Yes, it keeps – up to two years, so no worries there. If you’re drinking one for breakfast or post-recovery workout every day though you’ll be glad you have it on hand. Just a secret between you and me: I use chocolate whey as a creamer in my coffee. Mmmm.

Here are two options and two flavors of my favorites: 

I can’t choose just one!

So, yes, I love whey pre and post exercise for recovery and easy digestion (I handle dairy from whey fine).

But yes, though I’m not Paleo or non-dairy completely, I want an animal protein. When I want something other than whey (because it’s not pre/post exercise), I love this chocolate flavored Paleo the most!

And yes, I love the idea of eating more plant-based foods and rotating protein shakes so I’m at less risk for food sensitivities. (The more frequently we eat a food, the greater the chance you can develop an intolerance.)

So I usually have my smoothie in the morning either pre or post exercise. Sometimes though in those highly active days – mentally or physically – an afternoon shake keeps me going until dinner. It can be a way to get a chocolate fix without any guilt. There, I said it.

Do you need a protein powder? 

Lean, clean protein from whole food sources is ideal. Yet, in your busy, packed life it’s hard to do. Breakfast is one of the hardest meals you’ve told me, to fit in. Then there’s the need for “something” before a late afternoon workout and the options are few you’re either likely to skip the workout and give into hunger, or resort to something less than ideal.

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You’d rather not do protein powder? I completely get it. I just don’t think in our world it’s easy to get the protein we need without it. I said for decades I would not sell or promote it. Then at 38 I began to use it. Then at 48 I got smart on the quality of what I was using (and dumped a lot of $ out, but better that than a lot more toxins in).

Be willing to try it. Trust that the full disclosure of how it’s made, what goes into it (and what doesn’t) shared openly is in your best interest. I use it because I want to live really well for a really long time. I want to share that with you.

The Problem with Too Many Other Protein Powders:

Too many (50% randomly selected in a study) powders on the shelf have things you DON’T want in them. Sugar, artificial sugar (which still make you crave sweet or are carcinogens), and fillers like “gums.” The animal proteins often also have hormones, pesticides or heavy metals in them. The way many proteins are prepared matters too. If it’s been heat processed, or has too much isolate (harder to digest), you have lost the immune-boosting benefits and potentially disrupt your gut health.

What you WANT in a protein powder:

  • Cold-pressed (not heat-pressed = Non denatured)
  • Organic
  • Grass-fed (animal proteins), not grain-fed
  • High Bio-availability (easy to digest and for the muscles to synthesize)
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Low Carb
  • Consider added vitamins: if you take vitamins: more is not better: they compete and reduce overall absorption

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Paleo Power Protein Shakes

Why Paleo:

  • eliminate the dairy with all the animal protein benefits
  • reduce potential spike in blood sugar (for times you’re not exercising)
  • bio-availability is highest in animal proteins (compared to rice or vegan)

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Plant Power Shakes

Why Plant:

  • Preference for a plant-based life
  • Avoid dairy and soy digestive and health issues
  • Pea protein contains all the essential aminos so hard to fit into a plant-only diet

Buy 3-5 of your favorite shake and save 10%
Buy 6 of your favorite shake and save 15%





Want more than one? Whey for pre and post exercise and pea or Paleo for snacks or breakfast? That’s my on-the-run secret.

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