Power Plate Benefits | Prior Skeptic to a Believer

Surely by now you’ve heard of Power Plate. I discussed in a recent episode about whole body vibration and well, Power Plate basically has cornered the market on research, design, and utility. Want to know some sneaky good Power Plate benefits? Stay tuned!

We’re all looking for a short cut. There are a few. In fact, maybe for women over 50 there are more than you think because if the effort is there the time doesn’t have to be! In fact, shouldn’t!

Power Plate Benefits #1 Stimulate 138% more muscle fiber during workouts

A study done by The American Chiropractor has shown working out on Power Plate activates up to 138% more muscle fibers when compared to a standard workout.

The micro vibrations activate more muscles so you may be waking up dormant muscles. The additional recruitment results in more calories burned too. Quite a bit in fact.

Power Plate Benefits #2 Expend 50% more energy than normal workouts

According to a study in the European Association for the Study of Obesity the same workout done on the floor vs on Power Plate Move increased calories burned by 50%.

But All That? Even better when combined with this…

Power Plate Benefits #3 Increased Endocrine Stimulation

Growth Hormone is a key in gaining lean muscle. With aging there is a decline in growth hormone production. That’s complicated further by lack of quality sleep in women in menopause since growth hormone is produced during deepest cycles of sleep.

Without adequate growth hormone, all the work you put in may not see its just rewards. Good news is growth hormone is increased by up to 500%. That’s so high it sounds inflated but it’s not nor is it a typo.

Power Plate Benefits #4 Boost Bone Density

One study featuring postmenopausal subjects had them using Whole Body Vibration 5 minutes 3 times a week for 6 months and resulted in 2% increase in bone density. Compare that to an average loss of 1-3% annually and that’s an almost 5% different. For 15 minutes a week and 5 minutes at a time. Stop the scroll and start vibrating.


I’ve been using my Power Plate Move for 3 months now.

I have increased my bone density, lost body fat and increased muscle mass.

I am 60 years old, 5 foot 5 inches at 129 lbs.

Very pleased with my results. My main health concerns are bone density loss.

Who & When Benefit from Power Plate?

  • Recovering from hip or knee surgery
  • Limited ability to lift heavy weights due to arthritis, severe osteoporosis
  • Already frail
  • Recovery from exercise
  • Suffering from soreness due to exercise or fibromyagia
  • Athletes like golfers
  • Ill, long haul or adrenal fatigue prevents more exercise

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