Answers to Your CGM Questions: For Nondiabetics

Got questions about CGM use? We’ve got answers to your CGM questions in this episode. My guest wrote the book and we have a tip-rich discussion about how you can benefit from CGMs and change your life. And if not you, potentially this will be of value for someone you influence. 

Looking for support? My favorite CGM: 

My Guest:  

Paul Kolodzik, MD is board-certified by both the American Board of Preventive Medicine and the American Board of Emergency Physicians. In a thirty-year emergency room career, he has cared for many patients in crises and has witnessed firsthand the failures of mainstream diets and the medical system overall, which prioritizes medications and surgery over diet and lifestyle changes to prevent and reverse disease. In his metabolic health practice Dr. Kolodzik uses the technology of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), previously used only by diabetics, to help his patients achieve weight loss and improved health. 

In his recently published book, The Continuous Glucose Monitoring Revolution, Dr. Kolodzik shares how he has helped thousands of patients lose weight, and prevent and reverse metabolic diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, prediabetes, GERD, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease and others using CGM. In this book, he presents a comprehensive program for metabolic health success using CGMs.

Dr. Kolodzik graduated from the University of Notre Dame and completed medical school and residency at Wright State University where he served as chief resident. He is a founding member of the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners.

CGM Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • Why should a nondiabetic consider using a CGM to improve health.

  • How do CGMs work? How are they applied? How accurate are they? 

  • How are they used “diagnostically”. Is there there other data that can help assess level of insulin resistance?

  • How are CGMS used “therapeutically” to guide diet?

  • What dietary approaches work best with a CGM?

  • What does a comprehensive CGM program look like?

  • Why did you write a book about CGM use for nondiabetics. How is the book useful for first-time CGM users?

Did we cover all the answers to your CGM questions? If not, please reach out. And thank you in advance for sharing our podcast with a friend! 


Dr. Paul’s Book:

Debra’s Favorite CGM: 

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