Oxidative Stress: The Gatekeeper to Healthy Aging and Healthy Libido

Oxidative stress is in part an effect of aging and can be an effect of poor lifestyle, even overtraining or over-exercise. In this episode I talk with a true science geek … and we break it down. 

In this episode, we talk about how to encourage natural hair growth, reduce gray hair, boost libido and reduce fine lines around the eyes and mouth. 

Now my science guy didn’t lead with that, so you’ll have to listen to the end when we get to the juicy stuff but this is definitely an episode that will help you expand your tools for aging optimally. 

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My Guest:

Ken Swartz, aka “Ken the Scientist,” is the Founder and Chief Science Officer of C60 Purple Power, a health and wellness company committed to delivering the highest quality C60 products available.

Ken earned a Master of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Denver and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Arizona State University. He spent the early part of his career as a secondary school teacher and is passionate about helping and educating people.

Ken has run several research science laboratories over the course of his career and discovered C60 while developing the MOXY fusion reactor. During his research, he became aware of the powerful free radical neutralizing properties of C60.

He first began using C60 as a radiation protectant while leading a fusion reactor project. He noticed, after taking C60 for a couple of months, that not only was it protecting him from the radiation, but it was also improving his overall health. So, he continued taking it.

About 8 months after Ken started taking C60, he was at a routine visit with his optometrist and discovered that his dry Macular Degeneration was gone. The doctor was dumbfounded and told him that in all his years, he had never seen such a miraculous outcome. Due to this healing experience, he decided to dedicate himself to the research, study, and production of C60 Buckminsterfullerene products.

In 2016, he founded C60 Purple Power which offers C60 made with certified organic oils and 99.99% pure sublimated Carbon 60, never exposed to solvents, and sourced in the U.S.

Ken believes that “your health is your responsibility” and he is on a mission to help people feel empowered to take back control of their health.

”Your health is your responsibility.”

Ken Swartz 

Questions we answer on this podcast:

  • [04:51] What is oxidative stress and how is it related to the aging process?
  • [09:10] What is C60 and why did the scientists who discovered it win a Nobel Prize?
  • [12:00] What health benefits can I expect from C60?
  • [13:42] What, if any negative side effects are there? 
  • [14:00] What can women expect from C60?
  • [15:36] How is C60 different from other antioxidants?
  • [18:39] Why C60 Purple Power?

“ Allopathic medicine is great if you’re cut, burned, or poisoned but it really isn’t effective with degenerative diseases”

-Ken Swartz

Try C60 Yourself: 


Coupon Code: Flipping50

Ken’s Social:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/c60purplepower/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/c60purplepowerproducts

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/C60PurplePower?sub_confirmation=1

Twitter: https://twitter.com/c60purplepower

Additional Resources: 

5 Day Flip: https://www.flippingfifty.com/5-day-challenge-new/

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6 thoughts on “Oxidative Stress: The Gatekeeper to Healthy Aging and Healthy Libido”

  1. Debra I’d like to know what amount you are taking – you mentioned the cinnamon mct in coffee….teaspoon? Tablespoon? Thanks! Cindy

  2. Debra Atkinson

    Great question! I’ll ask Ken this live in our follow up. For now, there is a small chance you could experience a breakthrough period. Ken mentioned this to me in our first meeting.

  3. Debra Atkinson

    Hi Cindy, I started as recommended with 1/2 to 1 tsp. I’ve since increased over the month. I actually began to use the coconut oil now in coffee in the morning (and have since stopped drinking coffee again) so now use the olive oil on salad or avocado for cooking.. and take 1 tsp to 1 T depending on how I’m using. Your tolerance might be different.

  4. Renee McTavish

    A quick Google search for academic/peer reviewed medical research states the P60 is ineffective and possibly carcinogenic when exposed to light. As a result the preparation process and packaging needs to be controlled. This wasn’t mentioned by Jen or asked by anyone?

  5. Debra Atkinson

    Hi Renee,
    Let’s clarify a few things.
    1) we discussed C60, and I believe this is what you meant? Not P60? Are you searching clearly?
    2) There’s no Jen here. Did you mean Ken? or Debra?

    We’re doing a follow up interview today coincidentally. I’m happy to ask… and I’m sure Ken is happy to respond. We as our guests are transparent. If you’ve checked the website thoroughly you will see this is why oils (in fact castor oil) like this are in dark glass bottles protected from light.
    Thanks for asking.
    Just clarify your questions and let’s make sure you’re clear on C60 and you’ve also searched I’m sure on the site if you trusted Google, you trusted the researchers!

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