How to Harness the Power of Women’s Hormones

The more you learn about women’s hormones the more you know there is to know. This is an exciting time. As I like to say there’s never be a more exciting time to be flipping 50. This is the first in a few episodes this month addressing women’s hormones and perhaps flipping your thoughts on your future.

Explore your choices, re-examine your current options, and combine lifestyle habits for the optimal aging you want, need, and deserve.

I brought on one of the top women’s hormone doctors and renowned speakers to share her insights with you.

My Guest:

A committed trailblazer, Felice L. Gersh, M.D., works in integrative and holistic medicine, creating new paradigms in women’s healthcare.

Dr. Gersh is a renowned international speaker on topics of women’s health, exercise, nutrition, fasting, and essential oils. She has a special passion for educating all on the complexities of women’s metabolic and hormonal health throughout their life spans.

She has received numerous awards, including being named Physician of Excellence in Orange County 12 years in a row, a Super Doctor of Southern California multiple times, and a TopDoc. She was recognized for her excellence as an attending surgeon at USC Keck School of Medicine by the OB/GYN Department, and was elected into the prestigious medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha. She is the Medical Director for the Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, where she leads her team of dedicated holistic practitioners.

I took advantage of this opportunity to ask Dr Gersh about women’s hormones research, her advice for staying healthy as you age, and her involvement in the Women’s Hormone Network.

Questions we answered on this episode:

  • How can hormones help women to stay well after menopause?
  • What other options can women take to stay healthy?
  • As for the upcoming hormone conference and how it can be beneficial for all women and doctors to attend?
  • Can you tell us about your research with the Women’s Hormone Network?
  • You’re speaking at a conference just around the corner. Can you share some details about your sessions?
    • Hormones and Diet PCOS
    • Hormones & Heart Health
    • Physiologic Hormone Restoration

Get Connected with Resources Mentioned:

Learn about Women’s Hormone Network events 

Dr. Gersh’s office: Integrative Medical Group of Irvine

Dr. Gersh Book: PCOS SOS 

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Don’t miss the next Flipping 50 episode with my friend Dr Lindsey Berkson when you’ll hear how women’s hormones post cancer are keeping her not only alive but thriving in her 70’s.(and you would NEVER know it by a picture) Is it time for a rethink about cancer and hormone replacement?

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