

Here’s what I’ve noticed… after 3 weeks. Just a reminder, I’m a tough sell. I already do a lot of things to my advantage as witnessed above/before this point in the episode! But I feel more stable energy all day. I am really enjoying this heightened desire for moving. I can’t even explain it! I’m an 8x Ironman…so yes, I naturally may like to move more than the next person. Yet, I’ve gone through exercise intolerance, cortisol imbalance, and adrenal stress during my menopause transition. I get better results now in about 3 hours of exercise a week than I did with 20 just a couple years ago. 

That puts a girl at a point where less is more and compliance is easy! 

I’m different with Mitopure. A little more alive. If you can’t tell, I’m struggling to put words to the feelings. But with no other changes in my routine, this has really been a bit of a surprise. I’m sometimes quick to say no, not interested. But the research is too compelling in this case. So openminded, expecting nothing, I’m pleasantly surprised. And again… it’s easy. That’s the biggest test for me.

Lunch and Dinner Upgrades

Eating organ meats? Me either. Planning to? Me either. Look, I AM that girl who does certain things because they’re good for me. But I’m not doing liver or gizzards or anything of the sort. So, my chef friend (who cooks for the likes of Barbra Streisand and Tom Cruise) dreamed up this ingenious way to infuse organ meats into spices you’ll love. I sprinkle the Garlicky one on salads, veggies, meats, and seafood, even eggs on the occasion I have them. I stir it into a garlic aioli dip I make. That just about covers my meals! Chef James Barry’s Pluck is amazing. All the benefits of organ meats – potentially one of the most nutrient dense foods available – without the hassle or smell. (Use the code: FLIPPING50)

Last but not least, are you still using olive oil? I know, Olive oil, olive oil, olive oil… right? But a large percent of olive oil is not good for you, it’s rancid. Yet, they sell it off the shelves like hot cakes to people thinking they’re virtuous and Mediterranean! Ava Jane’s Kitchen woke me up to this sad truth several years ago and I switched to avocado oil, which is better for the high temps I often use anyway.  On occasion I’ll use an expensive EVO or coconut oil, but I’m cooking most with Avocado oil.

The AJK Colima Sea Salt from Ava Jane’s is an experience! It’s super coarse. You use your hands to crunch the salt. I use it on all those roasted and grilled veggies and on pizza crusts or chips made from brown rice tortillas. You can try it or join the club and have it delivered at the right frequency based on your cooking needs. These are great gifts for the foodie, or healthy foodie too. 

None of these daily little additions are “extra” or crazy. They’re just an upgrade from what you may have sitting on your shelf that can boost your health and wellness without a drop of sweat or breathlessness. 

Prefer Naturally Healthy Habits?

If you’re a skeptic, I get it. No arguments. How nice to dream that just eating healthy from the garden or farmer’s market, avoiding processed foods, and getting exercise, time outdoors and sleep are enough. In the moment we’re in, the chance is slim that though these habits are the foundation, we’ll need to reduce toxins in and around us now and in the future. The benefit though is more energy and more you than you may realize you can experience.

Your Turn

I encourage you to go through your day, your typical day. Where could you upgrade? Could an easy health boost come from the type of coffee or tea you start your day with the oil, spice, or salt you prepare food with. Consider what you wish was different or better about now, even if it’s good. Healthy habits can require minimal time to implement if they’re like these, leaving you more of the time and energy you want to do the things you love.

In our show notes today, you’ll find many links to the trusted resources I share. For any of the products I use, love and share I do make a small commission (While it doesn’t do much for me but buy lunch occasionally, it often means for you a special rate that I’ve scored for you than you’d have paid otherwise). 

Don’t miss the special discount codes here to make it easy to try these healthy habits. 

Happiest, healthiest New Year. 

Special Resources: 

C60 Purple Power: https://www.flippingfifty.com/c60


Matcha Pique Tea: https://www.flippingfifty.com/piquetea


PLUCK Seasonings: https://www.flippingfifty.com/eatpluck

CODE: FLIPPING50 (case-sensitive) 

Four Sigmatic coffeehttps://www.flippingfifty.com/foursigmatic


Everyday COOKBOOKS from MY FAVORITE Hormone Experts: 

Cooking for Hormone Balance – Magdalena Wzelaki: https://hormonesbalance.com/

KetoGreen-16 – Dr. Anna Cabeca: https://www.flippingfifty.com/ketogreen16

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