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Lean animal protein with the taste of a milkshake and dairy-free.

It’s 97% pure protein and easily digested. Continental US shipping only.

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Get clean lean, animal protein that tastes like a chocolate milkshake! If you’ve tried whey protein and love the texture and taste but don’t like the idea of struggling with the gas, bloating, congestion, skin issues or even weight gain that you get from whey, then you’ll love the rich, creamy taste of Debra’s Paleo Protein Powder in Chocolate.

Enjoy this great-tasting, dairy-free protein powder, with 20 g of protein per serving. It is made from a highly concentrated, pure beef protein, produced through an exclusive proprietary process that allows the protein to be hydrolyzed into more peptides, resulting in easier absorption and assimilation. This is high quality protein sourced from cows raised in Sweden without hormones or antibiotics that are never fed any GMO feed.

Debra’s Paleo Protein Powder is perfect if you:

  • want a true Paleo protein source
  • want the power of beef to build muscle, cartilage & ligaments
  • want to support healthy skin with the included collagen
  • are dairy sensitive
  • respond better to animal protein
  • enjoy the rich taste of chocolate
  • want a protein ideal for making a meal of your smoothie

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