20 Mix-Ins to Instantly Upgrade Your Smoothie

Instantly upgrade your smoothie with these mix-ins to add flavor and immune-boosting health benefits. If you’ve taken your protein to the next level to boost your lean and lose the fat it’s time to explore endless options for new combinations you’ll fall in love with every morning.

Instantly Upgrade Your Smoothie

Matcha – powdered green tea leaves is a boost to your immune system and to your fat burning. Time it right 60-90 minutes before interval training and you can boost fat burning after your workout by 29%. Even if it’s your day off, there’s a significant boost to your fat burning at rest thanks to matcha. It will boost your alertness without the jittery kind of caffeinated feeling that you might get from coffee.

Maca – is a hormone balancing adaptogen. It helps balance estrogen and cortisol, alleviates mood swings and depression, boosts energy, mood, and stamina. Yes, please!

Hemp Hearts – are a powerful source of plant-based protein, with an ideal ratio of healthy fats, the whole seeds have good fiber content to aid digestion, may reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Cacao Powder – has 40x the antioxidants of blueberries and it’s benefits include mood elevation as it acts as anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, prevents premature aging. Who knew you had a good reason to eat chocolate.

Cacao Nibs – offer the same benefits as cacao powder with the texture and crunch that may make a recipe a little more interesting

instantly upgrade your smoothieCinnamon – an antioxidant good for heart health and a great combination for chocolate smoothies.

Acai – it’s very high ORAC (antioxidant) value shows in the deep purple color. It’s a good source of nutrients and fiber, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Pomegranate Powder –is loaded with fiber and vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids, improves digestive health, an acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Gluten-free Oats – a good source of dietary fiber known to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as improve digestion. Oats can add some stick-to-your-ribs quality to your smoothie.

Collagen powder – a boost for reduced collagen production that happens with age. Benefits skin, hair, nails, and connective tissue.

Mint Greens – mint improves digestion and calms, the high ORAC value of Mint Greens offers a boost if your diet lacks veggies. *Flipping 50’s Mint Greens has been discontinued since this post but I have one final box in our home office. Send me a message if you’d like to check on availability. We’re offering a sweet BOGO 40% off until they’re all gone.

Fiber Boost – fiber (both insoluble and soluble) is necessary for optimal digestion, and sweeping toxins from your body. Ideally your fiber comes from a variety of foods you eat, but if you’re getting too little of that a daily boost is a good idea. Recommended amounts are 21 grams a day, average intakes are about 15 a day, and our ancestors ate closer to 130 grams a day (with far fewer constipation and obesity issues).

Instantly Upgrade Your Smoothie Raw Coconut – Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) helps activate fatty acids and prevent fat from being stored, high in fiber, amino acids and protein, improves cortisol metabolism

Chia Seeds – Instantly upgrade your smoothie with this natural fiber boost that also includes healthy omega 3 fats, and plant-based protein. Chia also improves digestive health.

Flax Meal – omega 3 fats, fiber, lignans, high in phytonutrients

Pumpkin seeds – magnesium and zinc, omega 3 fats, benefits for post-menopause reducing hot flashes thanks to phytoestrogens, tryptophan for sleep, anti-inflammatory

Gogi berries – – loaded with antioxidants for a healthy immune system, amino acids (protein)

instantly upgrade your smoothieAvocado -20 different vitamins and minerals instantly upgrade your smoothie while making it a decadent rich dessert-like treat. They offer a healthy source of fiber, heart-healthy fat, anti-inflammatory, high in magnesium and potassium, and enhance satiety.

Adzuki or Canneloni beans –add this source of fiber, protein, and resistant starch to your smoothie and enjoy stable energy and stay comfortably full until your next meal. You’ll never know they’re there except for the great way you feel.

Blueberries – highest antioxidant content of all fruits and vegetables, boost brain health and memory.

Instantly upgrade your smoothie with one or more of these mix-ins. Then share your favorites with me! I’d love to hear from you!

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