Avoid Falling Off the Bandwagon this Holiday (and Getting Run Over By It)

Holiday magic doesn’t have to derail your fitness or health routine. It’s not impossible to stay on track, love the season, and yourself after. A little pre-festivity planning will carry you through.

With a few tricks and tips from Debra you’ll be able to create and commit to a holiday survival (or thrive!) plan that you will be glad you had. Start now while there is plenty of time. Think of your step-by-step plan and while you raise your expectation for each holiday experience, be sure you also raise the floor. Don’t expect too little of yourself any more.

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Take the time to:

  • Create the mindset around healthy holidays
  • List the obstacles that will come up
  • Plan the solutions to the obstacles in advance
  • Make a plan A, B, and C

So that you can enjoy the holidays and love you time with friends and family while still loving yourself and where you are after the holidays. It can be done. You’ll have a richer, warmer, more enjoyable time during.

It’s not about depriving yourself or making crazy with impossible goals. There will be resistance and yet, with a plan that you’ve got a clear why for, you’ll find it simple easy, and enjoyable to take care of yourself during holiday entertaining, shopping, and traditions.

No matter what your eating style you can find recipes to make in advance.

You can find exercise to do in minutes at home or in a hotel room or relative’s guest bedroom if need be.

And you can find sleep tricks so you’ll feel rested and best.

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