Prevent Back Pain, (Get a Flat Belly and Look Thinner): Episode 15

Eighty percent of adults in the U.S. will have back pain. Of those, 80% will have it recur throughout the year. It can be debilitating. But it doesn’t have to. Check with your doctor before attempting any of the exercises here. It’s best not to be in recent acute pain when starting if you’ve had a back injury. 

The trick with back pain is that it may be the symptom and not the problem. Focus getting mobility in joints that should be mobile and stability and strength in those that should not be mobile. Injury and pain often come from being too mobile where you should be stable, and too rigid where you should be mobile. See below for more on your optimal skeletal status and watch the video for more details.

upper back rotation

Little Flips That Matter:

  • Have an Ergonomics check for your work station.
  • Beware of your Standing posture: avoid hyperextending your knees (I see this way too much during exercise sessions, too)

Your Skeleton status for best back care:

  •             Shoulders – mobile
  •             Scapula – stable
  •             Upper Back – mobile
  •             Lower Back – stable
  •             Hips – mobile
  •             Knees – stable
  •             Ankles – mobile (watch this video for ways to improve your ankle mobility)
  •             Feet – stable


Muscles in Minutes


  • Cat Cow back
  • Roll Up and Down in a bridge
  • Thread the needle
  • Rotation- one foot forward arms up


Stretch: Your Daily 5

  • Standing lunge
  • # 4 Stretch
  • Cross Legged Stretch
  • Legs Falling
  • Leg up the wall

number 4 stretch

Stability: Bracing

  • Lunge with wall
  • Partner
  • Foot against the wall

Strength – stabilization exercises

  • Single Leg Marches
  1. beginner
  2. intermediate
  3. advanced
  • Function – increased multi-plan movement

Minute_Made_Meals_IconMinute Made Meals:

  • Remove Sugar
  • Add Anti-inflammatory foods (like this recipe below)

Simple [Anti-Inflammation] Spinach-Avocado soup

1 cup Spinach

¼ Avocado

2 tsp Lemon juice

1-2 Garlic minced cloves

1 cup Water

Blend all and in minutes you have a cool soup full of antioxidants and anti-inflammation goodness. Substitute it for your salad or use it to increase your intake of greens. To serve more increase ingredients by 4. Spoon the avocado in last.

The Key Flip of the Day:

80% of us experience back pain, and 80% of us who have it say it recurs throughout the year…but it doesn’t have to.

You can decrease the frequency of back pain, the intensity of back pain, or both by introducing a few back care habits into your daily routine.

They just happen to be the same things that can lead to a flatter belly, or a better golf swing and more comfort when you reach the 19th hole.

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