Two Women’s Wellness Coaches On Their Personal Wellness Habits

This podcast is focused on women’s wellness coaches Kim Acedo and Debra Atkinson. What works and what doesn’t for personal health changes when you are the coach?

Kim Acedo, MS, CHWC works exclusively with women in midlife who have been putting their health and self-care on the back burner for most of their lives and now in their midlife years say “It’s MY turn to take care of ME!”

Through her virtual coaching programs, Kim empowers her clients to build confidence, resilience, hope, self-motivation, and make lasting changes to their health and well‐being. Women’s wellness coaches support a myriad of goals for their clients, often getting them unstuck or accelerating growth in a way none of us can do for ourselves.

She partners with her clients to get “unstuck” and discover goals and strategies based on their core values and motivators in order to bring about the healthy lifestyle they desire.

Kim has a Master’s degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science and is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches School of Coaching.

Kim and I are just two women’s wellness coaches having a conversation and we invite you eavesdrop on us. We have a lot in common and some distinguishing factors as well. Kim, similar to me, was a personal trainer for 15 years (most of her clients were women in midlife) before becoming a virtual health and self-care coach. We’ve become women’s wellness coaches specializing in the midlife woman – body, mind, and soul, and we apply some of those strategies we use to our own lives.

Kim doesn’t prescribe exercise to her current clients. In fact, she doesn’t prescribe anything to her clients like she did when she was a trainer (meal plans, workouts, etc.).

We both have roots in the physical and yet recognize that the above the shoulders conditioning…what I call the most important 6-inches to get in shape – is the most important part and start of change.

Kim and I compare and contrast our personal habits. We’re giving a behind-the-scenes peek at coaches. Do women’s wellness coaches take their own great advice? You decide!

This is wake-up-to-bedtime with two women’s wellness coaches. What’s a healthy work day-in-the-life, and what are our challenges? We dive into habits we love and hate for ourselves, and how we have adopted them or work we know we still personally have to do.

As women’s wellness coaches we both readily acknowledge that knowing science of fitness, and the psychology of change, we’re still both very much in the boat with you.

What’s working for these two women’s wellness coaches:

  • Boundaries on most productive/creative time
  • Rituals and habits that create structure = freedom

What’s not:

  • Not scheduling exercise
  • One-more-thing syndrome instead of a hard stop
  • Self-worth by accomplishments and productivity

How about you?

  • What’s a must for you?
  • What’s off limits/out of bounds?
  • When does exercise happen for you? Is that ideal?
  • What’s your morning routine?
  • What’s your nighttime routine?

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