How a Continuous Glucose Monitor Could Help Menopause Weight Loss #514

Episode #514  I’m doing a continuous glucose monitor experiment and I encourage you to follow along, if not to join me. There will be links in this episode’s show notes to use a discount code and start along with me. I truly think a month of it at least could be the best thing you do, and provide amazing insights into why you might be stuck or ways to change what or how you’re doing daily habits to improve your results.

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My Guest

Catherine is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Master’s in Nutrition Education from Columbia University. This is a second career for her, after having previously worked in the financial sector for several major global asset managers. However, her passion for nutrition, science, and food found her wanting more than the financial world could offer and so she transitioned to become an RDN. She focused on taking those skills she learned in the high-stakes corporate world to educate and help her clients translate, understand, and optimize their own health. 

Questions we discussed today:

  • Explain what a Continuous Glucose Monitor is and why it’s important for women’s health
  • What can the data show midlife women?
  • What goals can you set by using a CGM? 
  • What are some of the biggest “aha” moments or surprises for those who wear it?
  • Can you give an example of clients who had a blood sugar spike from certain food and a solution you were able to provide so that food something they didn’t want to eliminate was still something they could enjoy?

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4 thoughts on “How a Continuous Glucose Monitor Could Help Menopause Weight Loss #514”

  1. As a registered dietitian myself, and the grandmother of a three-year-old type one diabetic, I take offense to this. Monitoring how individual foods affect you is only a small part of the story and you should not base your choices on that alone. The CGMs were developed for diabetics who need this monitoring to save their lives, not for the “fun” of seeing what certain foods do to my sugars.

  2. Cathy, appreciate that you took time to comment. This IS not just for “FUN” – you are absolutely correct. Women in midlife become more insulin resistant and with tools like the CBG can prevent diabetes (T2) from happening. You know the stats I’m sure. And you know the stats are that 80-90 % of T2 diabetes is preventable with lifestyle changes. That starts with 1) food 2)sleep 3) stress 4) exercise 5)the timing of each of these as they relate to another 6) the sequence and order of these. As a Medical Exercise Specialist that’s what I coach clients on … decisions made from informed resources. I’d love to hear more on why you “take offense” to preventing disease in a huge- a huge population of women – who impact 3 generations? It’s paramount for health change that we do something before disease occurs when we have the opportunity.
    I was not “flippant” if I said it was fun… interesting… or insightful… it is OKAY for health to be “gamified” if it must for people to enroll and take it in. In 38 years… the rate of obesity has gone UP>>>>> and so has diabetes. With the vast number of women in menopause (6000 a day in the US alone enter menopause – reaching 1.3 Billion by 2030 in the world… this little tool can change lives). It’s odd that you would want to prevent that. Is that what you’re saying?

  3. You had mentioned in a recent Masterclass that you’ve got some CGMs that you recommend, however, I didn’t see any in your Amazon link. If you could provide a link to some recommended CGMs that would be great. (I eat mainly a WFPB lifestyle and find that I can feel my blood sugar drop after eating, say oatmeal w/ fruit in the morn. Would like to see how other foods I eat affect my blood sugar. I am pre-diabetic, 62, and have recently found I can’t lose weight. Have started following your weight training/exercise recommendations, as well as increasing my protein).
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Marliss, Yes.. and anytime you’re looking for something like that.. search using the search icon top right.. for “glucose monitor” for instance and it will take you right to the resources where I’ve shared podcasts and blogs on my experience. The only recommend is and I share a $25 off your first month. Hope that helps!

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