Coaching: 90 Minute Ultimate Consultation


  • Review of health history, activity history, nutrition and sleep log, current supplementation, goals.
  • Creation of a fitness calendar complete with workout samples for one month based on available equipment, recommendations for equipment, and time constraints, current status and goals
  • Suggested lifestyle health modifications for optimal menopause and longevity
  • This coaching fee can be applied to VIP Private 1:1 coaching (within 30 days of completion)

You’re disciplined … but not sure you’re doing what is best for you right now.

You’re ready for more than a “fitness assessment,” a “functional workout,” and encouragement from your physician to exercise without any specifics on “HOW.”

Or… you are exercising and it is backfiring. You’re gaining weight, tired all the time, confused about what to eat or trying to willpower your way through and it’s not working. When you’re questioning all of it.. the exercise, the schedule of your workouts, the what and when you’re eating for your exercise… and you’re ready for answers.

Yet, you don’t know if you want or need 90 days of coaching. Agreed. I don’t know if I want to coach you either, just to be fair. You can do the 90-Day comprehensive consultation that will result in a “report” for you full of next steps:

  • Weekly exercise schedule
  • Notes on progressing exercise
  • Suggestions for meals & food type and timing
  • Daily health habits based on your review
  • Questions for your practitioner
  • Suggested labs
  • Supplement review based on your labs or how you’re feeling

*I don’t prescribe or diagnose. As a health coach I review and explain meaning of results and help you establish questions or understand how the results inform health habit changes. As a Medical Exercise Specialist and Strength & Conditioning coach with Menopause Fitness Specialist foundations, I will suggest exercise & recovery schedule and specific sample workouts that fit your collective needs.

The 90-Minute consultation is the best way to thoroughly review your current details (including recent lab tests if you want to share for a health coaches perspective).

What to Expect:

Your 90 minute consultation happens after you complete comprehensive information gathering, and I do my homework reviewing it. That way we both jump on the call with our questions and a rough plan of suggestions. Together we formulate the actual plan that will work for you.

You’ll discover what your signs and symptoms can tell you about what to focus on first.

We’ll create a step by step plan to learn how foods you eat affect you, what pleasures you need to include, how to make the right choice and why it matters. Your exercise gets detailed review. We decide if you’re doing too much, too little, or need a tweak in the type that’s best for you so you’re getting better, not just tired. We come up with a weekly schedule and discuss the workouts that will go there.

Your stress and sleep work together for or against you. We look at what impact each has right now, determine a specific routine that works and implement it.

If needed the right lab tests will be suggested and if you’re working with a health care provider, using HRT, or being treated for thyroid, I’ll review any recent labs you include with application, and help you with questions to ask your practitioner.

If you have everything you need, this comprehensive session together may feel complete. If you decide to pursue coaching 100% of your consultation fee can be applied to your VIP coaching option.

So, what’s next?
You enroll. I send a welcome email and your “homework.” You return it, book your session, and we meet via phone, Skype or other webinar platform as you’re most comfortable.

Ready? See you soon.

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