Your Aerobic Exercise Will Destroy Easy Weight Loss

easy weight loss

Easy weight loss now?

You may be thinking easy weight loss isn’t even possible after 50. If you’re doing aerobic exercise – and skipping weight training – there’s a reason why weight loss seems so hard.

If you’re Flipping 50 hoping to keep it going into your 60s and 70s with a faster metabolism hop off that treadmill right now.

Aerobic training during intentional weight loss results in lean muscle loss.

That is a fast track to a slow metabolism, which means weight will return with a vengeance.

A study in Obesity comparing weight loss with no exercise, weight loss with aerobic exercise, and weight loss with resistance training found aerobic training THE most detrimental to muscle loss.

So yes, it’s true, aerobic training can make you fat.

Cycles of weight loss that includes significant muscle losses will slow metabolism.  Weight regained after dieting is predictably 100% fat. Combine muscle losses during weight loss, and regain of all fat and you have a problem. Repeats of that cycle don’t bode well for a healthy metabolism. Still, there’s hope.

Women (average age of 70) lost 19% body fat when they did resistance training – the greatest fat loss among all three groups.

This study of 249 older women confirms weight training is your best friend when you’re trying to lose weight. Other studies – all included in the Fit U program research – confirm that aerobic activity + resistance training + adequate protein at the right time results in long term success, without deprivation. This is your trifecta for metabolism success (and longevity).

Supplements and Weight Loss

A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed older adults that combined resistance training and protein supplements had superior results to adults who did resistance training only. Subjects (all older adults) across 17 studies had significantly more lean mass and leg strength compared to subjects who did resistance training alone.

If you’re trying to lose weight your priorities are in this order:

  1. resistance training
  2. protein supplement
  3. minimal aerobic training

The more you prioritize strength training exercise and supplement with protein consistently the more easy weight loss will be.


easy weight loss

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