How to Keto Correctly for Women Over 40 with Dr Anna Cabeca

Should women over 40 even try a ketogenic diet? Have you tried Keto? Have you tried more protein, a plant-based diet? Are you still looking for the right way to feel good and look great again?

I’ve got just the thing for you.

Today’s Guest is here to talk about her new book… written just for women over 40 – one I’m loving and using… more on that coming later!

My Special Guest

Dr. Anna Cabeca is an internationally acclaimed menopause and sexual health expert, global speaker and pioneering promoter of women’s health.  She is Emory University-trained and triple board-certified in gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine and anti-aging and regenerative medicine, and an USA Today and Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of “The Hormone Fix,” a diet and holistic lifestyle program for menopausal women. 

Also noteworthy is her Keto-Green™ diet and lifestyle that focuses on ketogenic eating paired with an alkaline dietand intermittent fasting. Her Keto-Green way naturally manages your body’s most important hormones, and if followed properly, will help address and correct the symptoms and side effects that come along with imbalanced hormones. Her new book Keto-Green™ 16 was published just this month (May 2020 when we first publish). I’ve been raving about it. 

Dr. Anna is known as The Girlfriend Doctor – and has one of the top Menopause blogs and is helping women combat negative hormone-related symptoms and implement natural and easy-to-follow solutions that will have them feeling happier, healthier and confident. She created the successful and popular alkaline superfoods drink Mighty Maca® PLUS, that is woven into the Keto-Green program… and I love!

Questions we addressed on this episode:

  1. Your newest book is called KetoGreen. Can you talk about this book? What are the 
main tenets of your keto green approach? 
COVID19 appropriateness
  2. When someone changes their diet are there hormone changes? How does one navigate these hormone changes when switching to a diet and how do we know if the diet is initiating positive change? What are some examples of negative changes associated with dietary change?
  3. How should keto be done differently for women over 40?

  4. Can you explain the adrenal stress index?

  5. What other wellness trends have you excited and which ones give you cause for concern?
  6. And of course, what do you do for exercise? 

Get the book:

More resources from Dr Anna:

Making Keto Work for Women Over 40

Keto Macro Calculator + 1-day personalized meal plan

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Did you get the book? Have you tried using pH strips ( a part of the After 50 Fitness Formula for Women course and mentioned in You Still Got It, Girl! the book)? 

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