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You finally have a secret weapon for fast, lasting fat loss: A Fiber Boost!
Fiber may not have a sexy reputation, but it’s a daily requirement if you want to feel and look your best.

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Hey! Don’t forget the fiber!

Not the first or most sexy thing to talk about… and still potentially the path to sexier, healthier you.

Did you know? Average daily intake for fiber is about 15 grams a day. That’s even below recommendations, which my many of us in the health space is FAR below recommendations.

If you’re not regular, always hungry, have energy swings during the day, you’re overweight, never satisfied even after a meal… chances are your fiber intake is far too low.

Look, I’m a “food first” coach. However, when you’re on the run, and you’re not making a conscious effort – or you’re cutting carbs (highest sources of fiber) you’re likely struggling to get in adequate fiber.

I use Fiber Boost myself, even though I regularly add sweet potato, brown rice, legumes, avocado, even chia and ground flax. I carry Fiber Boost because Protein + fiber create satiety and kill cravings.

And it contains a mixed source (over 5) of the fiber, not a single source like many fiber additives.

That means your body “gets it”… because it’s like a plate of food.

  • Add 1-2 tsp to smoothies.
  • Stir it into oatmeal.
  • Add it to a glass of water when you’re craving during the day.

You’ll feel better and support elimination of excess estrogens and toxins as you begin to lose weight.

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Still hungry after eating?
You didn’t get enough fiber!

There are plenty of fiber superstars in the food world, including leafy green veggies, sweet potatoes, citrus fruits, beans, and flaxseed. But if you’re not loading up on foods like broccoli or Brussels sprouts, you probably suffer from snack attacks not long after mealtime. You don’t have to feel hungry – Fiber Boost to the rescue!

Fiber is a VIP player in losing weight and keeping it off.
Just increasing your fiber intake alone can be enough to start major weight loss. Fiber helps you feel full and avoid the cravings that can rapidly derail your weight loss efforts. Fiber also keeps your digestive system moving smoothly so you poop snakes not rocks or pudding, regularly. (odd but easy to get, right?)

When you lack fiber, your gut, heart health, as well as your blood sugar and cholesterol levels suffer.
Fiber lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, and colon cancer. Eating soluble fiber can also help block your body’s absorption of some cholesterol. Best of all, fiber also helps you maintain stable blood sugar levels, which can prevent cravings, hunger, mood swings and weight gain. Fiber boost is an easy way to get more of this must-have for a healthy diet!

If you’ve ever taken other fiber products, you know they can cause… unpleasant side effects. NOT Fiber Boost!
Making healthy choices for your body should never feel like a punishment. That’s why it was worth the time to develop a fiber supplement that let’s you skip the gas and bloating. Fiber Boost doesn’t contain any of the irritating and potentially allergenic substances that show up in drugstore fiber options – it’s free of dairy, soy, corn, gluten, grains, eggs, and artificial sweeteners.

Your fiber supplement should be like healthy, fiber-rich foods.
Drugstore fiber supplements are often harsh because they use only a single plant or grain as their fiber source. Your body expects a variety of fiber from many different fruits, veggies, and seeds! Fiber Boost meets your body’s needs with 12 different sources of fiber, helping boost your fiber intake without the risk of digestive upset that comes with a single-source of fiber in supplements.

It is simple to take – no more giant capsules or grainy fiber in your drinks!
Fiber Boost dissolves easily in water or the beverage of your choice. I love to add it to protein shakes to help me feel full and satisfied for hours.

Fiber Boost is a quick, easy way to get the fiber your body needs to stay healthy and lose weight.*
It’s a grain-free, Paleo* option that skips the digestive upset and moves straight to fast, lasting fat loss.* Check out a free shake recipe below to start your new fiber-full lifestyle!

Chocolate Cherry Protein Smoothie

makes 1 serving

2 scoops Chocolate Plant Power or Paleo Power protein powder
2 teaspoons Fiber Boost
1-2 handfuls spinach
1 cup frozen organic unsweetened dark cherries
1 cup coconut milk or almond milk or a blend
¼ avocado


Combine the ingredients in a blender on high speed until smooth.
Enjoy this delicious smoothie anytime, for any meal or post-workout goal-getting.
(In fact, on my 3-day reset we substitute a smoothie for 2 meals a day to step up fat-burning and get double the protein and fiber.)

For a complete list of Fiber Boost ingredients, nutritional facts, and other label information, check out the Nutrition image on this page.

Fiber Boost FAQs

Q: What is Fiber Boost?

Fiber Boost is a powder that’s easy to mix into any drink to enjoy the many benefits of fiber.

Fiber Boost is ideal for:

  • Staying full and satisfied for hours
  • Maintaining gut health and improving weight loss*
  • Blocking your body’s ability to absorb some cholesterol*
  • Boosting your fiber intake without gas, bloating, or tummy upset*
  • A grain-free, Paleo-friendly source of heart-healthy fiber
  • Easily mixing into protein shakes for complete nutrition

Q: How do I take Fiber Boost?
Start out slowly! How much you need depends on your other dietary choices, but your goal is 35-50g of fiber per day. As a dietary supplement, start by stirring 2 tsp of Fiber Boost into a shake once daily. It’s important to step up your fiber intake gradually to avoid stomach upset. As with all supplements, please check with your healthcare provider to be sure Fiber Boost is a good fit for your health and needs.

Q: How long will I need to use Fiber Boost?
Extra Fiber can safely remain a part of your healthy lifestyle for as long as you like.
Even if you add Fiber Boost to your diet, please eat plenty of beans, legumes, leafy green veggies, fiber-rich fruits, seeds and other foods to ensure you meet your body’s needs.

Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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Contact us at within 30 days of your purchase, and we’ll tell you how.

(Please note: you’re responsible for return shipping, and your refund does not include original shipping/handling costs.)

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Love to Save?

Love to Save? Here’s the Math! 
Order one Paleo a month… (Vanilla or Chocolate)
You Save $118 annually!
Order more, save more!

Order one Plant Power a month (Vanilla or Chocolate)
You Save $76.42 annually!!
Order more, save more!

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